This Is How Philly Dined in 1997


Pretty much everything you know about American dining has happened in the last 20 years.

Unless you lived in California in the late 80’s — unless you were a proto-foodie (with really good connections or really in-the-know friends) in San Francisco or L.A., or some New York grubnik sniffing around the edges of things and watching (from what would’ve been a fairly privileged position) the slow changeover from French fine dining to a more egalitarian, worldly model, everything that defines American cuisine now — from the New American/California Cuisine days forward — has happened in the past couple decades.

And Fork has been there for almost all of it.

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Taking a Spin With Ellen Yin

Ellen Yin, out on the town. Photograph by Neal Santos

It might just be that I’m really slow, but Ellen Yin is fast.

We’re taking a brisk bike ride through Old City, her idea and her part of town. She’s tearing it up on a nice new Indego, which she grabbed from the station across Market Street from her pioneering restaurant Fork. I’m several car lengths behind on my old blue Raleigh Record, a bona fide beater whose left pedal screeches with each labored revolution. If Yin is exerting effort to propel herself along Race Street this briskly, it isn’t showing. I’m grateful when we roll to a creaky stop along Columbus Boulevard. Read more »

Spring Into Summer With Seasonal Cocktails at Fork


As the days lengthen and the weather warms, the region’s farmers are making the gradual transition from spring into summer. And on Thursday, June 8th, farm-to-table paragon Fork is celebrating with a night of seasonal gin cocktails from Elverson, Pa.-based Brandywine Branch Distillers.

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This Is the Only Dinner In Philly Worth $500


In May of 2015, chef Eli Kulp of Fork and High Street on Market, was hurt in the deadly Amtrak train derailment that killed eight people and injured more than 200. He was mostly paralyzed, but has been doing rehab ever since, working a lot with doctors at the Cleveland Functional Electrical Stimulation Center who are developing technologies which allow people with neurological injuries to regain function.

That kind of thing? It’s expensive. Which is why a bunch of Kulp’s chef friends, along with a few local luminaries, are hosting a benefit dinner with Karamoor Estate winery (which has done some work with Kulp and Ellen Yin’s High Street Hospitality Group before) in order to raise money for the Institute for Functional Restoration at Case Western Reserve University, which the Cleveland FES calls home.

The lineup of chefs is one of those once-in-a-lifetime things, and the cause couldn’t be better. Here’s how things are going to shake out.

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We All Want To Eat Chocolate For Dinner

You know you’ve done it. Made a dinner out of things that your mom would never let you consider a meal. Like that time you ate ten slices of individually-wrapped cheese and two slices of bread and called it “grilled cheese”? Or that lunch you made out of an entire bag of Skittles because Skittles are made with some infinitesimal amount of actual fruit juice, so if you eat enough of them its like eating actual fruit because math?

But now, on Monday, April 24, you can go and have an entire dinner based solely around the growing stages of the cacao plant because the crew from Fork in Old City are getting together with chocolatier Chris Curtain of Eclat to offer a 7-course chocolate dinner.

Take that, mom.

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Fork Gets Creative on Wednesdays

Maryland Crab, Malt Vinegar, Funnel Cake: Tonight only at Fork

Maryland Crab, Malt Vinegar, Funnel Cake: Tonight only at Fork

Old City’s Fork is showing off its creativity on Wednesday nights. Every Wednesday, chef de cuisine John Patterson, pastry chef Samantha Kincaid and the entire Fork team are creating special one-night-only menus for $55 per person.

Each week’s menu is guided by a theme or central ingredient; Chef Patterson will change the focus of the menu so that no two meals are ever alike.  Tonight’s menu is being described as “fun shore/picnic kind of dream menu.”

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Philly Shut Out at the James Beard Awards

Ellen Yin, Alex Bois, Eli Kulp and Marisa Kulp | Photo via Fork

Ellen Yin, Alex Bois, Eli Kulp and Marisa Kulp | Photo via Fork

The James Beard Awards were held in Chicago last night and Philadelphia will have to stick with boasting about Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook’s double victory at last week’s James Beard Awards for Broadcast and Journalism. Solomonov did not win for Outstanding Chef and the other Philadelphia’s chefs and restaurateurs up for awards were shut out.

On the other hand it was quite the victory to see chef Eli Kulp and the Fork/High Street team at the awards. Kulp was paralyzed in last year’s Amtrak 188 accident but was in Chicago and looking dapper for the awards ceremony.

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