Market Report: Jessica Alba’s Honest Company Might Not Be So Honest


Some of the products from Alba’s company. | Image via The Honest Company.

  • Jessica Alba’s billion-dollar brand, The Honest Company, is in a bit of hot water after complaints of ineffective products (like sunscreen) and “deceptively and misleadingly labeled and marketed.” A $5 million lawsuit claims that some of her supposedly all-natural products contain synthetic chemicals, and don’t even work in the first place. [Jezebel]
  • We’ve all been there: shoving your sunglasses back up your nose like a nerd because they won’t seem to stay on. Fix loose sunglasses for good with the most simple solution of all time. [PureWow]

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Burberry in King of Prussia Just Launched a Custom ‘Scarf Bar’


Cashmere perfection. | Image via Burberry.

Even though temps are nearing triple digits, I can’t stop myself from lusting over fall buys. And Burberry’s latest addition did nothing to quell my autumnal leanings. The brand just launched (as in, yesterday) a custom “Scarf Bar” both in stores and online. Shoppers can choose a scarf — color, cashmere weight, pattern — and have it monogrammed. (For inspiration, click here.)

Ready to buy? Me, too. I spoke to a representative at the KOP location, who confirmed that they just finished setting up the monogram bar, which is located directly in the front of the store. While they don’t offer the full monogramming in-store, you can check out all the designs and scarf options and order there.

So, summer? I see your sun, and I’m glad for it, but let’s get on with this whole fall thing, ‘kay?

Market Report: The Gross Reasons You Need to Start Washing Your Sheets More Often


Quick: When’s the last time you washed your sheets? | Shutterstock.

  • Well, this is gross: When you don’t wash your sheets enough, you’re actually snuggling up in bed with nasty bacteria, dead skin cells, fungus and poop. (Yep. Poop.) You should be washing your sheets at least once a week. Here’s even more reason why, in case poop-sleep didn’t gross you out enough. [Women’s Health]
  • Crazy fashion-world news: Natalie Massenet, the founder of influential and renowned luxury e-commerce site Net-a-Porter, has officially quit. Interestingly enough, her departure comes just five months after the announcement of the company’s merger with Italian rival Yoox. What to think about it? Well, if you trust Diane von Furstenberg’s opinion, it doesn’t mean good things. [The New York Times]

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Market Report: The Most Regrettable Purchase I Ever Made


I wish I could take it all back … literally. | Shutterstock.

  • Thinking of splurging on some insane jacket to commemorate your latest travels? You might want to reconsider after you read this: 10 women share their most regrettable purchases. [Refinery29]
  • The latest ‘trend’ we cannot believe is becoming a thing: wearing plastic shopping bags (and nothing else). [Daily Mail]

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Market Report: These 5 Beauty Mistakes Seriously Age You


How to look forever young. (Or at least not older than you are.) | Shutterstock.

  • Fact: The beauty rules you’ve been following (like dabbing blush on the apples of your cheeks) could be making you look older than you really are. These side-by-side pics show the huge difference that just a few simple makeup application changes can make. Tip: Lay off the harsh contouring and shimmery lipstick! [Marie Claire]
  • Remember when Marc Jacobs accidentally posted a sext to Instagram? (Awkward.) Well, he’s now turning the whole gaffe into a fashion moment: T-shirts depicting the accidental post’s caption (“It’s yours to try!” — which referred to his bare bum) will be for sale starting September 1st. Lemons into lemonade, indeed. [Complex]
  • A Michigan man is offering up a pair of Adidas Yeezy Boosts in exchange for … a kidney. According to the man’s Facebook post, he has two failing kidneys and has been on dialysis for two years. Oh, and he’s a size 10. [Sole Collector]

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Market Report: The One-Step Cure for Your Puffy ‘Hangover Face’


Banish post-party bloat. | Shutterstock.

  • There’s nothing worse than waking up with a puffy moon-face after a glass or two (or six) of wine. Enter ‘Super Acids X-treme Hangover Mask‘, which cures dehydrated, puffy, dull skin.  Note: It’ll erase your facial puffiness, but not that nasty headache. (For that, drink Pedialyte. Really.) [Huffington Post]
  • Yikes: I guarantee you’re making at least three of these manicure mistakes. For instance, using the jet bowls in the pedi chair (bacteria!), drying nails under a UV light (aging!), and filing your nails in a back-and-forth direction (tearing!). Here are 12 of the worst, most surprising nail offenders. [PopSugar]

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Market Report: 3 Ultra-Slimming Haircuts For Round Faces


Hello, cheekbones. | Shutterstock.

  • For better or worse, I’ve been at war with my roundish face for years. But instead of focusing on contouring (which I semi-hate), fuller-faced gals like me should instead opt for one of these face-flattering haircuts. [Byrdie]
  • Bag drama: Jane Birkin — the namesake of the cultish Hermès Birkin bag — isn’t so happy with the way Hermès slaughters crocs for its Birkin Croco purses, and she wants her name off of them. [The Cut]
  • More shakeups in the fashion world: Alexander Wang is rumored to be out as creative director of Balenciaga. The lengendary French fashion house is reportedly looking for more under-the-radar talent (i.e. someone who’s not besties with Lady Gaga).  [WWD]

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Market Report: The Hair Color Mistake That’s Making You Look Older


The wrong hair color can be seriously aging. | Shutterstock.

  • Blonder doesn’t always mean better. Turns out, going too light can actually make you look much older than you actually are. Here’s why. [PopSugar]
  • The iconic Chuck Taylor shoe (which is nearly 100 years old!) is getting an update for the first time ever. While the kicks look similar to the originals, the new design features a padded tongue, increased arch support, more durable canvas and a breathable, perforated suede lining. They’ll hit shelves on July 28th. [CNN]
  • My pet peeve: cheap hotel pens, which are so easy to hoard. Same goes for restaurant matchbooks (except for the ones from Parc) and plastic hangers. Here’s a list of the eight home items you need to throw out now. Clutter, be gone! [Refinery29]

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Market Report: Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPY Look Styled by Philly Stylist


Caitlyn Jenner looking statuesque and lovely at the ESPYs. | Screenshot of ABC telecast.

  • Six degrees of separation: Caitlyn Jenner‘s gorgeous ESPY look — an ivory Atelier Versace gown — was put together by Jennifer Rade, a Hollywood power stylist (she’s Angelina Jolie’s go-to) who’s from Huntingdon Valley. [People]
  • “#PrimeDay is like when grandma says ‘help yourself to the candy jar!’ but it has nothing but raisins and sugar-free salt water taffy” and 25 other hilarious reactions to Amazon’s (sort of disappointing) take on Black Friday. [Buzzfeed]
  • This weekend, I’m totally trying out this gorgeous watercolor mani that actually seems easy enough to do on my own. Who’s with me? [xoVain]

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Market Report: J.Crew Is Launching a New Chain of Lower-Priced Stores This Month


A J.Crew store. | Highland Village.

  • As the ever-steepening prices of J.Crew begin to deter even the staunchest loyalists, the company has announced that it will open a new chain of low-priced stores called J.Crew Mercantile. The first outpost opens later this month in Dallas, and will be much like Old Navy is to Gap. [Fortune]
  • Move over, Kickstarter: Etsy is dipping its toes into crowd-funding space with a two-month pilot program called Fund on Etsy. What this means for you: If you have an Etsy account, you can help finance a product you love. [Racked]

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