Celebrate Opening Day With These Awesome Chiara Ferragni Sneakers


Opening Day kicks. | Image via Shopbop.

It’s officially time for another baseball season, and as we wait for the first pitch (for the Phils, that’s today at 3:05pm at Citizens Bank Park, where they’ll face off against the Red Sox) we might as well do some online shopping. And the best way I’ve found to fete Opening Day is with a pair of these slip-ons, as they are basically glittery odes to the concession stand.  Read more »

The Best Shoe Repair Places in Philly

Image via Call it Spring

Image via Call it Spring

After shoe repair standby Superior announced it was closing in December, and the sudden shuttering of Liberty Shoe Service back in August, lots of Philadelphians wondering where the heck they should take their shoes now. So we called up some of the people who would know best: The owners and staffers of Philly’s best shoe stores. Here is where they go — and where they send their customers.  Read more »

The Shoppist Gift List, Day Eight: C. Wonder Smoking Slippers

Our discerning editors have culled the best-of-the-best gifts available in Philly. Each day until Christmas, we’ve reveal our 25 top gift picks to suit everyone on your list. Happy shopping!

A few years ago, smoking slippers overtook the ballet flat as the chicest way to go sans heels—and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be changing anytime soon. C. Wonder’s cheeky embroidered versions are the ones to give this season. They’re quirky without being trite, and they look smashing with jeans.

Click here for price and where to buy.

Behold, The Most Stylish Rain Boots Ever Made


Meet the new generation of rain gear. | Photos via Hunter.

I have a pair of Hunter rain boots that I pull out every time it rains. They are over-the-knee, sand-colored Wellies, with a chunky heel and laces that criss-cross up the entire front of the boot. These boots are kick-ass, puddle-stomping, I-fear-neither-rain-nor-sleet-nor-apocalypse boots, and I love them. (So, too, does everyone else: Men, women and children have complimented these boots; I believe animals and newborns would, too, if they could talk.)

As I received yet another compliment on the boots this morning—this time by a friendly, non-creepy man on my train, who always has his nose in a newspaper and is certainly not the least bit interested in fashion—I decided I’d spread the love and tell you where you can get your own pair of Kick-Ass Puddle Stompers. Sadly, though, they are not available any longer … but these are, and I think they might be ever cooler.

Buy them here.

Shoes News! J.Crew Ups Its Footwear Game With Sophia Webster Collaboration


It’s sort of like shoe snowflakes. | Photos courtesy J.Crew.

J.Crew—maker of ballet flats worn by all—has sprinkled even more quirkiness into its collection with the help of British shoe designer Sophia Webster. (You might remember her name from my post about these insanely awesome winged superhero shoes.)

The holiday collaboration launched just last week, and it’s pretty much every party shoe you could ever want.

Tassels! Metallic! Glitter!

Monday Obsession: Sophia Webster’s Winged Superhero Shoes


I buy expensive shoes in entirely the wrong way. Instead of investing in proper, wear-forever classics like black Louboutin pumps or ever-chic Chanel flats, I throw caution to the wind and splurge on shoes with poofs of fur, or hearts all over them, or impossibly high gilded wedge heels. When it comes to buying high-end shoes, for me, the more impractical and fantastical, the better. (I repeat: This is not the smartest way to go about stocking your shoe closet.)

I suppose this is why I’m so drawn to Sophia Webster‘s offbeat collection. The London-based  designer dreams up shoes with crazy color combinations, pom-poms, tassels, dizzying patterns—and, now, wings.

It’s like Roman gladiator gone glam.

The Edit: 7 Supremely Sexy Thigh-High Boots For Fall


Right now, I can’t get enough of boots. And not ankle-grazers, or even knee-highs. I’m talking boots that stretch over the knee and creep up your thigh. The idea of them sounds overtly sexy—black leather thigh-high boots!—something my mother would deign appropriate only for a “streetwalker.” But it’s precisely their full coverage that makes them so easy to wear. Throw them on with a long tunic and they’ll act almost like leggings; pair with them with a miniskirt to keep your look just sexy enough (in fact, some of our style experts say that boots allow you to wear minis into your forties and fifties!); or wear them with a midi skirt for warmth come winter. Thighs, all eyes on you.

See prices and where to buy here.

Philly Sole: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mankles But Were Afraid to Ask

Yes, these sneakers look like Wildwood boardwalk sand art.

Yes, these sneakers look like Wildwood boardwalk sand art.

It’s been the summer of the mankle.

Let’s backtrack: Two summers ago, UK’s Daily Mail wrote about “the rise of the mankle.” The mankle trend — a portmanteau of “man” and “ankle”, obviously — was blamed on Jude Law. The Mail helpfully noted that “[s]ocks are suffering as the mankle increases in popularity; sales are down by 4% for the retailer.”

This summer the mankle trend spread, Beatles-like, to America. I first noticed it in a New York magazine article by Allison P. Davis, “Men, Throw Out Your Socks: It’s Mankles Season.” I am not exaggerating when I say this is one of my favorite pieces of the year:

At a recent happy hour with a guy friend, I mentioned that another friend (attractive, female, single) might be joining us. His response: “Julia’s coming by? Let me take my socks off.”

Read more.

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