Free Workouts Galore: How to Work Out for Free Every Day This Summer 

You (and your wallet) can thank us later.

Yoga in the Garden at Front Street Cafe | Photo via Facebook

There’s no doubt about it: A good workout class is certainly worth paying for. But there come those days — usually after an irresponsible, happy hour-induced online shopping spree — where I have to make a choice: A $20 workout class or $20 for SEPTA tokens for the week. SEPTA tokens always win. (Side note: Anyone want to help turn me into a responsible, budget-loving, money mastermind?) But thanks to this handy list, no money doesn’t have to mean no workout: Here, how to work out in Philly for free.99 every day of the week this summer. Happy sweating, people!
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Sanders Delegate Running 1,200 Miles — Yes, Running — to Philly for DNC

Michael Gibino is running from MN to PA. | Photo via Facebook

Michael Gibino is running from Minnesota to Pennsylvania | Photo via Facebook

Hat tip to the folks over at PhillyVoice for making our morning and bringing this (maybe insane, yet insanely cool) Bernie Sanders delegate, who is running 1,200 miles (!!) to Philly for the DNC, to our attention. Yes, you read that correctly: Running 1,200 miles.  Read more »

The Checkup: The Body Part You Need to Start Properly Protecting From the Sun

• I’ll admit it, I am the biggest culprit when it comes to stocking up on cheap (but cute — I swear!) sunglasses so I don’t have to dish out a few hundos on a nice pair I will probably break or lose. But we should all reconsider making that investment. Not only are those cheap, dark-shaded sunglasses not protecting your eyes from UV light, but they could actually be doing you more harm than good. [SELF]

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10 Awesome Philly Fitness and Foodie Events to Have on Your Radar This July

Wellness Wednesdays at the Oval | Photo via Facebook

Wellness Wednesdays at the Oval | Photo via Facebook

It’s getting hot out there, but that’s not slowing down the wonderful fitness world of Philadelphia. Case in point: The 10 awesome fitness and foodie events that you should probably (definitely) pencil into your calendars, below. Get ready to sweat (and eat, and sweat some more), people! Read more »

On Falling Out of Love: What My First Philly SoulCycle Class Taught Me About Myself

A workout that includes savasana is more my speed now | microgen/

A workout that includes savasana is more my speed now | microgen/

I waited three long years for SoulCycle to open in the Philadelphia area. (I even wrote about my longing for a SoulCycle to open in Philly for Be Well Philly here!) When the news broke that the Ardmore studio was opening, I quickly reserved my bike and made the half-hour drive to Ardmore to be reunited, finally, with my long lost love.

I was so excited.

When I arrived at the studio, a cookie-cutter replica of all the other SoulCycle studios I’d visited in the past, it felt like a “coming home.” Finally, I didn’t have to take a train or a plane to take a SoulCycle class.

At the start of the class, I clipped into my bike, closed my eyes (they were playing new Beyoncé!), and was instantly flooded with goosebumps. The first 10 minutes were AWESOME. As I cycled, I had a flashback to my very first SoulCycle class and saying to myself, “If we had this in Philly, I’d go all the time and be so thin and fit.” Perhaps it was the adrenaline rush, but in those first few minutes of class I started to negotiate with myself and convince myself that I could ABSOLUTELY make the drive from Center City to Suburban Square to take a class a few days a week.

Then, things turned ugly. Really ugly. I went from feeling so high and confident one minute to feeling like I was going to black out, fall off my bike, hit my head and vomit all over myself. This wasn’t just an “Oh, this is a hard workout — I need to build up my stamina” kinda moment. It was like my body was protesting. Read more »

Outdoor Activities in Philly: The Ultimate Outdoors Cheat Sheet for Summer

Outdoor Activities in Philadelphia: Belmont Plateau, a perfect picnic and running spot

Belmont Plateau, a perfect picnic and running spot | Photo by Flickr user Rich Lee

Trust us: We know how easy it is to get stuck watching Grey’s Anatomy episode after Grey’s Anatomy episode while sprawled out in front of the air conditioner on a hot summer day. So to make sure you have no excuses for wasting your summer stuck indoors, we’ve put together this cheat sheet full of outdoor activities in and around Philly, from outdoor yoga options to waterfall-filled hikes to Shore runs to picnic spots. The goal? To give you endless hours of outdoor fun right at your fingertips. Print it out, paste it on your fridge with a big sign that screams “SAY NO TO NETFLIX!” and squeeze the most out of your summer in Philly.

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Why Getting Hit on at the Gym Is Actually the Worst

The other day, a friend of mine posted a Facebook status about getting hit on at the gym. She wasn’t flattered, she was frustrated. She went to the gym to work out, not to have a stranger comment on her body in an attempt to engage her in conversation while she was covered in sweat and panting for breath. The comments on her Facebook post by a number of females echoed her frustrations. “Can I live?” was asked more than once.

This got me thinking: Do women ever really want to get hit on at the gym? I decided to ask a bunch of my female friends and coworkers that very question. The collective answer? A loud, resounding “Noooooooooo.” So, while I’m sure there are some rom-com-worthy love stories that have been born out of serendipitous side-by-side burpee workouts, and obviously this sample of females does not account for the entire female population, it still seems this PSA is worth making: Usually, getting hit on at the gym is actually the worst. Below, four crowd-sourced reasons why, gathered from female gym-goers in my life.

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PHOTOS: Be Well Philly Boot Camp 2016 (Also Known As the Best Day Ever) 

Be Well Philly Boot Camp 2016 | Photo by Nell Hoving

Be Well Philly Boot Camp 2016 | Photo by Nell Hoving

I don’t know about you guys, but I am STILL floating on a cloud after this year’s Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our annual ladies-only day of everything wellness that brings together hundreds of women from around the region, which went down this past Saturday. I mean, not to toot our own horn or anything, but between the fitness classes — from SUP Yoga to Beyoncé Boot Camp to Hip-Hop Yoga — the awesome speakers, the oh-so-helpful cooking demos with Philly chefs, the packed Marketplace and the post-sweat-session (er, sessions) happy hour, it was pretty much a fitness lover’s dreams come to life. (Okay, okay, fine: Maybe we are tooting our own horn.) Read more »

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