Lemon Hill Shuts Its Doors

lemon-hill-bar-400Lemon Hill at 25th and Aspen Streets in Fairmount closed suddenly last night. The bar and restaurant from the Franklin Mortgage team came onto the scene back in early 2012 with Mitch Prensky in the kitchen. Prensky didn’t last too long and there always seemed to be movement in and out of the kitchen and management of the establishment.

General manager Aaron Siak posted the following on Facebook:

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Long Hots, Cinnamon and Noilly Pratt: New Cocktail Menu At Franklin Mortgage


I will say one thing about the crew at the Franklin. They have never, in 18 iterations, put out a dull cocktail menu.

This one is their spring board, mixing all manner of things that shouldn’t be in drinks (like olive oil) with other things that shouldn’t be in drinks (like maple-balsamic gastrique) and, if history repeats, somehow coming out the other side with something notable, occasionally remarkable, and sometimes just plain strange.

Anyway, I love these guys primarily because they’re nuts. And because I always know that I’ve been drinking when I try to walk back up the stairs again. So now that the new menu is out, you know where to find me.

Check out the new cocktail list after the jump.

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“Cocktails for a Cause” at Lemon Hill This Evening

lemon-hill-dining-roomThis evening, from 9 p.m. to midnight, Lemon Hill is bringing in some bartending talent for a good cause. Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal of Emmanuelle, Michael Treffehn of Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. and Vince Stipo of Vernick Food & Drink and Lemon Hill’s Michelle Curtis will be pouring cocktails featuring Beefeater or Plymouth gin. The cocktails will be available for $8 and half of the proceeds will go to support Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign.

The “Cocktails for a Cause” tour will continue with three additional stops this spring.

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UPDATE: More Movie-Themed Cocktail Nights From The Franklin And Emmanuelle


UPDATE: Just got word that tonight’s Big Lebowski movie night at the Franklin has been postponed. No new date set yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as something gets worked out.

Really, the only question is how the Franklin got through so many movie nights without doing The Big Lebowski.

But anyway, that cinematic travesty has now been remedied with a pair of movie-themed cocktail nights which will see the Franklin’s Mike Treffehn and Phoebe Esmon from Emmanuelle sharing their respective bars on two different nights for two different (but equally awesome) theme nights.

You already know that the first one will be The Big Lebowski, but what about the second one?

All the details (and the cocktail menus) right this way

Tonight: Movie Night At Franklin Mortgage


It’s movie night again at Franklin Mortgage. And while no, they’re not actually showing the movie (which, they explained, would be either illegal or really, really expensive), they have put together a cocktail menu inspired by the awesome (and often tragically undervalued) Luc Besson science fiction cult hit, The Fifth Element.

Yeah, the one where Milla Jovovich spends most of the movie almost naked. Didn’t I already say it was awesome?

Anyway, drink-slingers Christina Rando and Colin O’Neill have got a Fhloston Paradise menu all put together and they’ll be serving it tonight starting at 5pm. So if you’re a fan (or even if you just really like drinking), get on over there and have yourself a Korben Dallas: Meat Popsicle. And while you’re waiting, check out the full menu after the jump.

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Classic Cinema Movie Night (And Themed Cocktails) At Franklin Mortgage This Sunday


In December, they did Top Gun–a classic of American cinema–with excellent themed cocktails based on the movie. And now, the crew from Franklin Mortgage is going back to the well once again for a Sunday Movie Night event featuring the completely insane Cage/Travolta masterpiece Face/Off. There’s gonna be cool drinks for just $11 a pop, pizza from the guys at Pitruco, Mike Treffehn and Catherine Manning behind the stick, and all the madness that comes of anything involving Nicolas Cage.

So, Sunday night, January 26. Make your plans now. And check out the cocktail menu below to get you in the mood.

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Highway To The Danger Zone: A Top Gun Themed Menu At Franklin Mortgage


Franklin Mortgage is known for constructing intricate, endlessly referential cocktail menus that touch on literature, classic film and alcohol’s historical place in the American consciousness. And on Sunday, December 1, they’re bringing this all together for one night of cocktails based on the movie Top Gun.

No, really. They’ve got guest bartender Michael Buonocore from Vernick behind the stick and a whole menu of drinks already planned. One of them is called “Jeans and Volleyball” You know you want to see it. And if I wasn’t going to be spending my Sunday trying to escape from the frozen wasteland of Upstate New York, I would totally be there myself…

Check out the menu

Tonight: New Winter Cocktail Menu At Franklin Mortgage


Tonight, the Franklin will release their 16th cocktail menu–and the first to be produced under the command of new head barman, Mike Treffehn. True, Treffehn and ex-head-bartender Al Sotack collaborated on the thing in order to make everything run smoothly, but still–congrats, Mike. It looks like a killer list.

And as if a new cocktail menu wasn’t enough, the bar has also taken a stab at updating their beer and wine programs. Oh, and they have another class coming up, too–an introduction to cognac course, taught by certified cognac professional and Franklin bartender Mary Rose Braun. You can get more information on courses at info@thefranklinbar.com.

But in the meantime…

Here’s what you’ll be drinking at the Franklin this winter

Take Cocktail Classes at Franklin Mortgage

IntroductionToTikiClassFranklin Mortgage will be using its recently added upstairs bar to teach customers how to make cocktails. First up is “Introduction to Tiki.” Learn about tiki culture and tiki cocktails while enjoying a daiquiri, mai tai and zombie.

The tiki class is this Thursday at 6 p.m. and costs $85 per person. New head bartender, Mike Treffehn will be teaching the class.

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Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Turns Four, Opens Its Upstairs


Today marks the fourth anniversary of Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Ah we remember the first days so well, Arthur Kade requesting flavored vodka, followed by vodka, followed by a very puzzled look. And now after four years, the bar is no doubt a success story. And to celebrate, head bartender Al Sotack tells us they will be offering $9 daiquiris for the next month, right through July 18th.

We asked Sotack what’s the deal with the upstairs expansion of Franklin and received a surprising answer. The upstairs has been very quietly open for the past three weeks. And this weekend you can find Sotack and bartender Catherine Manning upstairs working the new bar. In addition to the extra room, the Franklin will experiment with reservations upstairs at the end of July.

So, go celebrate four years with Franklin Mortgage and if you go on a weekend, check out what’s happening upstairs.

Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. [Official Site]

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