PHOTOS: Mount Airy Street Fare 2014

Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney Reveal Plans for 13th and Locust

Foobooz has the scoop on Marcie Turney and Valerie Safran’s plans for their space at 13th and Locust streets, the location formerly known as Bump and Q. Unlike Little Nonna’s, which was inspired by Marcie’s Italian grandmother, the new space gets new life courtesy of Turney’s heritage.

From Turney's Instagram: "This is #Bud&Marilyn's restaurant opening day photo in 1950."

From Turney’s Instagram: “This is #Bud&Marilyn’s restaurant opening day photo in 1950.”

The restaurant will be called Bud & Marilyn’s in honor of Turney’s grandparents who ran a restaurant in Wisconsin for forty years. Turney’s Instagram feed contains several clues for what’s planned. There’s a photo of what her grand parents’ restaurant looked like back on its opening day in 1950 (right), the epitome of mid-Century diner. Her Instagram avatar also shows what could very well be a rendering of what’s planned for Bud & Marilyn’s. This all jives with what we’ve heard whispered for the concept, something like throwback American or classic American-diner.

So I guess this pretty much squashes my suspicion that they were working with former Sisters manager Denise Cohen to open a lesbian bar.

Philadelphia Fall Festivals Season Kicks Off With Kennett Square Mushroom Festival, Two Brewfests, the NoLibs Fall Music Fest, and More

Mets Eat Ridiculous Amount of Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

In what is surely a plot by the Phillies to fatten up other teams so they’ll be easier to beat, there is a leaderboard in the visitors’ clubhouse. It tracks how many cheesesteaks teams and players have eaten. The steaks fillings and toppings and rolls are free — and since it’s Philadelphia, the steaks are probably pretty authentic (i.e., good).

According to the Newark Star-Ledger’s Mike Vorkunov, the Mets ate 103 cheesesteaks during an April game. It shattered the previous team record of somewhere in the 80s.

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7 Guilt-Free Salad Recipes Inspired by Guilty Pleasure Foods



Trust me, I get it. You try to eat healthy, but sometimes those cravings just hit you and the only thing you can think about is getting your hands on a slice of pizza (or two, or three). These guilt-free salads, inspired by our favorite guilty pleasure foods, will combat those cravings while keeping you on track. Your tastebuds and your waistline will thank you.

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PHOTOS: Philly Gays Get a Taste of Flavors of the Avenue

This weekend East Passyunk Avenue hosted its annual Flavors of the Avenue festival, an all-day taste fest featuring restaurants up and down the South Philly enclave. HughE Dillon was there to take photos, so I asked him to snap some of the LGBTers for G Philly. You can check them out in the slideshow below.

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