DIY Down the Shore: Beach Rental Daiquiris by Kevin James Holland

Photo by Trevor Dixon

Photo by Trevor Dixon

To help your summer along, Foobooz plans to give you some recipes by notable chefs and bartenders in Philadelphia. We’re calling it the DIY Down the Shore series, and we’ll be posting them all week. We’re bringing Philly’s dining scene into your summer homes.

Kevin James Holland, the little man with the little bar in West Philly, Fiume, weighed in on our DIY series. And here’s his story:

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Philly Beer Week: Friday Picks


Photo by Trevor Dixon

Fiume | Photo by Trevor Dixon

City Tap House is wrapping everything in Bespoke bacon for happy hour. Sometimes the best ideas are the easiest. And oh yes, there will be beer from Yards, including their collaborative Just Off Walnut Belgian Brown Ale.

Also in West Philadelphia, Fiume is tapping Freigeist Ottekolong, a Kölsch too Kölsch for Köln.

Across town, Don Russell (Joe Sixpack) is going to be at Victoria’s Freehouse where he’ll be pouring ELGOOD’S Coolship #1.

12 Days of Whiskey Festival Starts Friday at Fiume

Fiume - Photo by Trevor Dixon

Kevin James Holland, the operator of West Philadelphia’s Fiume, is a serious fan of the brown liquors, and this Friday, he’s launching the bar’s third annual whiskey festival. And even if Fiume wasn’t a tiny bar with six stools and a handful of tables, Holland’s fest would be most ambitious. Read more »

Fiume Celebrating Its Favorite Beer Importer

Starting this Sunday Fiume will be hosting a refrigerator takeover. The West Philadelphia bar will be dedicating a large amount of its cooler space to B. United Importers. B. United has an impressive portfolio of beers from around the world and many have them will be available at fiUME starting on Sunday.

The takover begins with a ticketed tasting event between 2 and 5 p.m. The $40 tasting will provide food and tastes of eight hard-to-fine beers. The week runs through Saturday, September 15th and of special note, Brasserie a Vapeur’s Saison de Pipaix will be on draft Thursday, September 13th.

Fiume [Facebook]

Photo by Trevor Dixon

It’s Cocktail Week at Fiume, The Best Bar You Have Never Been To

Philadelphia magazine food editor Jason Sheehan and I don’t agree on all that much, but one thing that we both do see eye to eye on is that West Philly’s Fiume is one of the best bars in the city, hands down. And this week (through Saturday), Fiume presents Cocktail Week.

“On one end of the spectrum, we’ll offer easy, bright refreshing choices,” says Fiume’s Kevin Holland (pictured), who we’re pretty sure owns or at least runs the joint, which sits on the second floor of Ethiopian restaurant Abyssinia at 45th and Locust. “On the other end, we’ll present boozier, more challenging, and sometimes downright abstruse numbers. To bridge the gap, each night there will be two or three falling in the middle of that spectrum. We’re not offering any cocktails this week that we have presented before.”

Last night, Holland and his team served up drinks like the Paloma, Boulevard des Reves, and gin-based Prohibition-era drink The Final Word, and the rest of the week, they’ll keep introducing new ones. Look for repertory cocktails like the Baroque and Famous (Navy proof rum, Hatian rum, Cynar, Carpano Antica, Angostura bitters and orange bitters on the rocks) and the Trinidad Sour (Angostura bitters, orgeat, bonded rye, and fresh lemon juice, served up) as well as staff creations like Under a Panama (Reposado mescal, amaretto, Fernet, fresh lime juice, and fresh mint on the rocks, by Fiume newcomer Jo “Aussie Jo” Randell) and Boogu Yagga Gal (Old Raj London Dry Gin, Amaro Nonino, Luxardo Cherry, and Navy strength rum on the rocks, by Holland).

And don’t worry, they still have over 100 beers available. Not too shabby for a place that maybe seats 20 and doesn’t have a phone.

[PHOTO: Ryan Collerd]

A Zagat Guide To Philly’s Secret Bars

Hop Sing Laundromat (as it looks today) retains an air of secrecy

Danya Henninger knows a thing or two about bars. And about drinking at bars. And about where to go when drinking at a bar is exactly what you need. As editor of The Drink Nation and Philly editor for, she gets to write a lot about her favorite subject (booze), and a couple days ago she put together a very nice list of Philly’s “secret” bars.

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One Local Dive Bar Doesn’t Want Your Shenanigans

Received this afternoon from one of our favorite dives from one of our favorite no-B.S. bartenders:

Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2011 1:55 PM
Subject: Announcement

Dear friends and patrons of fIUME,

Between St. Patty’s, Mardi Gras & Spring Break, there’s been some less than savory celebration in and about Philadelphia.  Gladly, fIUME has played host to virtually none of it.  But as of now, anyone who looks like they’ve been drinking on Bourbon Street for the last 10 hours will not be admitted.  It’s not that kind of party here.

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