Market Report: 15 Biggest Fashion Faux Pas of 2015


Fashion rules to follow now. | Shutterstock.

  • Here are 15 major — and modern! — fashion faux pas to avoid in 2015. (We’re looking at you, graphic tees.)  [Refinery29]
  • Blake Lively has teamed up with cult-fave denim line Rialto Denim Project for a handful of limited-edition hand-painted (and gorgeous!) jeans. [Vogue]
  • Some of pop culture’s biggest names (Pharrell, Katy Perry) own the Apple watch, but are fashion heavyweights buying in? Not quite. [Fashionista]

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The Edit: 10 Off-the-Shoulder Tops That Look Good With Anything


How to bare shoulders without going strapless (or spiraling downward into tube-top territory)? Wear one of the season’s best picks, an off-the-shoulder top. The style — seen everywhere right now — is a perfect way to show off sun-kissed skin and shoulders, plus it conceals the upper arm, which is often a prickly source of insecurity for women. Here, my top tops to spring for now.

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Market Report: 7 Bizarre But Genius Ways to Organize Your Beauty Products

Images via Daily Makeover

Images via Daily Makeover

  • If your bathroom looks like a Sephora threw up in it, you’re not alone. Here are 7 out-of-the-box hacks to organizing your beauty products and getting rid of all the disaster. [Byrdie]
  • Rebel Wilson proved to the world that you don’t have you to be a size 0 to don the famous angel wings and still look fierce doing it. [Elle]
  • Kiddy-fashion faux pas, or slyly awesome? Check out the new “Bello Yellow” collection by Giles Deacon, inspired by our favorite nonsensical yellow minions. [WWD]

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Market Report: 5 Steps to Totally Concealing a Blemish


Your emergency blemish cover-up plan. | Shutterstock.

  • Consider these the five commandments of concealing a zit: primer, foundation, concealer, powder … and a spoon. [Byrdie]
  • These 10 brilliantly simple shower hacks will fight rust stains on your shaving cream bottle (ugh), keep your products organized and clear off your cluttered bathtub ledge. [Cosmopolitan]
  • A peek inside Brooklyn-based Bindle & Keep, a company that crafts gorgeous bespoke (and androgynous) suits for the LGBTQ community. [Styleite]

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Market Report: Why You Should be Applying Your Makeup According to Your Face Shape

Images via Maskcara

Images via Maskcara.

  • Applying makeup according to your face shape is actually a lot more important than you might think. This makeup artist schools us in facial geometry.  [Maskcara]
  • We love Target for their sweet capsule collections, but who knew how great their super-affordable wardrobe basics are? [WhoWhatWear]
  • We were super excited for the return of the JNCO Jeans. These teens, on the other hand, are not. (And their reactions to the ’90s fad are hilarious). [Cosmopolitan]

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Market Report: The Most Figure-Flattering Looks to Wear this Spring

Images via Net-A-Porter, Intermix, and brownsfashiononline.

Images via Net-A-Porter, Intermix, and brownsfashiononline.

  • Transitioning from winter’s effortless layering can be tricky. Behold, a guide to figure-flatting spring fashion to ease the transition. [Vogue]
  • At last, Kardashian lips are attainable for us mere mortals. Warning: bruise mustaches might be a side effect. [Elle]
  • Mascara has a knack for getting, well, everywhere when you’re in a rush. Here’s how to get mascara off of basically anything. [Refinery29]

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Market Report: Dove’s New Campaign Will Give You All of the Feels

Image via Dove

Image via Dove

  • Dove is famous for their empowering ad campaigns focused on real women, but their new campaign might just be the most inspiring one yet. [Huffington Post]
  • Everyone can calm down about this Kylie Jenner blacklight Instagram pic; she’s learned her lesson. [Refinery 29]
  • Warning: Never skimp on quality hair extensions. [Cosmopolitan]

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Market Report: How to Find the Perfect Cropped Jeans for Your Leg Shape

Image via

Image via

  • Turns out spring’s favorite cropped jeans aren’t one size fits all. Follow this guide to how to crop your jeans based on your leg shape for the most flattering look. [Refinery 29]
  • Upper East Side dermatologists made a new facial mask they claim gives you perfectly youthful skin. The one weird thing? It’s made from the foreskin of babies. [New York magazine]
  • Fashion star Olivia Palermo has designed a limited-edition bag (really, only 30 were made). They retail for $1,825 and 100 percent of sales go to charity. [Elle]

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7 Ridiculous April Fool’s Day Fashion Pranks


No, those teeny Hunter rain boots for dogs aren’t real. And neither are those adjustable heels.

I’m ready for this day to be over. Mostly this is because I’m a very gullible person, but I’m also not that great at remembering what date or even month it is. (I blame this partly on my job, as I’m always working three months ahead. So while you’re focusing on back-to-school shopping, I’m figuring out what holiday trends I’m going to cover. It can leave me a bit … jumbled.) The fact that it’s April Fool’s Day didn’t even occur to me until halfway through the afternoon.

In any case, there are some pranks we fell for (a not-to-be-named assistant lifestyle editor actually did believe that Goorin Bros. is selling a $5,000 diamond-encrusted hat that powers Bluetooth by the heat of your head) and some that were sort of annoying (the Ant Watch, which seems to have totally backfired). Here are five weird, funny and maybe-sorta-kinda-could’ve-been-real pranks played by brands both big and small.  Read more »

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