Awesome News: SUP Yoga Now on the Lineup for Be Well Philly Boot Camp!

Indoor SUP Yoga at Drexel | Photo via Aqua Vida

Indoor SUP Yoga at Drexel | Photo via Aqua Vida

Guys, guys, guys: We have some VERY exciting news to share. You ready? We just made an awesome addition to our fitness lineup for Be Well Philly Boot Camp, our annual day of all things wellness for women, coming up June 4th at Drexel Recreation Center. Drumroll, please: The ladies from Aqua Vida — the same gals behind SUP Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park — will be hosting two indoor stand-up paddleboard yoga classes during this year’s Boot Camp. Eeeeeee! Read more »

The Checkup: How to Get the Benefits of a Long Workout in Just 1 Minute — Really! 

Say goodbye to long workouts: A new study, published in PLOS One, found that men who completed a workout that consisted of just one minute of all-out exercise (10 minutes of movement total) three times a week saw the same results as those who completed 45 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week. Best. News. Ever. [New York Times] Read more »

14 New Philly Fitness Studios to Know About Now

Rittenhouse's new RippedPHL | Photo via Facebook

Rittenhouse’s new RippedPHL | Photo via Facebook

Man, it is a busy time to be writing about fitness in Philly. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s a great problem to have! There is SO much going on in the Philly fitness world right now, including lots — we’re talkin’ double-digits-lots — of new fitness studios popping up around town.

To get you all caught up on the fitness openings around the city (because it really is tough to keep up), we’ve rounded up a slew of new fitness and yoga studios — some of which recently opened and some that are opening in the coming weeks and months — to have on your radar. Read up, then clear your schedule: You’ve got lots of new workouts to try! Read more »

Be Well Workout of the Week: Get in and Out of the Gym in 35 Minutes 

Short on time today? Put eight minutes on the clock and get ready to move. You’ll have four exercises to get through as many times as you can in those eight minutes, then you’ll have three more eight-minute rounds. With a total of four rounds, you’ll get a full-body workout in a little over 30 minutes! Can’t beat that, can you?
Read more »

The Checkup: The Smart Smoothie Trick to Save Tons of Time

• ‘Tis the beginning of everyone’s favorite season: smoothie season. To get your breakfast sip on without spending your mornings figuring out what to throw in the blender — then chopping, then blending — prep individual freezer bags filled with smoothie ingredients on Sunday night. Then, throughout the week, you can just pull one out and pop it in the blender, saving yourself lots of time, and a bit of mental energy (because everything takes more effort before coffee). Easy as a pumpkin pie smoothie, right? [Self] Read more »

Hey, Philly Fitness Studios: Raise Your Hands If You Have Prince Classes Planned

Pop-up Prince run | Photo via Instagram

Pop-up Prince run | Photo via Instagram

Last night, the folks from Philadelphia Runner and Run215 put on a pop-up Prince run, complete with Prince music serenading runners the whole way. They got a great turnout of over 100 runners — many of them wearing purple — which is pretty impressive considering runners only had a few hours notice. The enthusiasm around the pop-up Prince run leads me to believe that, one, fitness lovers want to get their sweat on with Prince in the background right now. And two (because demand), many-a fitness studio will be celebrating Prince with last-minute Prince-themed fitness classes.

To help us all out, I figured the most efficient way for people to learn about these classes would be to create a single place for fitness studios to tell us about their last-minute Prince offerings, and for fitness lovers (and Prince lovers) to be made aware of them: The comments section of this post. So, if you are a fitness instructor or a fitness studio owner in the Philly area and you have a Prince-themed class planned for today or this weekend, shout it out in the comments section below, including where it’s happening, when and a link for people to sign up if they need to. And keep it short and sweet, folks!  Read more »

How to Master the Art of the Lunch-Break Run 

Finding the time to work out when you are so busy you want to crawl into a hole and die can be hard: That’s where the lunch-break run comes in. Not only does it give you the opportunity to sneak out of your office for some much-needed sunshine, it’s also a way to use the time you know you have every day to get your sweat on — without needing any equipment or having to shell out any dough. And, unlike a lunch-break fitness class, you assign the amount of time you’re going to sweat for. Only have 30 minutes until you need to be back at your desk? No problem.

But the lunch-break run is an art of sorts: You have to, one, know how to get the most out of a short run, and, two, know how to set yourself up to look office-ready afterward. So, to help you become a lunch-break running pro, we asked two of our favorite Philly runners, Holly Waters of Fitness Alive and Katie Rodger of The Juice Philly (also a Lululemon Ambassador and an avid runner), to spill their lunch-break run tips and dish on their favorite post-midday-run products. Below, how to master the art of the lunch-break run in six steps. Read more »

The Checkup: How Google Calendar’s New Feature Will Make You Stick to Your Weekly Workout Plan

• If you always tell yourself you’re going to work out three times a week, but then just “don’t have tiiiiime,” Google Calendar’s new feature, called Goals — which finds time for you, then reminds you that you do, in fact, have time to do what you said you would do — will change that. [Science of Us] Read more »

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