8 Rules We Wish All Fitness Trainers Would Follow

I should preface this post by saying that I think fitness trainers are wonderful. I’m a big fan, really. You guys are super motivating, very knowledgable and help us reach goals we might not otherwise be able to tackle, whether that’s being able to run to work or being able to confidently rock a Kardashian-esque glitter one-piece. (Hey, do you.)

With that being said, my dear fitness trainers, there are a few rules we wish you would follow in group fitness classes, some to keep us from cringing, and some to simply make sure that we are, in fact, getting closer to those bodysuit goals when we shell out $35 for a fitness class. Below, the eight rules we wish all fitness trainers would follow.

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Balancing Act: The Case for Adding Stability Training to Your Workouts

Great balance may seem like something you shouldn’t worry about until you’re scoring early-bird dinner deals, but it’s never too soon to start training. It’ll come in handy when you trip over the dog while carrying two handfuls of grocery bags, but that’s not all. Slowly losing your balance and coordination is normal as you get older, and perfecting your balance as you move through life means that, by the time your muscle mass begins to decrease and your bones begin to weaken, you’ll have a solid base you only need to maintain.

You’d think that staying upright would be a simple act to pull off, but, in reality, it takes teamwork from three major systems: the visual, the auditory (inner ear), and proprioception, our inner sense of limb position and movement in space, which is reliant on specialized neurons found in muscles and joints. Take one away (by closing your eyes or standing on an unstable surface) and balancing becomes harder — but that’s how you get better at it.

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The Most Common (and Annoying) Running Injuries, According to a Philly Trainer

If you love running, you know it can be a great way to burn calories, release feel-good endorphins, and get rid of some stress. There are few modes of exercise that truly allow you to zone out and let your mind wander like running does. Unfortunately, running can also come with nagging injuries that can keep you sidelined and unable to perform your normal workouts and activities. There are several measures runners can take to prevent injury, however, no one is immune to injury when it comes to running. Let’s look at the most common (and annoying) running injuries and how to prevent or remedy them.

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The Checkup: The Unexpected Side Effect of This Common Yoga Pose

• We all know yoga can double as therapy, but what you might not know is this: There’s one pose in particular that is known to be the king of all kings when it comes to emotional-release poses (read: poses that bring on the water works). That pose, my friends, is fire log pose. So next time you’re in need of a good cry, just hop on your mat. [Well + Good]

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The Checkup: The Sneaky Way Your Body Is Telling You to Change Your Workout Routine

• Sore muscles seem to be the signifier that you crushed your gym sesh, riiiight? Well, it turns out that feeling that kicks in 24 to 48 hours after your workout, called delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, could actually be your body’s way of telling you to change your workout routine. While DOMS can be a good sign after you’ve, say, tried out SoulCycle for the first time, it can be a bad sign if you seem to be sore after every single workout. If you seem to have chronic DOMS, your body may be telling you you need more rest days or that you need to reconfigure your workout routine entirely. [SELF]

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10 Summer Gym-Bag Essentials Philly Fitness Pros Can’t Live Without

All of a sudden, summer just kind of … happened. And perhaps — juuust perhaps — you’ve found yourself slightly unprepared: deodorant-less when it is MUCH needed, rocking a sweaty bun all-too frequently or  just generally at a loss for what you need in your gym bag to make it through your post-workout day — in one fully functioning piece.

In an effort to tackle this issue, we chatted with 10 Philly fitness pros and asked them to dish on the one gym bag essential they simply can’t live without in the summertime. From hair and skin products to on-the-go workout equipment, below you will be able to take a peek into how Philly’s top trainers stay on top of their game during summer. If you’re anything like us, you’ll copy them. Read more »

The Pre-Workout Step to Make Your Gym Time More Effective

Most of us know we should be foam rolling before our workouts, but one question that always arises is this: “How long do the benefits of foam rolling last?” The answer, to be short and sweet, is not long enough. Once we are done rolling pre-workout in order to loosen our muscles, we have changed the way our bodies move: Trigger points and tightness within the muscles have been released, giving us more range of motion and more flexibility. We feel these benefits of rolling immediately, but the thing is, your brain has not been made aware of these newfound ranges of motion — and until it is made aware, these changes will only last a short while.

But not to fear. There’s one step your can take after you foam roll and before you work out that will help you reap the biggest benefits from these new ranges.

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The Checkup: A Month’s Worth of Tiny Tweaks to See Better Fitness Results

• Sticking to your gym schedule with the same dedication Kim Kardashian displays when defending Kanye’s antics only to see few results can be truly disheartening. Here, 25 tiny tweaks to make to your strength-training workouts for better results, according to personal trainers. Work a few in each workout, and look back to see how things have changed a month from now. [Women’s Health]

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