One of Us: Dom Streater, Fashion Designer

Illustration by Andy Friedman

Illustration by Andy Friedman

My name is … Dom Streater. It’s short for Dominique. Growing up, I had myriad nicknames: Domo, Domino, Domino Brown Sugar, Dom. And Dom was the one that stuck.

I am a … fashion and textile designer.

My childhood home was at … 58th and Chestnut in West Philadelphia.

These days, I live in … Francisville. At least, I think that’s what it’s called. There are new names for these neighborhoods every day. But I’m near 15th and Poplar.

My most closely guarded beauty secret is … coconut oil. I use it all over. It’s like nature’s miracle. Read more »

Market Report: The Death of “Plus-Size”

Image via

Image via

  • Models from Australia are attempting to get the fashion industry to drop the “plus size” label for models. What’s crazy: For models, anything over a size four is considered plus-size. WTF. [Elle]
  • You know what they say about April showers … they suck. Here’s a guide to make sure your rain coat is actually waterproof. [Refinery 29]
  • This celeb stylist says that Coachella totally “needs to die,” and here’s why. [Cosmopolitan]

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Analog Calm Down, Everyone: The ‘Ant Farm’ Watch Is Not Real

antwatch1 (1)

It seemed a little iffy from the start, but we’ve seen everything possible in fashion so we went with it: a portable ant farm, worn on your wrist, by Philly-based Analog Watch Co. Analog has really jumped the shark with this one, we thought. In fact, we were about to email Lorenzo Buffa, the head of Analog Watch Co., whom we know from back when we featured his gorgeous minimalist wooden watch, and ask him if he’d gone completely nuts.

The watch, according to the website, will go on sale on April 1st (cough) for $59.  The kit (pictured below) includes nesting sand, tweezers, a feeding tube, a refillable watch body, a case tool and live harvester ants. Still with us?  Read more »

Market Report: 23 Ways to Look and Feel Better In Just One Minute


How to look and feel fresher in 60 seconds (fab sunnies help). | Shutterstock.

  • Got one minute? Do just one of these 23 tricks and you’ll look brighter, feel better and start your day off right. [Cosmopolitan]
  • Day beds instead of sofas, no more drawers, silicon furniture: The head designer of IKEA Sweden on his seven predictions for what your house will look like in 2020. [Fast Company]
  • Have white sneakers? Then you need to read this, the go-to guide for cleaning white kicks. [GQ]

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Market Report: Eva Mendes Is Launching a Super-Affordable Cosmetics Line

Image via Getty

Here’s hoping that Eva’s makeup brand can make us look like that. | Image via Getty.

  • Eva Mendes is launching a makeup brand, CIRCA, and the most expensive thing is less than the cost of a movie ticket. [Elle]
  • Happy Spring! Celebrate this brutal winter’s end (well, sort of) with these spring must-haves all under $30. [Refinery 29]
  • Your spring break just got a whole lot chicer. Here are 18 pairs of adorable sandals to freshen up your vacation wardrobe. [WhoWhatWear]

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Market Report: 8 Common Home Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

Image via One Kings Lane

Image via One Kings Lane

  • These mistakes might have your home in total upheaval. Here, 8 super-easy ways to remedy them and get your home back in order. [Refinery 29]
  • If you’re looking to sport pastel makeup this spring, these are the fail-safe hues to try. [InStyle]
  • Girlfriend jeans, boyfriend jeans’ slimmer, sexier counterpart, are winning spring. [NY Daily News]

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Market Report: The 5 Best Denim Dresses For Spring

Images via Time Inc Digital Studios

Images via Time Inc Digital Studios

  • Here are the 5 best LDDs (Little Denim Dresses) to don this spring. (The 3×1 dress is out-of-this-world adorable.) [InStyle]
  • Beats just not doing it for you anymore? Fear not, you can buy Dolce & Gabbana headphones for the low, low price of $7,000. [Refinery 29]
  • Bullies aren’t just in high school anymore. Models are overtly mocking Kendall Jenner on Instagram. Possibly fueled by jealousy after Kendall totally killed it by scooping up runway gigs like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors (just to name a few) for NYFW? [Cambio]

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Spring Fashion Feature: 8 Gorgeous Outfits You Will Love Right Now

All photography by Trevor Dixon | Stylized by Lauren Kozakiewicz

All photography by Trevor Dixon. | Styled by Lauren Kozakiewicz.

As winter’s deep freeze begins to thaw, so does our affection for its trappings: puffy marshmallow coats, thick knits, snow-stomping boots. Happily, this season brings with it lighter offerings and a fresh outlook on style. Here, the very best of spring’s fashion crop, and the new ways to wear it all. Céline, Proenza and Stella ahead!

Market Report: 7 DIY Alterations You Can Do for Perfect-Fitting Clothes



  • Hem your pants or taper a pair of jeans with these 7 easy alternation tutorials found on YouTube. [WhoWhatWear]
  • Justice! Lupita Nyong’o’s pearl-covered Oscars dress has been recovered. [Elle]
  • This is a mani game-changer. Here are 5 scented nail polish removers to make refreshing your polish a breeze. (Psst: One even smells like chocolate!) [InSyle]

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The Best Shoe Repair Places in Philly

Image via Call it Spring

Image via Call it Spring

After shoe repair standby Superior announced it was closing in December, and the sudden shuttering of Liberty Shoe Service back in August, lots of Philadelphians wondering where the heck they should take their shoes now. So we called up some of the people who would know best: The owners and staffers of Philly’s best shoe stores. Here is where they go — and where they send their customers.  Read more »

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