A Sneak Peek at Your New Favorite Workout Shirt (And Where You Can Get It!)

be well philly shirtAt last year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our annual ladies-only fest of ALL things health and wellness, everyone who was part of the Be Well Philly crew putting on the event was wearing a snazzy Be Well Philly Boot Camp tank top. I can’t tell you HOW many women wandered up to me and asked, “Um, can I buy one of those shirts from someone?” The answer was no, but this year, it will be a firm “Yes you can!” At this year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp, coming up very soon — on Saturday, June 4th, to be exact — we’ll be selling the snazzy shirts in the photo above at our Be Well Philly table in the Marketplace. Read more »

Photos: Be Well Philly Underground Philly Pretzel Cross-Training Run with RippedPHL

Photo by Susan Nam.

Photo by Susan Nam.

You know how when it’s 65 degrees in May and everyone complains that it’s “so cold, ughhhh,” but then once it hits 75, we’re all begging for air conditioning? Well, begging for air conditioning is exactly what I was doing yesterday as I, along with 100 other Be Well Philly Undergrounders, pounded the pavements through Rittenhouse on what felt like the most humid evening of the year so far during our Be Well Philly Underground Philly Pretzel Cross-Training Run with the folks from Rittenhouse’s newly opened RippedPHL. But even though, come the end of the workout, my hair looked like that of a poodle’s and the rest of me looked like I’d just been sprayed down with a hose (So. Much. Sweat.), it was a great night. I mean, with a free (killer) workout followed by a free pretzel bar, how could it not be a great night? Read more »

Nominate Your Health Hero: The 2016 Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge Is On!

health hero logoAttention, everyone! The Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge is back for it’s fifth year, and we need to hear from you. We just opened the nomination form, so go ahead — hurry! — over and tell us all about the amazing people in the Philadelphia region who are helping to make your community healthier, from teachers to coaches to doctors to nonprofit founders. Really, anyone who is making the Philly area a healthier place to be. Read more »

3 Tweaks to Make Your Ab Workouts Way More Effective

Getting strong, sculpted abs is often the number one item on everyone’s fitness wish list. As a longtime Pilates instructor, I’ve fielded hundreds of questions from my students about how they can strengthen their core and tone up their abs. Usually, after their ab work to date has failed them, they’re left wondering if there’s some magical exercise they just haven’t found yet.

The thing is, though, many people are frustrated that their ab work isn’t working because they’ve gotten incomplete or inaccurate information, leading them to do exercises that aren’t very effective. Don’t worry: If you’re in this camp, it’s an easy problem to fix — it just requires a little understanding about how the body works. Below, the three keys to making your ab work actually work. Read more »

The Checkup: Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Skipping Breakfast

• If you’ve been shamed by your mother and your significant other and your barista for skipping the most important meal of the day (who is hungry before the sun rises?!) for years now, rejoice while reading this argument from pediatrics professor Aaron E. Carroll, who says, really, “breakfast has no mystical powers.” So if you’re never hungry, don’t worry too much about skipping it. [The New York Times] Read more »

Big News: Wanderlust 108 Date and Location Announced for Philly

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo via Wanderlust

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo courtesy Wanderlust

We’ve got some big news, guys. Like, sure-to-get-you-giddy-with-excitement BIG news. Here it goes: Wanderlust 108, the giant festival that combines yoga, running, meditation and music (plus a kombucha bar!), just announced exactly when and where they’ll be setting up in Philly this fall. Can I get a drumroll, please? The fest will be coming to the Navy Yard on Saturday, October 8th. Eeeeeee! Read more »

The Checkup: These Are the Best Cities for Fitness in America (No, Philly Did Not Make the Cut)

• Looks like D.C. is kicking our butt when it comes to the fitness game. The District was just ranked the fittest city in the country for the third year in a row by the American Fitness Index, followed by Minneapolis in second place and Denver in third. Philly came down much further on the list at number 24. Let’s work on that, shall we? [Huffington Post]
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Be Well Workout of the Week: The 29-Minute Challenge

This workout starts at the bottom of an exercise ladder with a measly two pull-ups. Then, you’ll work your way up the ladder, increasing by two reps with each new exercise, ending with 20 dead lifts. The goal is to get through the ladder four times as quickly as you can, and bam: You’re done! Our fitness testers told us this workout only took them 29 minutes — and we know you have 29 minutes, so we challenge you to see if you can match their time. Just note: Those measly two pull-ups will not feel nearly as easy the last time around.
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ClassPass Just Increased Its Philly Membership Prices — Is It Still Worth It? 

On Friday, ClassPass increased the cost of its monthly unlimited memberships in Philly. By a lot. The price for an unlimited membership — which gets you access to however many fitness classes you can handle at boutique studios like Lithe Method, Body Cycle Studio, Ripped PHL, Barre3, Flywheel, and more — went from a $89 to $145 for new members and $135 for those who were already members. To give you some perspective, that price difference accounts for roughly six Udon Noodle Salads at HipCityVeg or 14 (!!) happy hour margaritas at El Rey each month. I mean, not that you should be drinking 14 margaritas but my point is: It’s not pocket change.

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Awesome News: SUP Yoga Now on the Lineup for Be Well Philly Boot Camp!

Indoor SUP Yoga at Drexel | Photo via Aqua Vida

Indoor SUP Yoga at Drexel | Photo via Aqua Vida

Guys, guys, guys: We have some VERY exciting news to share. You ready? We just made an awesome addition to our fitness lineup for Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our annual day of all things wellness for women, coming up June 4th at Drexel Recreation Center. Drumroll, please: The ladies from Aqua Vida — the same gals behind SUP Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park — will be hosting two indoor stand-up paddleboard yoga classes during this year’s Boot Camp. Eeeeeee! Read more »

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