How 1213 Walnut Will Play Nice With Fergie’s

1213 Walnut, Sansom elevation

This rendering of the Sansom Street elevation of 1213 Walnut Street was produced on April 12 by the Design Collective.

Ever since it was first announced by its previous developer, it’s been known that the mixed-use apartment/retail building now rising at 1213 Walnut St., popularly known as the “Fergie Tower,” will envelop the two-story Fergie’s Pub building on Sansom Street.

But up until now, we haven’t seen just how the building will envelop it. Previous project architect TEN Arquitectos, which U3 Ventures had chosen to design the tower it proposed to build, never released to the public renderings of the Sansom Street side of the building.

We now have them, courtesy the Design Collective, the Baltimore-based architect co-developers Hines, the Goldenberg Group and ASB Real Estate Investments chose to design the project they rescuscitated when delays due to opposition from Fergie’s and near neighbors, and then the Great Recession, prevented U3 from proceeding. Read more »

Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione Will Be At Fergie’s Pub

Sam Calagione and his new book.

Sam Calagione and his new book.

On Tuesday, March 22, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m., Sam Calagione, Founder and President of Delaware’s Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, will be signing copies of his new book, Off-centered Leadership: The Dogfish Head Guide to Motivation, Collaboration & Smart Growth, at Fergie’s Pub.

Calagione’s new book explores the power of collaboration and what happens when companies and co-workers stop competing and start collaborating.

While Calagione is at Fergie’s, expect plenty of Dogfish Head beer to be pouring from the taps.

One of Us: Fergus Carey

Illustration by Andy Friedman.

Illustration by Andy Friedman.

My name is … Fergus Carey, but I play the role of “Fergie” in the City of Philadelphia. Fergus was a wise and sexy king.

I live in … Bella Vista. Everything’s on my doorstep.

I left Ireland … in 1987 and moved to Houston. I only lasted a few weeks there. Hated it. And then I came to Philly. Read more »

Bowie Night at Fergie’s Pub

bowie night fergiesThe always glam-tacular Fergus Carey will be honoring the even more glam-tacular David Bowie tonight at Fergie’s Pub.

Starting at 10 p.m., Fergie is inviting all his friends to come upstairs at Fergie’s Pub to “sing and rock and chug” in honor of Bowie.

Glam rock attire is of course encouraged.

Fergie’s Pub [Foobooz]

“Fergie’s Tower” Update: Groundbreaking Slated for Next Week at Walnut Street Lot

Fergie Tower 1213-1219 Walnut Street

1213-1219 Walnut Street | Photo: James Jennings

long-planned high-rise project is about to start in earnest at a large surface parking at near 12th and Walnut, the site of the so-called “Fergie’s Tower.”

The Goldenberg Group and Hines, developers of the 26-story high-rise, announced that they will officially break ground on the project on Tuesday, December 8 at the site, where initial construction preparations are already underway.

It’s been unofficially dubbed “Fergie’s Tower” for some time now, as the parking lot stretches back to Sansom Street and the development will surround Fergie’s Pub, which is located mid-lot at 1214 Sansom Street, on three sides. In October, Fergus Carey, the pub’s owner, told us that they weren’t going anywhere, “Fergie’s Pub is not moving, changing or being combined with the tower.”

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Gender Neutral Bathroom Bill Signing at Fergie’s Pub a Major Crossroads

Fergie's Pub

When a bill is signed into law, most ceremonies are invitation only and take place in government buildings. That’s why today’s signing of Philadelphia’s gender neutral bathroom bill is such an interesting twist. The ceremony is taking place at Fergie’s Pub, a location that isn’t necessarily the first to come to mind when thinking about the transgender community, despite it being located pretty much in the Gayborhood.  Read more »

Walnut Street Tower Surrounding Fergie’s Pub Looks to be Moving Forward

Fergie Tower 1213-1219 Walnut Street

1213-1219 Walnut Street, Fergie’s Pub is tucked away in the back. | Photo: James Jennings

It looks as though the we can expect work to begin soon on the so-called “Fergie’s Tower” project at 1213-19 Walnut Street. Construction permits pulled on October 13 show that a 27-story mixed-use, multi-family apartment building with roof decks will rise on the site of what is currently a surface parking lot.

The project is being developed by the Goldenberg Group under the name Walnut 1213 Associates LP, and has been dubbed “Fergie’s Tower” due to the fact that the lot surrounds Fergie’s Pub on three sides, similar to the “UP” house in the Pixar movie.

The popular Irish pub is located at 1214 Sansom Street, and owner Fergus Carey gave us a little more insight on what he knows about the project, including what this all means for the future of his famous public house.

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Inis Nua Theatre Company “Hooks” Fergie’s Pub for Season Opener

"Hooked!" stars Corinna Burns, Charlie DelMarcelle, and Rachel Brodeur

“Hooked!” stars Corinna Burns, Charlie DelMarcelle, and Rachel Brodeur

It makes a lot of sense that a theater company whose mission is to stage provocative theater from Ireland, Scotland and Wales might get a little help from theater-loving Fergus Carey, aka Fergie—Philadelphia’s best known Irish import and pub owner—when it was discovered that its new theater space wouldn’t be ready in time for this week’s season premiere. So, in a happy turn of events, Inis Nua will debut Gillian Grattan’s three-person Irish comedy, Hooked!, this Wednesday on the second floor of Fergie’s Pub.

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Dear Guinness: Here’s How Not to Debut Your Crappy New Guinness Nitro IPA


Dear Guinness,

On Tuesday around noon, I received an invitation “to be among the first people in Philadelphia to try out Guinness Nitro IPA” at the recently reinvented Vesper. I thought it a bit odd that I would get an invitation about six hours before the event was to begin, but since I am a fan of your iconic flagship beer (and since I had never been to the Vesper), I figured why not? And I invited my friend Fergus “Fergie” Carey, otherwise known as Philadelphia’s most beloved Irish barman, to join me.

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“Fergie’s Beach” to Make Way for “Fergie’s Tower” in July?

Fergie Tower 1213-1219 Walnut Street

1213-1219 Walnut Street | Photo: James Jennings

Remember how excited you were to read this Foobooz post last week about the return of “Fergie’s Beach,” a pop-up wonderland of beer, food and fun next to the timeless Fergie’s Pub near 12th and Sansom in Midtown Village? Well, imagine how interested we were to read that they kind of non-chalantly spilled the beans about the construction of the long-planned tower project in that huge surface parking lot surrounding the the popular public house:

“The “60-seat beer garden and asphalt paradise” will return on Wednesday, May 20th and will run until construction of the so-called “Fergie’s Tower” begins. That’s expected to be sometime in mid-July.”

The site at 1213-1219 Walnut Street is actually owned by the 1213 Walnut Associates L.P./Goldenberg Group, which purchased it in November for $8.2 million, according to city records. Maureen Garrity, spokesperson for the Goldenberg Group, told us in an email, “We are working diligently on the 1213 Walnut Project, and are expecting to break ground later this year.  We look forward to sharing details with you as they become available.” Read more »

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