Philadelphia Owns List of Outrageous Foods

americas-most-outrageous-foods-400The web site CityPASS has created an infographic of the fifteen most outrageous foods in America. And in what must be a point of pride, three of the dishes are from Philadelphia.

PYT, which is the brightest lightbulb for list making moths that there is, makes the infographic for its “Sarancha Burger,” a burger doused in a combo of Sriracha, Ranch and Salsa. Varga Bar’s crab fries, that actually come with crab, also make the list. And thirdly, a food so outrageous it requires two stops, the Philadelphia Taco. The Philadelphia or sometimes, South Street Taco starts with a Jim’s Steaks cheesesteak that is then wrapped with a giant slice of Lorenzo’s Pizza around it. 

15 of America’s Most Outrageous Foods [CityPASS]

Free Hand-Cut Fries at Shake Shack Today

Handcut Fries at Shake Shack | Photo by Evan Sung

Handcut Fries at Shake Shack | Photo by Evan Sung

The Shake Shack at 20th and Sansom may have been Philadelphia’s first but it is the last to offer non-frozen fries. But that’s over today as Center City’s Shake Shack is on the fresh-cut bandwagon.

And in honor of the changeover, Shake Shack Center City is giving away free fries with the purchase of a Brooklyn Brewery ShackMeister Ale.

The offer runs until the keg is kicked.

Shake Shack – Center City [Foobooz]

Eat This Now: Two Bowls of Cheese Fries


There’s something exciting about a bowl of fries. Maybe it’s the feeling that you’re being given something substantial. And  over the past week I’ve wound up housing two bowls of distinct cheese fries. Above and on the left is a bowl of fries from T.J. Murphy’s new menu at Resurrection Ale House. These Cheddar Frites are doused in pickled jalapenos, red peppers and a cheddar cheese sauce. The fries were a promising introduction to Murphy’s reign at Resurrection and I’ll be back soon for more.

After a lunching on the sandwich of the month, a Curt Decker Cosmo, at American Sardine Bar on Saturday, Scott Schroeder dropped a bowl of his “Hot Dog Kid Cheese Fries” in front of me. I was sure I was too full but the smoky hot dog bits, cheese and whole seed mustard proved I did indeed have room for more.

If you find yourself at either of these bars, get the cheese fries.

Resurrection Ale House [Foobooz]
American Sardine Bar

Secret Menu Items Around Town: From Dill Fried Chicken to Nutella Pizza


Thrillist lists some secret menu items that you can order that don’t appear on any menu. Did you know you can get a dill pickle juice glaze at Federal Donuts? Or a nutella pizza at Osteria? How about Welsh rarebit chips at Victoria Freehouse? Check out the full article to see who offers foie gras-stuffed lobster tails.

Know any other secret menu items around Philadelphia? Share them in the comments.

Secret Menu Items- Hidden Menu Items at Restaurants in Philadelphia [Thrillist]

Shoo Fry Celebrates a “Chili” Christmas in July


French fries are deeply embedded in our nation’s culinary palette. From greasy fast food side dishes to the ultimate snack at baseball games, it doesn’t get much more all-American than a bucket of fries.

But Shoo Fry, which just opened last week in the King of Prussia Mall transforms the ordinary side-dish into a full-fledged meal. Some of their wacky (but awesome?) combos include Pig & The Giant Peach (pulled Pork, Apple-Carrot Slaw topped with Peach-Ginger Sauce), Bad Apple (diced Granny Smith apples, caramelized onions, bacon & cheddar cheese) and Shoo Fly Pie Fries (fresh Pie Crust crumbles topped with super “Sweetie” sauce). Or you can go traditional “naked” fries (clothes are optional).

And this Thursday you can celebrate Christmas in July with a FREE chili cheese fry giveaway from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (no purchase necessary). If you do check them out, please report back on how strawberries and potatoes go together.

Shoo Fry [Facebook]

Shoo Fry is located on the 2nd floor of the Plaza at King of Prussia Mall, near the Sears.

Six Pack: Meat on Fries

One of the most wonderful food trends of the past few years has been the genius idea of adding meat to French fries. Here are six of our favorite fry dishes topped with meat.

Read more »

Potato Week: The Sweet Potato, Friend Or Foe?

Okay, so here’s the thing. We could make it through Potato Week without ever mentioning the humble sweet potato. We could gleefully thumb our noses at the thugs from the Sweet Potato Defense League and all their starchy ilk and completely ignore the most recent few years of culinary development in which the sweet potato has played a minor (though vitally important) role. We could ignore the pies, the fries, the waffles and pates, the mashes and smashes and stuffings and all the other things that are being done with sweet potatoes today and, in an iron-clad commitment to genetic purity, only lavish our Potato Week attentions on the solanum tuberosum end of the tuberous plant spectrum because, after all, the sweet potato (or ipomoea batatas), is only a distant relative of the potato, linked taxonomically at order solanales but then diverging rather markedly into the family of morning glories and other poisonous leafy things.

Vote for or against the sweet potato »

Reader Poll: Where Are the Best Fries in Town?

In honor of the most American of holidays, National French Fry Day (July 13), Foobooz is declaring Potato Week from July 9th-13th. Each day we will be bringing you coverage of the most potato-y dishes in Philadelphia, from skins to poutine, culminating in the reveal of the best fries in the city on Friday the 13th.

To crown this crunchy golden glory we need you to let us know your favorite place to get French fries. (We’re talking to you, most voracious and opinionated commenters).

What will we do with this fine information? Well, that is for us to know and you to find out during Foobooz Potato Week. So leave us a note and maybe your favorite fries will be deemed the crowd favorite. Or maybe Foobooz commenters will come after you with a proverbial pitchfork-and-torch mob. Either way, this is going to be a lot of fun.

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