Philadelphians Not Really Paying Attention to Restaurant Calorie Counts

Via Philebrity comes news that Philadelphians aren’t really paying attention to calorie counts at the big restaurant chains where such notifications are required. HealthDay reports: “In a poll of 2,000 Philadelphia fast-food customers, aged 18 to 64, few used the information, even if they noticed it, said study author Brian Elbel, an assistant professor of population health and health policy at the NYU School of Medicine.”

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Jim Kenney Writes Moving Love Letter to Sriracha


Today we learned that Philadelphia City Councilman Jim Kenney is an undying lover of “ambrosial” Sriracha rooster hot sauce. There was talk of a global Sriracha shortage ever since the SoCal city in which the condiment is manufactured filed suit against the company for the fumes its factory was producing. (Sriracha bootleggers are already rife, so beware!) In response, Kenney is asking the company to move here.

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It’s Time to Hoard Your Sriracha Sauce

Uh-oh: “A judge is set to decide Thursday whether to grant Irwindale’s request to stop production of Sriracha sauce while the company tries to limit odors wafting into the neighborhood. The decision could have serious ramifications for next years’ supplies of Huy Fong Food’s three hot sauces: Chili Garlic, Sambal Oelek, and the wildly popular Sriracha ‘rooster’ sauce.”

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A Tale of Two School Lunches: Excess in America, Insecticide in India

It was the juxtaposition, I think, that got to me.

The first story in the Wall Street Journal told how the headmistress of that school in India where kids died last July from eating lunches tainted with insecticide has been charged with murder. I remembered the story from this summer. But the details in this update were heartbreaking. Apparently, the cook who prepared the food told the headmistress it smelled off; the headmistress told her to serve it anyway. The kids complained that it tasted strange; the headmistress told them to shut up and eat their soybeans, rice and potato curry. Forty-two of them, plus the cook, were hospitalized; 23 subsequently died. The state government has paid the affected families $3,273 per dead child.

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