Want Free Coffee For A Year?

Dima Sobko/Shutterstock.com

Tomorrow is World Smile Day. And yes, I know. If you’re a grouchy-ass cynic like me (or just deeply distrustful of people who smile for no reason), something like World Smile Day is just the worst.

But if you also happen to like caffeine (as I do), then there’s an upside to this one. Because eight Corner Bakery Cafe locations around Philly (and the burbs) are giving away free coffee for a year to the first 100 people in line tomorrow (Friday, October 2).

The downside? It comes with a free, bright yellow smiley-face mug. And that’s the mug you have to use if you want those free refills. Smiley-faces? Also the worst.

So which locations are we talking about here?

Happy 50th Birthday Wawa


Today is the 50th anniversary of the opening of the very first Wawa in Folsom, Pennsylvania. To celebrate, the stores are offering free coffee to everyone who asks for it. And over at the main Philadelphia magazine site, Dan McQuade is celebrating by rounding up 50 cool facts about Wawa through the ages–things like the origin of the name, celebrities who have Wawa tattoos, interesting observations on the hairstyles of Amish teenagers, where to buy a plush version of the Wawa mascot (yes, they have a mascot) and why you can’t buy rolling papers or porno at your local Wawa.

Seriously, it’s a great list. And the amount of history, controversy and cultish sociology he manages to cram into just 50 short entries is amazing. There is no doubt that Wawa is the greatest convenience store of all time, and the list essentially reads like 50 reasons why. Check it out at the link below.

50 Things About Wawa For Wawa’s 50th Anniversary [Philly mag]