So That Burnt Party Bus? Officials Say It Was Operating Illegally

It's not hard to see how this could have ended tragically. (Photo by Brian Howard)

It’s not hard to see how this could have ended tragically. Photo | Brian Howard

We’ve all been having some good laughs over the Double Dz party bus that was burnt to a crisp on Broad Street last weekend, because with a slippery, fast-talking guy like Double Dz owner Blake Harris and tales and photos from the bachelorette party that used the bus the night that it burned, it’s hard not to at least chuckle a little. But in reality, this is no laughing matter. Read more »

Bachelorette Says Party Turned Into a “Nightmare” Thanks to Burnt Party Bus [UPDATED]

Bachelorette Genine MacMullen (left) and friends party inside Double Dz party bus on Saturday night.

Bachelorette Genine MacMullen (left) and friends party inside Double Dz party bus on Saturday night.

UPDATE 3/15/2016 4 p.m.: Officials now say that the Double Dz party bus that burst into flames was operating illegally, and two Pennsylvania agencies are investigating. Go here for the full story.


Every married woman has fond memories of her bachelorette party. There’s the puking, the girlfriends who inevitably get into a fight over something pretty stupid, the embarrassing Instagram photos of silly hats, sashes, and novelty penis cups, and, if you’re lucky enough to be Port Richmond bachelorette Ginene MacMullen, there’s also the party bus that bursts into flames. Read more »

Party Bus Burnt to a Crisp on Broad Street [UPDATED]

All photos by Brian Howard.

All photos | Brian Howard

UPDATE 3/14/2016 2:15 p.m.: We spoke to a woman who says she was riding the party bus when it went up in flames. For the full story, go here.


Based on the number of people currently snapping photos out at the corner of Broad and Federal, it seems that South Philadelphia has a new tourist attraction: This burnt party bus. Read more »

PICTURES: Center City Blaze Left Behind an Icy Mess


This is what’s left over when you fight a fire in bitter cold: ice.

Firefighters quickly controlled Tuesday night’s massive blaze at 2122 Locust, which left 21 residents displaced. None of the residents were injured while two firefighters sustained minor injuries. Firefighting takes water, and subzero temperatures turn water into harder, colder water.

The result? Not quite the ice palace that’s been created by other cold-weather fires, but still: A lot of ice.  Read more »

Crews Battled 4-Alarm Fire at Apartment Building Near Rittenhouse Square

Photos | Joel Mathis

Photos | Joel Mathis

[Update 7:50 p.m.] The Philadelphia Fire Department said via Twitter the blaze was under control:

Fire Commissioner Derrick Sawyer told reporters that the first alarm for the fire came at 5:30 p.m.: A fire crew found a fire in the basement and quickly extinguished it. But minutes later, a fire on an upper floor was discovered, and additional units called in. At its height, 120 firefighters were involved. Two were taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries.

“We don’t know if it was two separate fires, or if it started in the basement and spread to the roof,” Sawyer said. “We need to do an investigation.”

The cold was a brutal challenge, Sawyer said, creating frostbite dangers and dexterity challenges for firefighters battling the blaze. “The weather was challenging because of the subcold temperatures. The water lines freeze … if you don’t keep the water flowing, the water lines can freeze up,” he said, and added: “Fighting fires is challenging on a nice normal day.”

He said fire crews would be on the scene throughout the night, putting out the remains of the fire and waiting to enter the structure to find out the cause of the blaze. “It will be a long night,” he said.

Read more »

WATCH: Drone’s-Eye View of Wilmington Church Fire

We told you earlier today that the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Wilmington burned to the ground overnight. It was the second fire at the church in two weeks, and federal officials are investigating.

One witness to the fire captured the scene from a camera-equipped drone — see above — providing a rare perspective of the conflagration. Read more »

Fire Breaks Out at LOVE Park “Spaceship”

Fire broke out at the iconic LOVE Park “spaceship” overnight.

“The fire started about 3:30 a.m. at the Fairmount Park Welcome Center building at 16th Street and JFK Boulevard at LOVE Park,” NBC10 reports. “According to investigators, police officers on routine patrol spotted smoke coming from the building and alerted the fire department.” Read more »

Crews Battle Three-Alarm Fire in Center City

[Update 7 am] “A multi-alarm blaze inside a building under construction in Center City Philadelphia has been declared under control,” 6ABC reports. Traffic on surrounding streets is still affected by the ongoing response, however.

More than 100 firefighters helped bring the blaze under control, according to reports.

[Original 5:39 am] Philadelphia fire crews battled a three-alarm fire in Center City on Tuesday morning, reportedly at the site of a restaurant under construction. Read more »

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