Introducing Vintage Beer T-Shirts

poths-brewerytown-400We here at Foobooz are excited to announce a new partnership with Shibe Vintage Sports, the sports apparel store on 13th Street in Midtown Village. The store is offering a Vintage Brewery Series of t-shirts (see what happens when Philly sports teams go in the dumps) and their first shirt represents Poth’s Brewery in Brewerytown.

The shirt features an overhead shot of the Poth’s brewery and the typeface taken off of their old cans. The artwork was done by John Billet of Beer Paste and Philly Beer Scene.

The shirt is available from the Foobooz Store for $25 and shipping is free for a limited time. You can also grab a Poth’s t-shirt and many other great vintage gifts at Shibe’s storefront at 137 South 13th Street.

And if that Poth’s typeface looks familiar to you, it might because it is featured on the wall outside of Fishtown’s Fette Sau.

Som history of Poth’s Brewery »

Side Project Jerky 4-Pack Sale For One Week


Jerky is the perfect food to stock up on. It’s good on-the-go, it’s good as a snack at your desk after lunch and it’s even better when it’s super fancy, Side Project Jerky.

Starting today, and ending next Tuesday (3/25/14), get four packs of SPJ (two of each: Mongolian and Southwestern) for the price of three. For those of you who like numbers, that’s 25% off for one whole week.

Visit the Foobooz Store, find the four pack, and stock up what you can on jerky, because it’ll be gone before you know it.

SPJ 4PACK [Foobooz Store]

The New Jersey Steak, In Book Form And Meat Form

NJStripThat picture right there? That’s the New Jersey steak, as envisioned by photographer and meat artist Dominic Episcopo in his book Meat America. Pretty cool, right?

For those of you taking bets on exactly how long it would take for a Garden State restaurateur to try and cash in on the idea, the answer is: Today.

At Charley’s Other Brother in Mt. Holly, owner Larry Reisman and his chef figured out a way to hand-cut a sirloin strip into the proper shape and, voila! The New Jersey steak. All through March, Charley’s will be pairing their New Jersey steak with a Flying Fish Exit 4 American trippel for $29.99.

Meanwhile, we’re selling Dominic’s book, Meat America, through the Foobooz Store for just $32.50. And while an entire art book filled with pictures of meat made into things (like, say, New Jersey, or Elvis’s head) is pretty cool, what makes it totally rad is the fact that the entire thing comes packaged like a steak–in a styro tray, wrapped in shrink wrap.

Meat America [Foobooz Store]
Charley’s Other Brother [Official]

Great New Designs at the Foobooz Store


We’ve got the coolest t-shirts in Philadelphia:

When we did round one of our Starving Artist Series, artist Justin Rentzel came up with some awesome stuff. We liked it so much we asked him to design our very own Foobooz Starving Artist t-shirt. And that, he did. It’s a Philadelphia Food Pyramid, complete with Schmidts beer, whiskey and lots and lots of pork. It will only be available for a limited time, so order yours now

And while we’re on the subject of t-shirts »

Foobooz Has Got Your Back During The Holidays: Check Out The Official Foobooz Store Apology Letter


Forgot to get someone a gift? Didn’t realize you were getting a gift from that weird aunt you only ever see during the holidays?

Have no fear. We’ll take the heat for you. Order something from the Foobooz Store today and add this Official Foobooz Store Apology Note to your order for free.

We’ll include this heartfelt letter and send out your shipment with an apology, taking the blame for the gift arriving late.

It’s cool, we won’t tell anyone.

Foobooz Apology Letter [Foobooz Store]

New At The Foobooz Store: The Perfect Get-Out-Of-Trouble-On-Christmas Gift (And It’s Free)

foobooz-oops-400Okay, so we understand you’re busy. We understand that you tried really hard to get something cool for every single food lover on your list. But then, just like always happens, there was that one person you forgot. Or maybe it was that weird uncle who NEVER gets you anything, but this year decided to buy ugly sweaters for you and your entire family. And now, just to keep everything cool on the home front, you have to get him something, too.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to buy a present for someone and, further, need it to look like you bought it well before Christmas, we here at the Foobooz Store have a solution for you.

Right now, we’re offering an official Foobooz Store apology letter which can ship with any order. In it, we basically take the heat for messing up Christmas–claiming that it was entirely our fault that whatever lovely gift you’ve chosen is shipping late. All you have to do is add this heartfelt letter to your shopping cart in the Foobooz Store and we’ll send out your shipment with an apology, totally taking all the blame for the gift arriving late.

Oh, and better still? The letter is completely free. Happy holidays to one and all.

Foobooz Apology Letter [Foobooz Store]

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