7 Shows to See in Philly This Week: Ed Sheeran, Parachute, Grouplove, and More

PHOTOS: Calvin Harris and Co. Drop the Bass for Wired Fest Fans

The alcohol- and drug-induced mayhem that was Wired Fest was a huge hit — with music, booze and other clearly observable extra-curricular activities. Hosted by local hip-hop station Wired 96.5, thousands packed the Festival Pier Friday to see artists perform with the Delaware River as their backdrop. The show’s first big artist, Iggy Azalea, had the audience swaying to hits “Fancy” and “Work.” The Australian-born rapper was actually one of the strongest sets of the day, and the only artist who wasn’t behind a movie-theater-screen-sized DJ table.

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I Went to a Concert Populated by Half-Naked Teenagers and Somehow Survived


I was 17 the first time I ever felt old at a concert. I went to the Rancid show at the Electric Factory with a friend from my freshman hall. It was so awkward. We saw so many kids. We hung in the back. Security stopped him from smoking a cigarette. The lead singer of opening act AFI was named “Davey Havok.” We felt so old. Is this what life would be like now? “This is definitely my last Rancid show,” my friend said as we walked back to the El. I agreed.

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7 Shows to See in Philly This Week: Diarrhea Planet, Streets of Laredo, a Free Summer Block Party and More

You know what the doctor says: A little music every day keeps the blahs away. To help, we round up a concert for every day of this week. 

Groundswell Design Group Is Making Philly More Swell


David Fierabend of Groundswell Design Group has become one of our favorite people. He and his company were behind the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s Pop-Up Garden from last summer that we just can’t stop praising. His company is also responsible for the landscape architecture at Morgan’s Pier, Talula’s Garden and the Waterfront Winterfest.

An impressive list but that’s nothing compared to the projects they have planned.

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