Viking Pastries in Ardmore Gets TV Makeover

viking pastries before

Viking Pastries in Ardmore is being redone inside and out as part of a TV show. The big reveal for the Cricket Avenue bakery is set for today at 5:30 p.m. Official word on what show it is has been mum, but The Main Line Times says it is for a Food Network show and spots Nancy Glass Productions on site. We’re going to guess it is an episode of Save My Bakery, which actually has been on the Cooking Channel, a subsidiary of the Food Network.

Food Network giving Viking Pastries a makeover; big reveal Thursday [Main Line Times]
Viking Pastries [Official]

Tony Luke to Star on Spike TV’s Frankenfood

tony_luke1Spike TV has greenlit its first food show. Frankenfood, which will star Philadelphia’s Tony Luke along with executive chef Josh Capon. The show will pit amateurs and their weird food combinations against each other. Luke and Capon will judge the creations and the winner gets $10,000 and is featured on the menu of a local popular restaurant.

Look for the show to premier in spring of 2014.

Kevin Sbraga Is Going to be All Over Your TV

kevin-sbraga-jasonvarneyKevin Sbraga is getting his own show on the Cooking ChannelGet Trucked will feature Sbraga helping out food trucks that need help with their menu, service and look.

The show’s pilot debuts on Thursday, August 15th and will be rebroadcast three times.

Later tonight (Wednesday, August 7), Sbraga will be on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Get Trucked [Cooking Channel]

Sidecar Bar & Grille on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Tonight


The Appetizer Formerly Known As

Back in February Guy Fieri filmed at six local spots for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. Tonight at 10 p.m. we’ll see the first of the Philadelphia establishments featured. Sidecar Bar & Grille will be on tonight’s episode, Chicken, Chili and Chowder.

The Sidecar is inviting everyone to come in and hang out as they watch the showing on both floors. Sidecar’s clam chowder, gnocchi and crab topped fries(The Appetizer Formerly Known As …) will be featured on the show.

Chicken, Chili and Chowder [Food Network]
Sidecar Bar & Grille [Official Site]

Four Local Restaurants on United States of Bacon Tonight


Tonight at 7 p.m. on Destination America, formerly Discovery Home & Leisure, is featuring four local restaurants on United States of Bacon. As you might expect there’s a ton of bacon on the show but we have to raise an eyebrow over the inclusion of McNally’s Tavern’s Schmitter. Surely a great gluttonous sandwich, but as the diagram above shows, bacon is not a normal part of the Schmitter. Now bacon is available for a dollar add-on, but who needs bacon when you already have steak, grilled salami, cheese, fried onions, tomatos, special sauce and even more cheese?

Four Philadelphia stops on United States of Bacon and some deals »

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