Finally! Fitbit Jewelry We Actually Love

Finally Fitbit jewelry that totally makes the cut. | Image via Bezels & Bytes

Finally, Fitbit jewelry that totally makes the cut. | Image via Bezels & Bytes.

Ever since the wearable tech craze took hold, there’s been a breathless race amongst designers to create the most stylish product.  So far, nothing’s really caught on and designs for wearables and concealing accessories have fallen short (ahem, we’re lookin’ at you, Tory Burch). Up until this point, it seems the bulk of Fitbit users — even the most style-savvy of the bunch — wear their fitness trackers au naturel, thick rubber band and all. It’s a source of pride, perhaps, or a conversation-starter, but it’s most definitely not chic.

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How Your Fitness Tracker Can Cause You to Gain Weight

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The TODAY show had an interesting segment this morning about how fitness trackers like Fitbits can cause some users to gain weight. It’s a bit of a “No, duh” report once they break it down—boiling down to the fact that the trackers’ calorie intake recommendations are fairly general, which means that for some people they aren’t good guides—but it’s a good reminder to any of you who may be feeling frustrated with the results you’re seeing (or not seeing) with your body tracker.

Check it out below, or see it here.

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