This Is Philly’s Most Stylish Grandma (Yes, Grandma)


Styled from head to toe. | Lauren McGrath.

You’ve probably seen her around town – bespectacled Denise Fike, always dressed to impress and peeking out from underneath one of her brimmed hats. Who wears hats anywhere besides the Kentucky Derby? Denise Fike does. And you know what? She does it impeccably. She is Philly’s coolest fashion illustrator who, if you’re lucky, has drawn you at one swanky event or another. We got a peek inside her wonderfully kooky, colorful home, where nothing quite hangs straight and nobody gives a damn. Here, Denise dishes on her style philosophy, the toughest thing to draw, faking your way to the top, and what to do when you find yourself at a NYE party at a gay club wearing the same dress as the man next to you – and he looks better.

(And psst: If Denise hasn’t ever drawn you, here’s your chance: She’ll be at Philadelphia Wedding’s Brides, Bubbly & Brunch on November 8th.) Take a look inside her home