Former Franklin Mills Mall Begins Indoor Renovations

A rendering of the Philadelphia Mills.

A rendering of the new interior of Philadelphia Mills.

Franklin Mills Mall, wait sorry, Philadelphia Mills has started to undergo phase two of a multi-million dollar renovation project, adding skylights, flooring and most importantly new retailers. (I grew up five minutes from the mall and I’ll always call it Franklin Mills.)

Indoor construction kicked off this week with plans to offer shoppers a lighter, brighter mall, complete with skylights and new lighting, according to owner Simon Property GroupIt’s also upgrading restrooms, and adding wifi and lounge areas with device charging stations. 

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Shopping Shocker: There is Actually a Reason to Go to the Franklin Mills Mall


Psst: There is couture here. Yes, really. (Photo via Franklin Mills Mall.)

The Franklin Mills Mall has been a hidden, dirty little secret of mine for some time. I’ve scoffed at it, rolled my eyes at it, and been truly scared of it. But I still go there for one reason (well, two): the Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue outlets, Last Call and Off Fifth.

We’re talking $40,000 McQueen dresses, guys.