There’s an Actual Waitlist for This $1,750 Fendi Keychain


Back in July, word started to spread about the elusive Karl Lagerfeld Fendi keychain. Ringing in at $1,750, it was über-exclusive, could only be scored at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, and had already amassed a several hundred person-long waitlist. That series of descriptors isn’t uncommon for limited edition designer duds, but this is a keychain—a very expensive mink and fox fur keychain—but a keychain nonetheless.

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Why Sneakers Are the New Heels — And 10 Ways to Style Them


My (calf-hair) kicks.

I’m five-feet-three-inches tall. Most people—even sometimes my very own husband—don’t realize this, because I spend approximately 93 percent of my life in very high heels.

I’ve been wearing them since I can remember, and as I’ve gotten older, my heels have gotten taller. It’s like taking off the training wheels, over and over again. You ditch the stubby square heels for kitten heels, then you swap these for taller but still walkable heels, and then you’re off on pin-thin stilettos, racing towards osteoarthritis and a life of Dr. Scholls.

But is the age-old equation—high style = higher heels—fading away? And if it is, where does that leave me and my shelves of stilettos, platforms and wedges? Can you really be stylish … in sneakers?

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Watch Out, Refinery29: Yahoo Fashion is Getting Really Cool


Do you go here for your fashion inspiration?

First, there was the news that makeup master Bobbi Brown was going to be helming all beauty coverage at Yahoo. (Yes, Yahoo.) Now Elle creative director and all-around fabulous person Joe Zee has confirmed that he’ll be editing the site’s fashion coverage. (Yep, we’re still talking about that Yahoo.) Um, what? This is almost as weird as that time André Leon Talley announced he’d be the artistic director for shoe e-emporium Zappos. What’s next? Anna Wintour ditching Vogue for the Home Shopping Network?

The fashion world is all sorts of topsy-turvy now, with bloggers appearing on Broadway (17-year-old blogger phenom and Rookie editor Tavi Genvinson will star in This Is Our Youth alongside Michael Cera next year), creative directors popping up on HBO shows (see: Jenna Lyons on Girls), and designers playing restaurateur (Roberto Cavalli opened an Italian eatery in Miami in January). So Yahoo being the next big thing in fashion, well, I’m just saying that it’s not entirely impossible, even though a colleague of mine likened Yahoo to “a dinosaur and the meteor is a day away from earth.” (We’re very scientific over here.)

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Fashion Recap: Real Housewives of New York Season Premiere

Real Housewives of New YOrk

I’m a self-professed Real Housewives freak. I’ll watch every single episode, every single season, every single city, even Atlanta. (Okay, I don’t watch Miami. No one watches Miami.) It never gets old. The fighting, the one-liner intros, the digs, and the cray-cray fashion. The Real Housewives of New York kicked off its sixth season last night, and it started in fabulous fashion. So let’s recap all the looks from the episode, shall we? It will be fun. There will be sequins! And fake legs! So let’s get started with the most important outfit of the season, as it’s shown a million times and will live forever in infamy: the intro outfit. Let’s do this! (A quick note: You might want to view these in full-screen mode to see the crazy in full effect.)

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