Get Spooked: 10 Philly-Area Halloween Runs to Have on Your Radar

It’s that time, friends: Halloween time! This year, instead of vegging out on the couch with mounds of Halloween candy and Hocus Pocus, strap on those running shoes and hit the pavement with these 10 Halloween-themed runs going down around Philly. Some have spooky locations, others have fun after parties and costume contests and, surely, all of them have a ton of Halloween spirit.

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Be Well Workout of the Week: The Ultimate Living Room Workout

Who says you need to go allllll the way to the gym to get in a great workout? You can get a tough, full-body workout right in your very own living room — without having to do your hair or look presentable. Who’s in? All you need is a stable surface, like your couch, a chair, or a coffee table, and one weight. You’ll probably need a towel too, because you’ll certainly be sweaty! Go through this circuit four times as quickly as you can and you’ll never look at your living room the same way again. 

Happy sweating, friends!

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The Checkup: SoulCycle Just Unveiled a New (Bike-Free!) Fitness Concept

• We waited patiently for SoulCycle to finally (finally!) open up in our neck of the woods, and now it seems they’ve given us something new to pine for: SoulAnnex. The company just debuted a new — bike-free — fitness-studio concept in NYC. Now, we’ll just be over here hoping they have plans to bring the concept to Philly. [Well + Good]

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The Checkup: The Protein-Packed Dinner Staple You’re Better Off Buying Frozen

• There’s something about the frozen aisle that just feels less fresh than it’s non-frozen counterparts. But as Bon Appetit points out, when it comes to shrimp (a trusty protein-packed dinnertime add-in), unless you saw the boat pull up to the store delivering its catch (okay, that’s a little dramatic — but still), there’s no way of knowing that the shrimp in the case are actually all that fresh. They say you’re better off buying frozen shrimp, since they’ve likely been frozen since they were caught, unlike their “fresh” peers who were likely also frozen but then thawed by the folks at the fish counter and are losing freshness points by the hour. [Bon Appétit]

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The Checkup: How to Hack Your Strength-Training Session for the Best Results

• When it comes to strength training, how much does it really boost your metabolism?  Preventative medicine professor Tim Church points out that our metabolisms are largely determined by elements out of our control (i.e., height, bone structure, sex, etc.). But the results you see from strength training do increase muscle mass and endurance to impact your metabolism — here’s how you can make sure you’re getting the most out of those strength-training sessions, if building muscle and boosting metabolism is your goal. [SELF]

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The Checkup: Exactly How Many Seconds to Hold a Plank to See Results

• The plank — tough as it may be — is a godsend for toning out abdominals. But the length of time to hold a plank to see results can be a little difficult to pinpoint. NYC-based trainer Albert Matheny says that a good plank hold can range from 10 seconds (!!) to one minute, and trainers agree that a good 60 seconds seems to be the sweet spot. What matters more than the length of your plank is form. Moral of the story? Next time anyone tells you to plank for three minutes straight, refer them to this post. [Women’s Health]

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The Checkup: The Secret to Rescuing Any Leftover Dish in Your Fridge

• Let’s be real: Leftovers are amazing — it’s literally pre-cooked food sitting in your fridge waiting to be eaten with very little effort. Not to mention, they’re super budget-friendly. But knowing how to reheat what can be a little (er, a lot) tricky: Can you even reheat fries or sandwiches? How do I reheat fish without ending up with a gross, overcooked slab? Well, friend, Bon Appétit’s new Basically verticle has our backs with this super-detailed guide filled with the secret to reheating any type of leftover food you could ever run into without ruining it. The sweet angels have even split the leftovers up by category: fried foods, takeout favorites, grains, etc. We praise you. [Bon Appétit]

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Reminder: This Sweet Free Fitness “Scavenger Hunt” Around Philly Is This Week

A Unite Philly Run Strength Station | Photo via Unite Fitness Philly’s Facebook

In case the Unite Philly Run hasn’t been on your calendar all month long, or if you haven’t seen the lovely banners strewn along the SRT, consider this your reminder: Unite Fitness‘ giant free cross-training run — or a fitness scavenger hunt, as they’re calling it — is going down this Thursday, September 21st at 6 p.m. And since it’s free to run, you have no excuses for skipping your workout.

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