Pssst: There’s Going to Be a Yoga Flash Mob in Rittenhouse This Weekend

Rittenhouse Square | Photo by Flickr user Peter Miller

Rittenhouse Square | Photo by Flickr user Peter Miller

If you haven’t properly celebrated National Yoga Month yet — you know, because you were too busy celebrating the last three-day weekend of summer and then recuperating from said celebrations — this weekend is your chance: This Saturday, September 12th, the folks from Maha Yoga are putting on a yoga flash mob (yes, a yoga flash mob, people!) in Rittenhouse Square, and you are totally welcome to join in on the festivities. Read more »

Return of the Teenage Flashmob: 14 Arrested in Massive Center City Brawl [Updated]

They’re baaaack! Yesterday at 3:50 p.m., “100 to 200 young people were seen running near 15th and Chestnut Streets,” as an enormous fight either spontaneously broke out, or was planned from the start. “At some point, bottles were thrown at police,” a police officer noted. No need for Mayor Nutter to condemn the flash mob. We’ve got this video after all.

Update [3:50 p.m.]: Of the 14, 10 were young adults and four were juveniles. 11 were boys and three were girls. The kids’ parents claim this was no flash mob, but “a sudden fight involving some girls,” and that the suspects were in “the wrong place at the wrong time.”


Diner en Blanc Comes to Philadelphia


The Parisian import, Diner en Blanc, is coming to Philadelphia on August 23rd. Diner en Blanc is an event that began in Paris with just a few friends who had the idea to plan a little flash mob (not a Philly-style flash mob, but Everywhere-Else Style) by having a fancy, surprise picnic in a public space. Soon, the event grew and over the last 25 or so years it has gained in attendance–now drawing nearly 15,000 diners in cities across Europe.

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Good Thing Mayor Nutter Officially Opened City Pools

With the heat index expected to reach 108 degrees (?!) this week, we’re relieved to say that Mayor Nutter officially opened the city’s pools on Tuesday. He was at the Awbury Recreation Center in Northwest Philly—one of nine pools officially open—yesterday afternoon to make the announcement. The other 60 city pools will open some time in the next two weeks. The pools come with a slew of other programs and rec centers that will be available as a part of the Pretty Please Don’t Start With the Flash Mobs “Fun Safe Philly Summer” campaign. [Newsworks]

Mayor Nutter’s Fun Safe Summer PSA Basically Says “Please Don’t Flash Mob”

So, Mayor Nutter has a new Philadelphia Fun Safe Summer PSA out. He says that the city is offering more than 15,000 different ways to keep young people busy as, “the days get warmer and fun will be heating up all over Philadelphia.” They can go to the pool, read books, play sports or twiddle their thumbs. They should have just titled the PSA, “Please, Please Don’t Flash Mob (Seriously, Please Don’t—It’s Totally Uncool).”

A Flashmob for Ellen

We’d like to see the Million Moms top this. After the conservative group waged war against JCPenney for signing Ellen DeGeneres as its new spokesperson, support from the talk show host’s fans has been pouring in (including from the retailer itself which stood behind its decision to hire the out comedian).

One of the most interesting shows of affection came from a recent flash mob performance outside of a JCPenney store in Los Angeles, home to DeGeneres’ own highly rated talk show.

GROOV3 – a group of non-professionals who dance to boost “confidence, weight loss and a sense of well-being,” according to the website – created a creative response to critics with a “show the love and stop the hate” performance. We just want to know when they’ll be appearing on the Ellen show.

Check it out:

Passenger Writes About Weekend’s Center City Taxicab Attack

Brian Goldman is a senior at Penn. Over the weekend, he was taking a cab to meet some friends when he was punched in the face through the cab’s open window. The taxi was stopped at a red light at 15th and Chestnut. Goldman and the cabbie got out of the car and both were attacked by a group of teenagers. Goldman ran and the cabbie hopped back in his car and sped off. Multiple teens were arrested. Brian Goldman has written about the experience for the Daily Pennsylvanian in his Monday column, the Gold Standard. [Daily Pennsylvanian]

GOP’s Karen Brown Fires at Nutter in Mayoral Debate

Mayor Nutter will be easily re-elected next month. That was determined early this year, when serious potential challengers like Bill Green, Anthony Williams, Tom Knox and even John Street took a pass. It’s easy to understand why they chose to sit it out. Given the huge advantage of incumbency, Nutter was a heavy favorite to win regardless of who challenged him.

Still, given the blows that GOP token mayoral nominee Karen Brown managed to land during last night’s Fox 29 debate (which will be aired Friday night), you have to wonder if the trigger-shy heavies regret their decisions to let Nutter coast into a second term. Read more »

Police Presence Increased at Rec Centers

Recreational centers in Philadelphia haven’t exactly been the “safe havens” Mayor Nutter trumped them up to be while handling the flash mob fiasco a few weeks ago. Since that speech, there have been two shootings at city rec centers that have sent seven people to area hospitals with gun shot wounds. As the city attempts to move past the summer of the flash mobs, police will now be seen doing some extra patrolling around the rec centers—in addition to the already heightened presence in Center City. [CBS 3]

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