Fox 29 Wishes the Late Joe Frazier a Happy Birthday, Touts City Hall Appearance

Early this morning on Good Day Philadelphia, the hosts wished Joe Frazier a happy birthday.

“Philadelphia boxing legend Joe Frazier celebrating his birthday today,” anchor Karen Hepp chirped. “Happy birthday, Joe! Also giving back to the community. He’s going to be meeting with friends and supporters at City Hall this evening to honor championship youth boxing teams and coaches. This year marks the 45th anniversary at Joe Frazier’s gym, located in North Philadelphia. The space has been used to develop several young athletes. He’s turning 73 years old today.”

“He really is a legend,” co-anchor Thomas Drayton replied. “Such a force.”

Yes, Frazier is a legend. But there were some issues with the report. Read more »

The 69 Best Local Philly News Screenshots of 2016

2016 Local News Screenshots

I watch a lot of local news. Not only because it keeps me informed on the events of the day and on which programs are coming up that night on ABC, but also because it’s frequently hilarious. There are double-digit hours of local news on TV every day, and occasionally silly stuff is going to get through. Because I’m a huge dork, I save it.

And so in 2014 and 2015, I collected the best local news screenshots of the year. Below are the best of 2016, presented without comment. Happy new year!

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How to Get A Vacant House Knocked Down: Turkey Vultures

Fox 29 - saw turkey vultures

A still from Fox 29’s report on a West Philly house invaded by turkey vultures.

Update, 5:15 p.m.: L&I’s Karen Guss says the building is indeed under demolition. She tells Philadelphia magazine inspectors had been monitoring the building for years, and made the decision to tear it down after seeing how its condition had deteriorated over the last few weeks.

Last night Fox 29’s Bruce Gordon had a report in West Philadelphia. Gordon, a William Tennent graduate, has been with Fox 29 since 1996. He’s one of the station’s elder statesmen; he’ll cover the big story of the day, do investigative reports or ask tough questions of politicians. Sometimes, like last night, he reports on turkey vultures.

Gordon’s report aired recently on Fox 29, some time after the “crews paint over dead squirrel” in Plymouth Meeting piece. It was a bit of classic TV consumer reporting: Neighbors come to the TV station about a problem no one seems to be able to fix, and the TV station gets results! Also, it was about turkey vultures at a vacant home in West Philadelphia. Read more »

Why Philly Local News Is the Best During a Snowstorm

Philadelphia local news during Winter Storm Jonas

I turned on the 10 o’clock news on Friday night. The first thing I saw was someone falling on her ass.

Turns out the video wasn’t even in Philadelphia: It was from Washington, D.C., earlier in the week. (You can tell it’s not Philly from the street signs.) But it was an auspicious start to the local news’ nonstop snow coverage this weekend. I knew it was going to be great.

Philadelphia doesn’t really have celebrities. When people get famous nationally, they generally have to leave in order to continue their careers. So instead of celebrities, we have local news anchors. And for some reason Philadelphia has a huge attachment to its local news personalities. I can admit I do, too. (I wrote about Kerri-Lee Halkett — now Kerri-Lee Mayland, and sadly now in Connecticut — a lot when I was in my early 20s blogging for Philadelphia Weekly.) The local news is frequently stupid. Who cares? It’s also always entertaining. And never does the local news shine more than it does during a snowstorm. Read more »

The 38 Best Local News Screenshots of 2015

gardner-2 copy

The local TV news is great.

I am not exaggerating in any way. The local news — any channel, any time — is one of my favorite programs. In 2015, I easily watched hundreds of hours of local news. Like I did last year, I compiled some of my favorite freeze-frame moments of the last year, presented without comment. Enjoy! Read more »

Comcast, CBS 3 and Other Local Media Outlets Take Home Emmys This Weekend

Ben Cross, Rosemary Connors, NBC10, Joshua Edwards, Vince Lattantio, NBC10, Matt Maiorano, NBC10 and Mecmee Maiorano

Ben Cross, Rosemary Connors (NBC10), Joshua Edwards, Vince Lattantio (NBC10), Matt Maiorano (NBC10) and Meemee Maiorano | Photo by HughE Dillon

They didn’t have soaring speeches by Viola Davis and Jon Hamm, but Philly held its own Emmy Award ceremony on Saturday at the Philadelphia Hilton Hotel. The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) presented a total of 81 Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards in 77 categories as the sold-out audience of more than 500 regional television industry professionals gathered for the 33rd annual event.

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Fox 29 Adds Meteorologist Kathy Orr

Kathy Orr - Fox 29

Fox 29 announced today it has hired Kathy Orr to do the weather on its 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts. Sue Serio gave clues to the hiring throughout Wednesday morning’s broadcast before the announcement.

Orr was let go by CBS 3 in late June as part of an overhaul of the station by higher-ups. Chris May and Beasley Reece were also given the ax this summer; Carol Erickson also left the station and took a job at Calkins Media. Read more »

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