The Upstairs Bar At The Franklin Hosting Fundraiser for Injured Bartender


Broken ankles stink—especially if you’re a bartender who’s out of work for months with no health insurance.

Davey Jones, a bartender at The Upstairs Bar and The Franklin, broke his ankle in the big snowstorm in January and is struggling to make ends meet. To help him out, on Sunday, March 13th from 6 p.m.-10 p.m., The Upstairs Bar is hosting a benefit for Davey that will include a handful of drink specials for the evening:

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New Multi-Course Cocktail Tasting Menus For The Franklin Bar


This is the time of year when literally everybody in town jumps on the fancy wagon. Champagne toasts, tasting menus, prix fixe options…you get the idea. Because that’s right folks, we’re in an official count-down to New Years Eve.

Thing is, plenty of places around town are already plenty fancy–and fancy in the way that Philly goes for more than one night a year. The Franklin Bar’s tasting menus are the prime example, and now they’re offering some new options to calibrate your desired level of fanciness. The cocktail spot, helmed by Sara Justice, now has two different tasting menu options, a three-course and a five-course, plus a list of reserve cocktails made with rare and top-shelf spirits.

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Going Down The Shore At The Franklin Bar


Back to school is around the corner for most Philadelphia families, but the parents at least can still enjoy a little summer in a glass–four actually, at the Franklin Bar.

Down the Shore is head bartender Sara Justice’s latest edition of the bar’s cocktail tasting menu. Like her winter tasting Dutch Country Memories, this menu plays on seasonal flavors. One change to this menu is that Justice has edited it down to three drinks as well as an amuse bouche, which helps to keep each distinctive and it keeps the price point at a reasonable $35.

All the drinks, right this way

Franklin Mortgage Is Getting A Make-Under: Meet The Franklin Bar


It’s not that we’re over a great cocktail, but that we’re a little tired of the performance of exclusivity that has so often gone hand-in-hand with the revival of cocktail culture. This is Philly, after all, and we like it when things are great, but we get a little prickly when things are too self-conscious about how great they are.

It’s in this spirit that head bartender Sara Justice and the team at The Franklin Bar (a shortened moniker for the Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company) are currently undertaking a makeover of their upstairs space to bring things back down to earth and plunk the drinks back where they belong: on a beloved bar, one that’s even a little divey.

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Dutch Country Memories: Checking Out Sara Justice’s First Cocktail Tasting Menu


The only downside to going out for cocktails at the Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. is choosing which cocktail to have since, you know, opting for one of each would be a bad investment. Fortunately, head bartender Sara Justice is making that selection simpler with the addition to the menu of Dutch Country Memories, a cocktail tasting menu which we recently sampled.

Check out the descriptions (and the photos) below.

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Brick & Mortar Gets Some Early Pre-Opening Ink From Details (And Has Free Food At Reading Terminal Market Today)

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy Details

Brick & Mortar–the new spot from ex-Franklin Mortgage partner Mike Welsh–isn’t open yet, but it just made Details magazine’s list of the Most Anticipated Bar Openings of 2015. Which is nice, right? It was the only Philly spot to get a mention, and got tagged for its promise of “quality drinks served quickly, [including] wine on tap, bottled and batched cocktails, and low-alcohol libations to keep locals sitting on barstools long into the night.”

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