Awesome New Postgreen Homes Coming to Fishtown

awesometown rendering

Awesometown rendering via Postgreen Homes website.

The folks at Postgreen Homes have a penchant for coming up with clever, cutesy names for their developments. ReNewbold. Duplexcellence. Avant Garage. And a project of cork-clad homes called – what else? – “Pop!” They also are on a mission to prove that building green shouldn’t cost a lot, a mission they embarked on with their very first project, the $100k House. Postgreen’s newest project, four years in the making, is something of an apotheosis of both corporate traits, then.

First of all, it has a name that sounds like it was coined by a teenage boy: Awesometown.

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Fette Sau Hosting a Pig & Whiskey Dinner

fette-sau-bottles-400Fette Sau is hosting a special dinner with pairings from High West Distillery on Tuesday, April 1st. Chef Jason Goodman is preparing a menu of all new items for the dinner. The highlight of which will be a whole suckling pig served with whiskey jus and braised with swiss chard. High West Distillery’s Troy Karnes will be on hand to walk guests through the whiskey pairings.

The dinner is $65 per person, not including tax or gratuity. Reservations can be made by calling Fette Sau at 215-391-4888.

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Sancho Pistola’s Kicks Off Fishtown Taco Exchange Program

fishtown-taco-exchange-sancho-pistolas-4009Sancho Pistola’s is kicking off its new guest series, The Fishtown Taco Exchange Program with Will chef/owner, Chris Kearse on Monday, March 24th.

Sancho chef/co-owner Adan Trinidad is collaborating on Kearse on the taco that will be served only between 9 p.m. and midnight on Monday, March 24th.

The Will Sancho? taco is grilled lamb’s tongue, cole slaw and carrot barbecue sauce. Two tacos will be $13.

And since it is Chris’ Kearse’s taco, we imagine it might be the prettiest taco plate you’ve ever seen.

Sancho Pistola’s [Foobooz]

The Word “Hipster” Is So Over


Photo | Jeff Fusco

A few years ago, I told someone I lived on Frankford Avenue in Fishtown. Their response was to grill me on the status of then newly opened Barcade.

“I mean, what kind of bar is it?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “A bar with arcade games.”

“Yeah, but like… who goes there?”


“But what kind of people?”

“I don’t know. People who like arcade games?”

“Yeah, but like… hipsters?”

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Stephen Starr Is Making News In Philly And Washington D.C.


Leading off the news today, Starr’s D.C. outpost, Le Diplomate, got a big, wet, sloppy kiss of a write-up in the Washington Post. Roxanne Roberts gushed about the place (and about Starr), talking about the famous people who’ve come through the doors (Michelle Obama, Newt Gingrich, Joe Biden, etc) and Starr’s history.

For us, the most interesting stuff was about the restaurant itself and how it has quickly become one of the hottest addresses in a city full of very hot addresses. Here’s Roberts:

The bistro is the brainchild of Philadelphia restaurateur-impresario Stephen Starr, who made his fortune correctly predicting what audiences want — and even he’s surprised with the success of the Marais-inspired mob scene, his first foray into Washington. It’s not a power spot in the traditional clubby, steak-and-martini sense, nor the only French restaurant in the city.

But the guy from Philly guessed that Washington was primed for his meticulously detailed brand of theatrics. It’s not just about the food, or the wine, or the bread. What we want is an experience, this time a two-hour trip to Paris complete with crusty baguettes, steak frites and naughty pictures in the bathrooms.

Nice, right? But that’s not the only news on Starr today…

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“Fishtown’s First Float Spa” Is Not in Fishtown at All. Discuss.

halcyonThe soon-to-open Halcyon Floats has sent out a press release describing itself as a ”two-tank isolation spa in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.” An attached flyer has the tagline “Fishtown’s First Float Spa.”

Halcyon — located at 206 West Girard Avenue — may be many things, but it is not in Fishtown. Front Street Frankford Avenue, as a commenter notes below, is the dividing line — when West Girard turns to East Girard. In fact, the spa is on the edge of Northern Liberties, which is bounded by the south side of Girard. But as Halcyon is on the north side of Girard, it’s in South Kensington, a neighborhood whose revitalization and development was just featured in a three-part series by Aaron Kase over at Hidden City.

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Want to Float on Epsom Salt? Check Out Philly’s New Floatation Spa

halcyonI did triple take this morning when a I got a press release about a new saltwater floatation spa that just opened at 209 West Girard Avenue. Yes, a floatation spa.

It’s called Halcyon Floats, a self-described “two-tank isolation spa in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia,” according to the press release. (Note: Our real estate gurus over on Property say the ‘hood is technically South Kensington, but … moving on.) The treatments work thusly: You’re lowered into a tank containing 10 inches of Epsom salt-laced water, whereupon you float in peace and quiet for 90 minutes. The water is so salty, apparently, that you become more buoyant than you would be if you floated on the Dead Sea.

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Amazing Live-Work Warehouse in Fishtown With Drool-worthy Custom Kitchen

This unusual Fishtown building has a huge living space and a vast 30×76 workspace, as well as a full-height basement. The pretty, decorative facade doesn’t lead one to expect what’s now a utilitarian workshop on the first floor — the kind of area that can be left alone for builders and creators who come to the neighborhood for just this kind of space, or turned into a living area, like the one upstairs.

That living space has been warmed up with parachute ceilings, which are a silky, curvy I Dream of Jeanie contrast to the harder materials used in the custom-built kitchen (love, love, love) and the cast concrete bathroom (love, love, love). Asking price? $550,000.

Slideshow below.

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