33 Things to Do This Weekend

Xiu Xiu plays Johnny Brenda’s on Sunday as part of the Megapolis Audio Festival. (Alex Brown)


World’s Largest Pop-Up Photobook @ Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
Every morning through September 26, visitors may watch artist Colette Fu as she works to construct the World’s Largest Pop-Up Photobook entitled Tao Hua Yuan Ji (Utopia: Source of the Peach Blossoms). Meet the artist on Friday, September 22.

Stephen Greenblatt @ Parkway Central Library
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author/Harvard prof reads from his new book, The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve. Read more »

I Love My Job: Fringe Festival Veteran Jess Conda

Jess Conda as her drag persona (left) with drag queen Martha Graham Cracker, photographed at L’Etage by Mark Schreiber.

With the 21st annual Philadelphia FringeArts Festival in full swing, we thought we’d take a break from talking with CEOs and other high-paid honchos to instead sit down with FringeArts veteran, Fergie’s bartender, Flyers face painter, and sometimes drag performer Jess Conda, who tells us about being a thirtysomething in this gig economy. Read more »

12 Things to Do This Week in Comedy, Theater, Movies and more

Whit MacLaughlin’s Hello Blackout plays at the Drake through September 17. (fringearts.com)

Fringe Fest @ all over town | Through September 24
As always, the Fringe Festival is a behemoth — a massive celebration of art, theater, dance, music and more. There’s just way more stuff going on than we can do justice here. We highly recommend you peruse the Fringe site or guide and plan a few nights out. And of course, we’ll be making some recommendations below and throughout the fest.

Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story @ PhilaMOCA | September 6 & 7
Jon Brewer’s documentary explores the life and music and of guitarist Mick Ronson, the Rock & Roll Hall of Famer who played with Bowie, Dylan, Morrissey and more. Read more »

The Top LGBTQ Event Producers of the Summer

Stro Kyle

As summer party vibes turn up, the LGBTQ events scene is ready to take flight. In recent months, our city’s LGBTQ night life has been hit with more original and out-of-the-box events that are diversifying and revamping our typical schedules. Here are four event producers who are creating the most unique and inventive LGBTQ parties, collaborations and themes in the city. Read more »

The Top LGBTQ Venues of the Summer

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre performing. | Courtesy of FringeArts.

As summer begins to heat up, it’s time to hit the streets and venture out. In recent months, our city’s LGBTQ night life has definitely gotten a well-needed revamp with new spots elevating the inclusivity and creativity of the community. Here’s four venues with the most unique LGBTQ events, drinks, and vibes. Read more »

La Peg’s Winter Film Series Kicks Off With A Huge Feast


La Peg and Fringe Arts had a pretty good thing going with their summer film series. As a matter of fact, it was such a good thing (and so successful, and so much fun) that they’ve decided to keep things rolling with a winter version.

And they’re kicking it off with a huge, lavish, expensive and HIGHLY exclusive showing of the Academy Award winning Danish language classic, Babette’s Feast, accompanied by a dinner that recreates the famous meal at the center of the film, and rare wine pairings from the producers featured in the film (the vintages, obviously, will be different because, like chef Peter Woolsey says, it’s pretty tough to lay hands on an 1860 Veuve Clicquot these days).

Anyway, you wanna see the menu? You know you wanna see the menu. Check it out below.

Read more »

Circadium Brings the Circus to Feastival

Eric Michaels of Circadium practices acrobatics. He'll be performing on straps at Feastival.

Eric Michaels of Circadium practices acrobatics. He’ll be performing on straps at Feastival.

Food from many of the best chefs in Philadelphia, plus all the cocktails you can handle, is enough of an excuse to splurge on a ticket for Thursday’s Feastival. But if you need another reason, come for the acrobats. Read more »

6 Racy Fringe Festival Shows to See

Peter Jones and Teddy Fatscher in Carried Away. Photo by Steve Belkowitz

Peter Jones and Teddy Fatscher in Carried Away. Photo by Steve Belkowitz

The 20th Philadelphia Fringe Festival kicks off this Friday and runs through September 24th, with 15 curated shows, tons of independent “Fringe Around the City” performances, and music-heavy late-night events at FringeArts.

We already told you where to get the Fringe Fest guide, the local talents to watch and how to get a sneak peek of the shows. And now we’re telling you where to see the naked people, hear the R-rated language or tackle the off-limits topics — or all three. Here are six Fringe Festival performances for the grown-ups only. Read more »

FringeArts 2016: People to Watch

Photograph by Claudia Gavin

From left to right: Ben Grinberg, Nichole Canuso, Alex Torra, Mary McCool, and Cory O’Niell Walker. Photograph by Claudia Gavin

September is one of our favorite months of the year. No, not because the kids finally go back to school — well, that too — but because September brings the annual FringeArts Festival, showcasing the weird, the wonderful and, okay, sometimes the wrenchingly bad. Here are five local talents to watch.

The Acrobat
Ben Grinberg, 26
Exile 2588, Painted Bride Art Center, 9/8-9/23
When he’s not playing saxophone with local theater rock band Red 40 & the Last Groovement, he’s making his body do seemingly impossible things with his Almanac Dance Circus Theatre. He’ll use dance, trapeze work and other circus movement to tell this “acrobatic folk-music space-epic adaptation” of the ancient Greek myth of Io—set 572 years in the future, of course. Read more »

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