Where to Find Free Workouts in Philly Every Day of the Week 

November Project Philadelphia at Lemon Hill | Photo via Facebook

November Project Philadelphia at Lemon Hill | Photo via Facebook

For me, sometimes a $24 workout class feels totally reasonable — usually right after pay day. Then there are days when I’m like “Okay, dear self, you can go to that $24 workout class OR you can eat something besides beans for the next week.” And if you’re better at budgeting than I am, I applaud you — but still, doesn’t everyone love a free workout every now and then? Yes. The answer is yes. So below, where to find free or pay-what-you-can workouts around Philly every day of the week. Your wallet can give us a nice big hug later. Read more »

Ploome’s Virtual Challenge: Work Out for $1 a Day — Without Ever Leaving Your House

If you’ve come to Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our annual day of wellness for women in June, you’ve no doubt had your butt completely kicked by the trainers of Northern Liberties’s Ploome Fitness & Lifestyle Boutique. Last year, they taught a Cardio Burlesque class that was quite the (SUPER sweaty) hit. Anyway, the folks at Ploome recently launched a virtual platform full of fitness videos, and they’re giving Be Well Philly readers a chance to try them by getting their sweat on for just a $1 a day in their Sweaty Superhero Challenge. Bonus: You never have to leave your house to get in on it. Really. Read more »

One Thing You Should Look at (But Probably Don’t) When Trying to Get Fit

Workout DVDs, “As Seen on TV” workout equipment, gym memberships: These are all things millions of people try every year in an effort to become more fit. But what if improving your own health simply came down to spending more time with other people who are in good health? As entrepreneur Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Since Rohn was an entrepreneur and was mostly interested in helping others become more successful, the point he was trying to make was, if you spend time with more successful people, you will also become more successful. On the other hand, if you hang out with people who are negative, they could have a negative impact on your life. This theory can be applied to almost all aspects of life — including your fitness levels. Read more »

Your Weekend Workout Playlist: The Real Kanye West/Wiz Khalifa Battle

In case you missed it, this week, Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa — who’ve both been romantically involved with Philly native Amber Rose — got into a Twitter brawl over, well, I really don’t understand how it started, honestly. But it went on for a little while before Rose shut it down with what just might be the most epic tweet of all time — and the only thing to ever shut Kanye West up.

So for this week’s playlist, we decided to put the Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa battle into playlist format. Here, 60 minutes of music by the two artists, competing to keep your heart pumping. Happy sweating! Read more »

City Fitness Opening New Gym (and Juice Bar!) on Fishtown’s Frankford Avenue

City Fitness's new Fishtown location | Photo by Adjua Fisher

City Fitness’s new Fishtown location | Photo by Adjua Fisher

Get this, you guys: City Fitness is setting up shop on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, and they’re building a brand new gym that will have — wait for it — a TREE growing in the middle of it. Like, planted in the freakin’ ground of the gym. I can’t be the only one whose jaw drops at the thought of that. Read more »

11 Fitness and Foodie Openings You Should Be Excited About

soulcycle lead

Photo courtesy SoulCycle

Hide your wallets, people. Why, you ask? Because Philadelphia is getting a serious influx of awesome fitness studios and healthy-food heavens this winter and spring, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll probably (definitely) end up spending all your hard-earned money on rebounder classes and vegan cheesesteak sandwiches. At least, that’s what I’ll probably (definitely) end up doing.

Below, 11 sweet fitness and foodie businesses (SoulCycle! Another HipCityVeg! Snap Kitchen!) you can expect to see opening their doors around Philly over the next few months. Read more »

The Checkup: There’s a Cool New Rail Trail Project Proposed in Bucks County

• Community advocates in Bucks County are working hard to generate support for a new Newtown Rail Trail project that would convert 8.4 miles of an old SEPTA rail line into a multi-use path. The path would connect to the Pennypack Trail in Montgomery County which, in turn, would get you to Philly. So imagine: Biking from Bucks to Center City. Who’s in? [Bucks County Courier TimesRead more »

Summer Camp for Adults Happening in the Poconos Again This Year

Camp Bonfire 2015 | Hazel Photo

Camp Bonfire 2015 | Hazel Photo

Last year, when we told you guys about the debut of Camp Bonfire — a summer camp for adults in the Poconos, started by Philly-based theatre artist Benjamin Camp and event producer Jacob Winterstein — you all freaked out. Because, the (kind of sad) truth about adulthood is that nothing warrants excitement quite like the chance to behave like a 12-year-old again. So, we can only imagine you’ll be just as giddy as you were last year when we tell you that Camp Bonfire is setting up shop in the Poconos for a second year this summer.
Read more »

$5 Yoga, Barre, Boxing and HIIT Classes at Hotel Monaco This Weekend

Yoga with Three Queens Yoga at Hotel Monaco | Photo by Joe Longo

Yoga with Three Queens Yoga at Hotel Monaco | Joe Longo Photography

Losing sight of New Year’s fitness resolutions is a common problem: Whether your goal is to eat better, lose weight, explore new workouts or all of the above, it can be tough to stick with ’em. To help you guys stay on track, the folks at Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco are hosting their second annual Resolution Rx event this Sunday, showcasing a bunch of local fitness studios and — to help you exercise your charitable muscles — raising money for Back on My Feet. The best part? All the classes are five bucks. Read more »

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