How to (Once and For All!) Get Rid of Static Cling

Static Cling

Skirting issues. | Glynnis Jones /

A few things rank up there on my list of embarrassing fashion fouls: accidental visible bra (also known as AVB; this happened once during a meeting with my boss and I’m still wishing the earth would swallow me whole); tripping in heels you can’t really walk in; going about your day with your skirt clinging awkwardly to your bum without realizing it.

Static cling generally rears its ugly head when you’re not fully equipped to deal with it: at work, at a party, walking down a very crowded Market Street. It’s as if silken fabric falls perfectly while you’re at home, only to cling desperately to your upper thighs the second you hit the street. So, for the start of what’s most likely going to be a clingy winter, here are five tried-and-true ways to combat static, no matter where you are. (For AVB, well, you’re on your own.) Read more »

There’s Something About Bela Shehu

Bela Shehu in her Rittenhouse studio. Photograph by Matt Zugale

Bela Shehu in her Rittenhouse studio. | Photograph by Matt Zugale.

“Oh my God, A6! Why don’t I have A6 in my life?” says the girl in the crop top as she stares, transfixed, at her iPhone. Her name is Jean, and she’s a fresh-faced 30-something copywriter for Urban Outfitters.

“Yes, the whites are very white, you see? The F2 filter, the whites get a little blue, cold,” the woman sitting next to her says in a lolling, almost singsong purr. This is Bela Shehu, a striking brunette fashion designer who is presiding over an impromptu Instagram class in her Rittenhouse atelier. There are three of us here, crammed knee-to-knee on a low-slung chaise that’s not even particularly comfortable (Bela painted it white a few weeks ago in a sudden fit of inspiration; it crackles faintly when you move), sipping wine as we listen to Bela explain how she uses VSCOcam, a photo-editing app, to transform grainy selfies into pictures worthy of a place in her carefully curated Instagram feed. Read more »

Are High Heels Over? How to Wear Sneakers Everywhere

Are Heels Over?

Inspiration boarding. | Images via Just the Design, Pinterest,

I stumbled across the above photo on Pinterest a few days ago and can’t stop looking at it. It’s mostly pinned by people for the woman on the right, for “mule” inspiration. But it’s the girl on the left I can’t stop staring at. She epitomizes Fashion’s eternal, if eye-rolley, buzzword – effortless –  and in doing so, makes her companions look just the tiniest bit overwrought.

Dressing down when others are dressing up is the easiest way to look super-stylish (take it from most fashion designers, who dip out at their runway shows for a quick bow in casual, unfettered clothing). And it seems that everyone has caught on, whether they know it or not (the other day, I couldn’t tell whether a woman wearing a trench and battered white Nikes was extremely stylish or was in the same commuter outfit she wore back in the eighties). Now the Working Girl look has become something wholly new and even fashion-forward. It’s a brave new world out there, and how better to navigate it than in shoes you can actually walk in? But switching the way you think about sneakers takes time, and figuring out when and how to wear them can be tricky. Here are 14 supremely stylish ways to wear sneakers right now and come, finally, back down to earth.  Read more »

8 Coats to Buy Right Now

Best Fall Coats Neiman Marcus, ThePerfext, Banana Republic, Zara

I have an obsession with coats, all shapes and sizes and styles. There are my leather biker jackets, one bedecked with studs, my vintage fur capes, my vintage tapestry coats, a cropped trench and a gold sequined evening jacket I keep hanging on a rolling rack in my office because it makes me happy. And why shouldn’t it? Coats are easy ways to transform an outfit, and to take some fashion risks (because, in the end, you can always take it off).

This season’s crop of toppers is delicious: Gold-foil coats with toggles! Leather capes! Double-breasted military jackets! And, thanks to high street shops, all trends are shoppable in every price point. Here are eight key coat trends for fall/winter, and my favorite buys for each. Choose your favorite – and one that fills a hole in your closet – and have fun bundling up.  Read more »

Fashion Under the Shambles

The Second Annual Fashion Under the Shambles took place Wedesday night and the weather was delightfully cool, encouraging fashionistas to break out their stylish fall clothing. The evening started with a cocktail party, with sponsors Bridget Foy’s, Bistro Romano, Cavanaugh’s Headhouse and His and Hers Restaurant. By 7 pm, guests filled the rows of seats along the runway; Cory Wade, master of ceremonies, took the stage and chatted about the impressive fashion scene happening in Philadelphia before introducing the 21 South Street district businesses that would be showcased during the 60-minute show. At the conclusion of the show Corey encouraged folks to come to Fabric Row’s monthly shopping stroll on October 23.

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#NoBraDay: 20 Thoughts I Have When I Don’t Wear a Bra


My bra of choice is not really a bra. | Nordstrom.

So today, apparently, is #NoBraDay, a day in which women doff the boulder-holders to ostensibly raise awareness for breast cancer, although it seems men are the ones really pushing for this. So it’s all a bit creepy.

In any case, every day is a #NoBraDay for me, as I stopped wearing the traditional shoulder-strap-underwire-cup about a year ago. As I wrote here, I ditched these types of bras for bandeaus because I got tired of straps snaking down my arms. For those of you who will inevitably recommend a bra fitting, I’ve tried this. I’ve also tried racerback straps and hated them. The only thing that saves my sanity and (somewhat) keeps the girls in a semi-upright position is a boob turban and I shall never go back! But lately I’ve been wondering if all my bandeau-ing is causing damage. Or, worse, saggage.

Here, in no particular order, are the things I think about when I don’t wear a real bra. (Male coworkers/dad: Stop reading now, please.)  Read more »

Shop Talk: 4 Style Tricks to Copy Right Now

Scarf on bag

Rethink the way you accessorize for a new fall look. | Shutterstock.

  • Adopting fall’s new trends doesn’t necessarily mean a full closet overhaul. These four inexpensive styling tricks will instantly update your look now: 1) Skinny scarf! Get one and knot loosely around your neck. 2) Wear a belt over your sweater/dress/jacket and loop the end in a knot á la Olivia Palermo. 3) Wrap a strip of fabric around your neck as a choker. 4) Pile on the brooches! [The Zoe Report]
  • Things aren’t looking so great for the controversy-courting King of Unitards. American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy, after five consecutive years of losses which total $338 million. Last year, the company fired founder Dov Charney, who warned that the business would crash if they ousted him. Charney’s hoping someone will buy the company out of bankruptcy and let him run it, but there are a few speed-bumps to that plan, namely the existence of a computer server filled with Charney’s personal porn collection and nude photos of him. Vom. [Business Insider]

Next: Rick Owens features human backpacks at his spring 2016 runway show.

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