Foobooz Hot Dog Day, Part 1: Hot Diggity Hits The Bricks (Insert Wiener Joke Here)


So, big week at Hot Diggity, right? First they go and get themselves all over the jumping box with their star-making appearance on the Travel Channel’s Hot Dog Paradise. And now word has come down that owner Keith Garabedian is looking to invest in his own version of the Wienermobile in order to take his tubesteaks on the road.

Or, to be more specific, he’s looking for YOU to invest, which is why he’s listed the project on Lucky Ant (one of those new-fangled crowd-funding sites) and is hoping to bring in anywhere from $7000-$10,000 in order to get a fully tricked-out hot dog food truck on the streets. And while sure, it would be very cool of you to drop by and throw a few bucks at this very worthy project without expecting anything in return, the way these things work is on a bonus system. You give a little money, you get a little something back (a free dog and a free drink for donating $5, for example). Give a lot, though, and you might get something super-cool…

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PhillyMFA Pop-Ups This Weekend

The Philly Mobile Food Association is at it again. The PMFA announced three pop-up events for this weekend on their website today.

A “Re-Up” Pop-Up has the PMFA returning with the Lutheran Settlement House on June 1st from 6 to 10 p.m. to at 1390 Frankford Avenue. Philly’s favorite food trucks have decided to make another stop at this Fishtown locale after the success of their first pop-up there. Lutheran Settlement House will be providing beer and requests donations, while Lil’ Dan’s, the Smoke Truck, Sweet Box Cupcakes, and Delicias will serve food. Click here for more info.

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I’ll Have An Egg and Cheese and Mouse Turd Sandwich, Please

Well, I was planning to scarf down a $2.50 egg-and-cheese sandwich (ketchup and pepper) from a street vendor near Foobooz World Headquarters. But once I spied these clear-as-day rodent droppings sitting atop a long roll on the counter inside the cart, I decided to skip breakfast altogether. (See, I knew I should have gone with the English muffin.) Read more »

Guapos Tacos Is Ready for Your Private Event

While there have been glimpses of Guapos Tacos, Jose Garces’ and designer Jun Aizaki’s taco truck over the past few months, it hasn’t officially been ready ready until now. Well, ready for your wedding, bar mitzvah or going-away party (ahem). It can now be booked for private functions via the Garces Restaurant Group special events department  by calling 215-625-2920.

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Accolades from Far and Wide

[Photograph: Nicholas Chen]

Nicholas Chen | A Hamburger Today

Bryn Mawr’s Yangming has been named the top Chinese restaurant in the land by the trade publication, Chinese Restaurant News. [Chinese Restaurant News]

Endless Simmer compiled a list of America’s top 10 new sandwiches and two Philadelphia sandwiches made the list. The Bulgogi from West Philadelphia’s Koja food truck finished 9th and the Lasagna Bolognese from Paesano’s took the 3rd spot.  [Endless Simmer]

Serious Eats’ A Hamburger a Today features Grace Tavern today and if that doesn’t make you hungry, nothing will. [A Hamburger a Today]

Around the Web: Tyson Bees Edition

Tyson Bees’ super-slick-looking truck has been on the streets for a couple of months now and bloggers and food writers are taking note.

Lari Robling liked the steamed pork buns best but also praised the Korean barbecue short rib tacos and Vietnamese Bahn Mi Sandwich which fused the banh mi with the Mexican torta. [Daily News]

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Food Trucks Save the Day

PAWS, Philadelphia’s largest animal rescue and only non-kill shelter is hosting their annual Mutt Strut tomorrow in FDR Park. Yesterday their only food vendor cancelled leaving them with an expected crowd of 1,000+ and nothing more than dog biscuits to feed them.

So PAWS contacted a bunch of Philadelphia food trucks and will now have a lineup of tacos, hot dogs and coffee to share with walkers.

So hurray for Coup de Taco, Dapper Dog and Mojo Gourmet Coffee for coming up big and saving the day.

For more information on the mutt strutt, check out the official site and perhaps bring your pooch down to South Philadelphia tomorrow.

Mutt Strut [Official Site]

Bloktoberfest: Tale of the Tape

This Saturday Bloktoberfest comes to the 2000 block of Christian Street and will benefit the restoration of Shiloh Baptist Church. It will be a full day food, drink, music and fun. Foobooz is proud to be the official food sponsor of the event and we look forward to seeing you all there.

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Night Market Recap

[wps3 id="4"]

The Night Market brought out the crowds last night. We started to feel an energy as we approached 10th and Tasker. At 8pm the crowd at 1601 was pouring onto the sidewalk. We could hear live music from a block away. As we approached the intersection of Passyunk and Tasker we were blown away by the throngs of people.

We descended into the crowd discovering long lines at the food vendors. The line for Tacos Al Pastor from Los Taquitos de Puebla took 30+ minutes to conquer. Coup de Taco and Honest Tom’s were sold out by 8:30. We spotted reinforcements being delivered to Gigi & Big R’s truck.

It was a first-time event and showed some rookie mistakes. The Food Trust, who put on the night market didn’t expect the crowds that showed up. The perfect fall night really encouraged people to come out. The one week delay due to rain claimed four vendors and another, Sugar Philly was lost due to truck problems. Despite that an estimated 3,000 tacos were served.

It wasn’t a perfect event but we can’t wait to see the sophomore effort.

If you haven’t signed up for the Night Market e-mail list, do so now as a survey will be going out next week and you’ll be the first to know about the next Night Market. That night is planned for the spring but the “you should do it sooner” exclamations were frequent. But where?

Night Market [Official Site]

Around the Web: Lunching Edition

Where can you find one of the most legitimate Korean restaurants around? Would you believe in the parking lot behind Chili’s and Atlantis Gentleman’s Club? Well that’s what Midtown Lunch says about Koreana. [Midtown Lunch]

Craig LaBan discovers a Red Snapper lunch special at Valley Green Inn on Forbidden Drive. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Philadining is always ready to check out a restaurant that serves soup dumplings. Red Kings in Chinatown is the latest place he checks out and enjoys. [Philadining]

El Fuego is always a good call for lunch and as Two Eat Philly discovers, it works at happy hour too. [Two Eat Philly]

An Empty Fridge explores Haddon Township and finds three fine choices for lunch. [An Empty Fridge]

Yelp is Out to Lunch

What do you want for lunch? Judging by the top returns searching “lunch” on, an unsurprising priority of “cheap, fast and tasty” rules our quest for midday meals.

The breakdown: Only three sit-down restaurants with table service make the list, and they all serve Asian cuisine (Su Xing House, Mi Lah Vegetarian and newcomer Old City Asian Bistro).  Whatever we’re eating, we want it between buns: Jean’s Cafe, Di Bruno Bros., Old Nelson Food Company and Café Lutecia are all called out for stellar sandwiches. Two classic (non-Twittering!) street carts, Magic Carpet and King of Falafel, have falafeled their way into our hearts.  Slept-on Little Thai Market lights up the Reading Terminal Market, with salmon curry and shrimp coconut soup called out as go-tos.

Yelp’s Top Ten Results for Lunch in Philadelphia

  1. Jean’s Cafe
  2. Su Xing House
  3. Di Bruno Bros. (Rittenhouse location)
  4. Café Lutecia
  5. Mi Lah Vegetarian
  6. Magic Carpet (34th & Walnut cart)
  7. King of Falafel
  8. Little Thai Market
  9. Old Nelson Food Company (7th & Chestnut location)
  10. Old City Asian Bistro
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