Tina Fey Is Largely Indifferent to Her Fireplace

tina fey with fireplace

Fey, in repose at home, next to her fireplace, about which she’s indifferent.

At the American Museum of Natural History gala, host Tina Fey was asked by a reporter about…her fireplace. (This was clearly not a reporter from TMZ, though it’s kind of fun to imagine the Keno brothers, say, reinvented as paparazzi.) Standing with her husband, Jeff Richmond, the Upper Darby native said, “We’ve never used it because it’s always too warm on Christmas.” She also called it “smallish.”

Her husband is obviously more of a fireplace guy. He told the AD reporter: “It’s an original, 1910, plaster fireplace, recently restored.” He said it had nice details, “like beautiful soap.”

Our Guide to Fireplaces in Philadelphia

The calendar says it is the first day of winter despite the thermostat’s argument to the contrary. We’re going with the calendar though and offering up our Guide to fireplaces and firepits in Philadelphia.

Enjoy, because even if it isn’t freezing, the dampness will have you looking for a fire.

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Fireplace Lighting Party at Devil’s Den

A couple of days ago the thought of lighting a fireplace seemed ridiculous. But that was way back in November and now it’s December 1st. So tonight Devil’s Den ignites its fireplace for the first time this season.

The bar will be tapping smoked and wood-aged beers.

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