Why I Am Actually Pumped That JNCO Jeans are Coming Back

Images via Buzzfeed, Gallery Hip, Customized Girl and Complex

Images via Buzzfeed, Gallery Hip, Customized Girl and Complex

The texts came pouring in yesterday, dinging in one after the other: “JNCO jeans are BACK?!” “Nooooo.” “OMG, are you dying?”

Yes, I am dying. But not for the reasons you think I am.

JNCOs, an LA-based company that soared to popularity amongst the skater and rave set in the ’90s, is being revived after a positive response at a recent trade show. As I’ve written before, I was a fan of outrageously large pants in middle school. I never actually wore JNCOs — I don’t think I was allowed to — but I did wear some slightly pared-down version of them (no 50-inch leg opening for me).

My pairs had tiny studs on the back pockets. We discovered later that as I slouched angrily at the dinner table (I was a very angsty teen), these studs carved deep valleys into the seats of my parents’ antique dinner chairs. (The chairs have since been refinished, but my parents held this over my head for a very long, difficult time.)

Sure, those pants were ridiculous. How did we walk? We all looked insane, an entire generation of kids suffering from elephantiasis of the legs.  Read more »

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