Field Guide: 8 Places to Eat, Drink and Shop on Fabric Row

The Best Fabric Row Shops and Restaurants : The scene along Fabric Row

(Left) The scene along Fabric Row; (right) inside the Hungry Pigeon  | Photo by Jauhien Sasnou

A longtime trove for all things textile, Fabric Row has evolved in recent years, welcoming a slew of new stops — beyond fabric outposts — ideal for a weekend jaunt. Here, eight standout eateries, shops and spots to hit next time you visit the Queen Village thoroughfare. Read more »

6 Gorgeous Local Shops for Tricking Out Your Garden and Outdoor Spaces

local garden shops

Inside Old City’s Petit Jardin. | Photography by Jauhien Sasnou for Philadelphia Magazine.

Although winter’s chill has well overstayed its welcome, we want to happily remind you that it’s May, people! Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for backyard barbecues, happy hours on the patio, and little ones running through the front yard sprinklers. It’s time to get your outdoor spaces in tip-top shape, and we’ve found the best local garden shops to get the job done—plus, they’re absolutely beautiful.  Read more »

Field Guide: 15 Independent Bookstores That’ll Make You Want to Toss Your Kindle

Photo credit: Wellington Square Bookshop

Photo credit: Wellington Square Bookshop Facebook

Bookstores — specifically those of the indie variety — have come to represent something quite different in the age of “140 characters or less” and “TL;DR.” But before you cast them off as a You’ve Got Mail-era relic, consider this: Independent bookstores are more than an ode to nostalgia and much-needed tactility — they also often boast the smartest literati as shopkeepers and the most inviting (and weather-proofed) hangouts you can find in/around Philly. So the next time your eyes start to blur after thumbing your four-inch screen for a couple hours, you can come up for air and head to one of these 15 brick-and-mortar independent bookstores.  Read more »

Field Guide: The 28 Most Romantic Date Ideas in Philadelphia

Photograph by Jauhien Sasnou

Photograph by Jauhien Sasnou

Okay, so call us predictable for offering up a compendium of great dates on Valentine’s Day. Call us sentimental, or cheesy, or simple sheeple for caving into the pressures of a holiday designed mainly to keep Hallmark and Teleflora afloat for another year. Call us what you will, but the fact is even now, in the rather unromantic age of Tinder and Free Porn, most of us still yearn from time to time for a little romance. For a little fun. For a little break from the coach, and a chance to connect over something other than Netflix. And so whether V-Day fires up that yearning for you or not, we’ve got you covered with a list of 28 especially great date ideas — from group dates to sporty dates to sexy dates and beyond — that will serve you now and long after all the Valentine’s bouquets have withered away.
Read more »

6 Philly Salons You Can Trust Wholeheartedly With Your Natural Hair

Natural Hair

Good hair days, guaranteed. | iStock.

For women of color, getting our hair done at the salon is a gamble. Many upscale salons and spas often aren’t equipped to handle our unique hair needs — tangling, shrinkage, et al. Even those who claim to know black hair might not have the right arsenal of products, or might overlook the potential long-term damage of repeated chemical processing or exposure to extreme temperatures.

Among the vast crop of awesome Philly salons are some that specialize in natural hair. We pored through reviews and websites, chatted with owners and painstakingly whittled down our list to six of Philly’s top-rated hair salons for natural and textured hair, from the Dominican blowout queens to the highly skilled Caribbean braiding parlors. Treat yourself! Read more »

The Shoppist Guide: 5 Shops With the Best Pope Memorabilia

Pope Buys

Gifts, both the quirky and luxe. | Images via Occasionette and TownHome.

So you’ve made the decision to brave the streets of Philly during Papal Visit 2015; your shopping game face is on and you’ve mentally prepped (or prayed) that you can handle the insanity of the crowds. Your mission? To score the cutest, quirkiest Pope merchandise for you and your out-of-towner family and friends. We’ve already looked into which boutiques are staying open this weekend, and now we have the scoop on which of our favorite shops are carrying the best (read: not cheesy) gifts and souvenirs to commemorate this historic Philly moment. Because bootleg Pope tees sold on street corners are so not the things to buy.  Read more »

Field Guide: 5 Best Places to Get a Bikini Wax in Philly

How to deal with hairy situations. | Shutterstock.

How to deal with hairy situations. | Shutterstock.

In the grand list of things we do in the name of beauty and self-maintenance, bikini waxes are down at the very bottom of the list. They’re painful and, even worse, inexplicably awkward. But if you’ve gotta get it done, you’re best getting it done at one of these spots. I can’t promise that it won’t be painful, but it’ll be thorough, quick, and as comfortable as possible (read: less small talk, more expert efficiency).  Read more »

How to Get Everything Custom-Made for You in Philly


Norman Porter’s Kensington workshop. | Norman Porter.

Off-the-rack doesn’t always cut it the age of custom everything. Here, six local services, from artisanal cobblers to jewelers, that forgo mass production in lieu of the ultimate luxury: made-to-order. Read more »

How to Shop Philly Vintage Stores on Instagram

Images via @briarvintage and @msmalena

Images via @briarvintage and @msmalena.

I follow a lot of Philly shops on Instagram. It helps me keep my finger on the pulse of the retail scene, and quite often it’s the go-to place for boutiques to release breaking news and post new arrivals. But they’re not just posting sneak peeks on their Instagram feeds; stores are also fielding purchase requests and sometimes updating their feeds up to 50 times a week.

It’s the new merchandising trend: vintage stores are posting their new buys to Instagram to provide the most up-to-date stock information without shoppers needing to constantly call or visit the stores. If shoppers find something they like, they need only call the shop to purchase the item or put it on hold and the item will be available for pick-up. If you’re someone who gets overwhelmed poring over mounds of merch, then this hyper-selective shopping method is just for you. Here, five Philly vintage shops that post their wares to Insta. We’ll be over here clicking the refresh button.  Read more »

5 Best Tea Shops in Philly That’ll Help You Get Warm Today

Photography by Jauhien Sasnou

The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop in Northern Liberties. | Photography by Jauhien Sasnou

A toasty caffeine fix needn’t be limited to coffee. Here’s how to best enjoy tea’s indisputable resurgence.

For cozy atmosphere:
The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop, Northern Liberties // This whimsical tearoom and herbal apothecary sells a bevy of authentic loose-leafs — like its tried-and-true chai — that have garnered quite the fan base. The quaint interior is irresistible — knickknack-strewn counters, pillows piled high in the booths, a clientele usually enthralled by a game of chess — making it the perfect place to curl up with a book and transport yourself. // 713 North 4th Street.  Read more »

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