The Store’s Got Jerky


Last year’s jerky sales came as a surprise to us. We didn’t think you guys would be so into local, boutique jerky. But we sold a lot of it, in fact, we sold out of it within two weeks.

Ladies and gentlemen, the jerky is back. Side Project Jerky comes in two flavors this year: Southwestern and Mongolian, and you’ll only be able to find them in very select stores in Philly, and even fewer stores across the country.

Get it while you can, because if what happened last year happens again, they’ll be gone before you know it.

Take me to the jerky!

CyberMonday: Foobooz Store Offering Gift Packs and Free Shipping


Through the end of today, the Foobooz Store is offering special gift packs as well as free shipping.

The Foobooz Store has combined some of our best-selling products into bundles and are offering them at a discount.

Enter the discount code, FREESHIPPING at checkout to have shipping charges waived.

Foobooz Store [Official Site]

The Foobooz Store Has A Book Collection


Books! We’ve got books!

Local Philadelphia photographer (and University of the Arts alum), Dominic Episcopo, has a book of meat, and it’s one of the most visually entertaining books I’ve ever skimmed through. It’s called Meat America, and it includes beautiful depictions of cities, icons, and all things America, done through the eyes of a true carnivore. It’s raw, in your face, witty, and a talking piece to boot. If you want to add something to your Clothbound Cabot Cheese decorated kitchen, maybe add a Meat America 11×14 in. United States of America fine art print.

Oh, and the book is also packaged in styrofoam and plastic wrapped, like ground meat in the supermarket, which is at least 15% of the reason why I like it so much.

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Jake and Amir <3 Foobooz and Slice Pizza


For all you youths out there who are obsessed with both food and the internet, have I got something for you.

Jake & Amir could be one of the funniest sketches on the Internet. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up, start with their first video and waste your day away. They’re a hilarious duo, and College Humor is a great site to quench a fit of boredom. Jake, Amir, and Streeter had a live show this past Friday and they hung out at Rittenhouse Square beforehand. They needed some pizza ordering advice, and I offered my assistance, as long as they provided Foobooz with some shameless self-promotion.

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Reading Terminal Market Shirt By Bark Tees

rtm-square_1024x1024There is probably only one place, in all of Philadelphia, that is both a tourist trap and still, forever beloved by the city. Yes, I understand our nation’s history stemmed from Philadelphia, and that’s super important, but if you’ve lived here longer than a year, that magic dies away. Pat’s and Geno’s? South Street? Kind of gross (though I’m starting to believe in South Street again).

But as a tourist destination, more can’t be said about Reading Terminal Market. It’s a highlight on this city’s résumé.

That’s why Foobooz and Bark Tees collaborated to make this piece of tee shirt art. Bark Tees has some pretty awesome Philadelphia-related tees with everything from sports apparel, to Philadelphia landmarks, including Reading Terminal Market.

So if you’re in a different city, maybe you’re at a sporting event, instead of wearing your usual Flyers “shirsey,” rep your city with some creativity and subtlety. Rock the RTM tee.

Because, you know, chicks dig subtlety.

Also new in the Foobooz Store, t-shirts from Pizza Brain and the Industry.

Mike Geno: Artist of the Foodies


Mike Geno is an artist with a specific focus. There’s no doubt he loves food. His entire career is recognized because of a series of portraits:

Portraits of cheese, bacon, sushi, and bread—the necessities in life. He finds a certain type of beauty in each of them, and depicts them with bright colors and bold strokes. They’re stunning pieces, and they’re perfect for your kitchen walls. He’s based in Philadelphia, but his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.  His recent body of work has been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Food Network Magazine, Esquire – Spain, and Cooking Light, amongst some others.

And he’s generously graced the Foobooz store with his presence, and not only that, but he did it for us exclusively. Clothbound Cabot Cheddar made its mark on Philadelphia recently, and restaurants love to show it off. It’s a beautiful cheese, and his portrait is even prettier. It’s only available for a limited time, so take advantage of the opportunity.

So, here it is, buy it, hang it on your kitchen wall, and tell your friends that you got one of the rare ones. Make ‘em jealous, because this is a work of art they’ll never have, not unless they’re copying you.

Want to see some of his original work in person? Mike Geno is hosting a local exhibition at 250 S 18th Street, the Metropolitan Gallery. It starts at 6 pm, Friday December 6th, and will be open on Saturdays and Sundays through January 5th. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


New Items for the Foobooz Store

vetri-paper-modelFoobooz is friends with this guy named Ronnie Ribant. He’s the man behind Grand Circus Paper & Toy. He makes hand-crafted paper toys and models of iconic Philly-related things, ranging from SEPTA buses to the whole SEPTA bus crash scene at Monk’s. You’ve probably seen his work in stores (Nice Things on EPX) and in restaurants/bars (Memphis Taproom has its own paper model displayed inside). We thought they were pretty cool, so we asked Ronnie if he could make something for us, and only us. He agreed.

And now we have a beautiful model of 1312 Spruce Street, the iconic building that’s been home to two of the most important restaurants  in Philadelphia history: Le Bec Fin and Vetri. It’s got the mural on the side, and a hanging sign with Vetri on the front and Le Bec Fin on the back. Head over to the store to check it out.

But that’s not all!

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