With No New Deal In Place, Cox To Skip Minicamp

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

After skipping the first two weeks of the Eagles’ offseason program, Fletcher Cox is expected to also miss minicamp this week, according to Doug Pederson.

The head coach, however, said he didn’t mind because the activities are voluntary.

“I’m okay with Fletcher Cox not being here,” Pederson said. “Do we miss him? Yeah, we miss him and we’d love to have him around, but right now, he’s hopefully keeping himself in shape and getting ready to go. I’m excited to when I do finally get to work with him.” Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Trade Talk, Division Outlook

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

To submit your mailbag question, fill out the form at the bottom of this post. Today, we’re answering a few quick-hitters from Dylan Csakany.

What would it take for you to trade Fletcher Cox?

For me to trade Cox, presumably in the context of moving up in the draft, I would have to be convinced of one of two things: I’m getting a franchise quarterback in return, or there’s no shot at retaining Cox long term. I’m not confident enough that Carson Wentz or Jared Goff will turn into a franchise quarterback, and I think the Eagles will sign Cox to an extension at some point this year. Read more »

What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

This week’s roundup of the latest national news and notes about the Eagles.

ESPN’s Ashley Fox examines Howie Roseman’s offseason in depth, specifically looking at the moves he made in the context of Chip Kelly’s firing.

“Some of these moves he’s made here are really good,” the head coach said. “You start trading these guys that you don’t really want and really haven’t done much, and you get rid of their money and get draft picks. I’m like, ‘Why aren’t we getting that done?’ I’m wondering how he pulls it off, how he got people to make some of these deals. I thought it was really good what he’s done so far.”

And how the presence of Roseman may have impacted Jeffrey Lurie‘s decision to move on from the coach.

Someone close to Lurie said Lurie is well aware of Roseman’s shortcomings, but the 64-year-old owner didn’t blink about returning Roseman to power.

“It may have been a self-fulfilling prophecy,” the league source said. “It’s obvious. I’m not telling you anything people don’t know. Howie has Jeff’s ear. And Jeff trusts him a lot and puts a lot of weight in what he has to say, and he’s influenced by him.

“This isn’t to say that Chip didn’t have detractors that are justified and he didn’t have some players in the locker room that were more than happy to see him go. But [Bill] Parcells had that. [Bill] Belichick has that. To only get one year after winning 10 games back to back and with a team that was pretty depleted from a talent perspective — some of it your mistakes and some of it the things you inherited because of the failures of the people before you — I’m not sure that happens if you don’t have someone in the building that Jeff trusts and has his ear pointing out the mistakes versus the successes.” Read more »

Roseman: Fletcher Cox Will Get ‘Great Player Money’

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

INDIANAPOLIS — After explaining how the Eagles want to, and are in negotiations to, re-sign Sam Bradford, Howie Roseman discussed Fletcher Cox’s potential contract extension.

“It’s a huge priority for us to keep Fletcher Cox,” Roseman said. “Our intention is for Fletcher to always be an Eagle. We made that known. Sometimes these things don’t happen so quickly. We’ve been very fortunate to get five contracts done, but history says that’s probably the exception rather than the rule.”

The Eagles have agreed to six new contracts this offseason with Brent Celek, Vinny Curry, Zach Ertz, Najee Goode, Lane Johnson and Malcolm Jenkins. However, the big focus has been on Cox, who is a Pro Bowl-calibar defensive lineman entering his prime. Read more »

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Defensive Line Outlook

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

This week we’ll continue to take a position-by-position look at where the Eagles stand going into the offseason. In the first five installments, we covered the quarterbacks, running backswide receivers, tight endsoffensive linemen and safeties. Now, it’s on to the defensive line.


Asked during an appearance on Daniel Jeremiah’s Move the Sticks podcast to pick one defensive lineman he’d choose to build a defense around, Jim Schwartz offered a response that revealed a little bit about his overall philosophy. Read more »

Adam Schefter: Fletcher Cox Isn’t Going Anywhere

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

Fletcher Cox. (Jeff Fusco)

ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz both joined Anthony Gargano on 97.5 the Fanatic on Wednesday to discuss the Eagles.

Schwartz talked about his defensive philosophy and plans at length, while Schefter touched on the Birds’ upcoming offseason and their plans for handling free agency.

Of everything discussed, two points from Schefter stuck out as key holding points for the Eagles going forward.

For one, Schefter said that Fletcher Cox isn’t going anywhere.

“He’s not going anywhere, they’ll never allow him to leave,” Schefter said.

Read more »

Roseman: ‘Fletcher Cox Is Always A Priority’

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

Howie Roseman. (Jeff Fusco)

While the Eagles have signed four players in the last two weeks to new contracts, Fletcher Cox has posted multiple tweets that seemingly suggest he’s waiting for his turn.

When talking to the media after Vinny Curry’s press conference, however, Howie Roseman denied that the Eagles have been slow to engage Cox in contract negotiations.

“I would say the last person we’re trying to play games with or be disrespectful to is Fletcher Cox,” Roseman said. “Fletcher Cox is always a priority to us.” Read more »

Vinny Curry: ‘Fletcher [Cox] Is Gonna Be Here’

Vinny Curry. (USA Today Sports)

Vinny Curry. (USA Today Sports)

Vinny Curry grew up in Neptune, N.J. with Eagles jerseys and pictures along the walls of his home. He wanted to be like Ricky Watters, so when he started playing football at 8-years-old, he played running back.

Soon after, he switched to defense. The position change proved to be a wise move, as 19 years later, he’s now under contract with the Eagles for five more years to remain on the defensive line.

“I really can’t see myself playing for nowhere else,” Curry said on Wednesday. “At the end of the day, I bleed green. That’s just what it is.” Read more »

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