What Should I Wear to a Wedding When It’s Freezing Outside?

Wedding marquee

Inspiration. | Images via Moda Operandi, The Outnet and Net-a-Porter.

If you have a wedding to go to in the next few weeks and know exactly what you’re going to wear and aren’t at all afraid of freezing your bum off, I salute you. Figuring out what to wear to a wedding is complicated (is champagne too close to white? Does black look too morose? Are wild prints too attention-grabby?). Factor in winter’s tricky curveballs – freezing temps, snow, slush, slippery sidewalks, this weird in-between snow-rain thing that’s been happening this week – and the whole thing becomes even stickier.

So, for those of you with fridges plastered with wedding invites and not a clue as to what to wear, let’s dig into our options. I’ve rounded up easy pairings (why yes, you can wear that sweater with that fancy skirt!) and smart fashion buys (run and get yourself an evening jacket, stat) to get you through the rest of winter wedding season. Mazel! 

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15 Trends From 2015 That Need to Die

Retrospective trend analysis goes a little something like this: You marvel at the lame stuff everyone thought was super-cool, cringe in self-hatred for the trends you fell victim to, and vow to never follow trends again. (Though, inevitably, you will.)

This is precisely what just happened here at Shoppist. In an entertaining look back at 2015, we picked out 15 trends we would love to leave behind forever. Consider this your guide map to a new-year closet clean-out. And, finally, a reason to ditch those knee-high gladiator sandals. Read more »

How to Honor Black Leaders With … a Sweatshirt?


The “School of Thought” collection. | Image via Philadelphia Printworks Lookbook.

You’ve probably heard of Washington and Lee University, James Madison University and Franklin & Marshall College. But what about Tubman University? How about Lorde University? Welcome to a new world of academia, one imagined by Maryam Pugh, co-founder of local screen-printing company Philadelphia Printworks, and designer Donte Neal of Mars Five.

The duo recently teamed up for a six-piece collection of collegiate crewneck sweatshirts. Each sweatshirt bears the name of a prominent black leader and, according to the Printworks site, “imagines a different world where colleges and institutions have been established based on the philosophies of Marcus Garvey, Audre Lorde, Ida B. Wells, Harriet Tubman, George Washington Carver and James Baldwin.”
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6 Ways to Wear PJs Out of the House (And Still Look Stylish)


Haute pajamas.

Chic pajama-inspired styles — shaggy robe-like coats, silky wide-legged pants — beg to be worn before the sun goes down. But there’s a way to wear PJ-like looks without looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. First, look for smoking slippers (extra point for embellishments!), simple button-ups (keep an eye out for tops with piping), and flowy silk pants (see our favorite pair above). We’ve found six great ways to embrace the trend now. Keep reading for details! Read more »

How to Master 2016’s Sexiest Trend


Bold shoulder.

The new year is ushering in a whole new way to show skin. If last year was all about the cut-out dress, then 2016 is all about showing off your shoulders. There are myriad ways to do this: Off-the-shoulders dresses are endlessly chic, and one-shoulder looks are making a serious comeback. Choose a chunky knit with a subtle collarbone cutout now; come spring, opt for a one-sleeve silhouette. Leave your neckline bare and choose a major pair of earrings instead. Ready to shop? Keep reading for where to find the looks above.  Read more »

2016 Fashion Preview: The Florals You’ll Want in Your Closet


Florals are always in style in some way, shape or form. And 2016 is no different. This year, fashion’s floral bounty ranges from wild sprays to moody Victorian styles. From Erdem’s wispy, romantic frocks to Saint Laurent’s prairie designs, there’s really no wrong way to be in bloom this year. Below, six ways to embrace the trend. Read more »

How to Be the Best-Dressed Person at Every Holiday Party

Holiday Party Outfits

Technicolor party dressing. | Images via andersphoto / Stefano Tinti / HUANG Zheng / Shutterstock.com.

When you boil it down, standing out from the crowd is actually pretty easy. Three words: Wear. Something. Different. It’s not about wearing the most expensive clothes, or even the fanciest clothes; it’s about making a statement. And there’s no simpler way to do this than to veer from the rest of the fashion pack, even if only a by a few degrees. This means eschewing the tried-and-true LBD for, say, a sleek black jumpsuit (perhaps this one, which masquerades as a dress?), or ditching the sequined dress for sequined pants (obviously).

Easier said than done, perhaps. We’ve long been told, after all, that LBDs go a long way. And they do; they’re reliable, dependable, sturdy wardrobe workhorses that bear the brunt of our But what do I wear?! freak-outs. But as good as fail-safes are, they can sometimes be, well, safe. And standing apart is anything but.  Read more »

PHOTOS: The Most WTF, NSFW Costumes From Miley Cyrus’s Philly Concert


Miley: An endless source of bewilderment and fascination. | Darco Lalevic.

Some people say she’s off her rocker; others tout her as a creative genius. Whichever way you lean, you can’t deny the gawk-worthy absurdity of Miley Cyrus’ crazy, barely-there costumes. Her show this past Saturday at the Electric Factory did not disappoint in the ensemble category, with her looks ranging from celestial to kooky to, uh, culinary. Keep scrolling to see her Philly concert looks, and check out this moment during her performance where Miley talked about her time living in Philly.  Read more »

How to Break Out of Your Fall Fashion Rut


How to (just slightly) change up your go-tos. | Images via J Brand, Forever 21, Shutterstock, Nine West and Banana Republic.

Fashion uniforms are great. They’re the secret of some of the most stylish women ever, and they make dressing a cinch. But it’s easy to mistake a uniform or signature look for, well, a fashion rut. There’s no shame in this; we all often reach for the easiest things in our closet, the ones that don’t take any thought, the pieces we’ve worn a thousand times, the head-to-toe outfits we know work well and still fit. But after you’ve thrown on that chambray button-up for the fiftieth time, it’s easy to feel lazy, stagnant and, well, downright bored.

Switching things up doesn’t have to mean a complete style turnaround, though. It just calls for subtle tweaks to what you already own. To make your rut-busting process easier, I’ve rounded up seven wardrobe staples — easy, go-with-anything items that tend to get the most wear – and their just slightly elevated counterparts. Think of it as Your Personal Style, Version 2.0.  Read more »

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