Former Farmers’ Cabinet Manager Scores Legal Victory Against the Bar

Former Farmers' Cabinet manager Sebastian Miller strikes a victorious pose.

Former Farmers’ Cabinet manager Sebastian Miller strikes a victorious pose.

Who’s in the market for a liquor license? Thanks to a former manager at the Farmers’ Cabinet — that fabled Walnut Street bar that had the most legally fascinating run of any Philadelphia establishment since time immemorial — you can now own the bar’s liquor license, assuming you are the highest bidder when it is auctioned off by the Sheriff of Philadelphia on March 31st. Read more »

Farmers’ Cabinet Landlord Sues Swartzes for More Than $1 Million


The author, middle, at Farmers’ Cabinet on July 7th, the last night it was open.

From the Department of News That Will Surprise Absolutely No One comes this: Farmers’ Cabinet landlord Good Fortunes LLC has filed a landlord-tenant lawsuit against Matt and Colleen Swartz, alleging that the Swartzes owe $1,068,149.21 in back rent, future rent (their lease doesn’t expire until 2021), city code violations, utility bills, and various fees and court costs. Read more »

Sutton’s Parlor Today


HughE Dillon (PhillyChitChat) was walking by Sutton’s Parlor, the “temporarily closed” bar run by Matt Swartz when he snapped the above photo. The name has been covered over, the menu removed and the inside of the bar has been cleaned out. This is just the latest note in the  Swartz saga. His Farmers’ Cabinet closed for a “summer cleaning” and was to reopen after July 11th. As of now, that hasn’t happened.

The Farmers’ Cabinet closes for ‘summer cleaning’ [Philly Insider]

Closed: Sutton’s Parlor and Logan Goat


In the continuing saga of the Matt Swartz Bar Empire, which will one day make for a really incredible Storify, the above sign has appeared in the windows of Sutton’s Parlor and Logan Goat Bar & Restaurant, the two west-of-Broad operations from the man behind Farmers’ Cabinet. Read more »

Matt Swartz’s Probation Officer Works for Him at Farmers’ Cabinet


The woman you see in this photo is named Christina Quartullo. She is a waitress at Logan, the bar recently opened at 20th and Arch by Farmers’ Cabinet owner Matt Swartz. She was working there on Wednesday night. Quartullo also works weekends at the Farmers’ Cabinet. But her day job is as a probation officer for the City of Philadelphia, and one of her probationers is, yep, Matt Swartz. Read more »

Farmers’ Cabinet Health Inspection: “Countless Mouse Droppings” and “Several Species of Roaches”


Remember when Philadelphia’s Department of Health shut down the Farmers’ Cabinet back in February? At the time, we heard from a number of folks that the shutdown occurred simply because the restaurant didn’t have a “health code certified employee.” Of course, this sounded like utter bullshit. And now that the Department of Health has finally released the report of what the inspectors found in the restaurant on February 10th, we know for a fact that it was bullshit.

Read more »

Farmers’ Cabinet Is Done–At Least “Temporarily”


It has not been the best holiday season for the Farmers’ Cabinet. There was the raid, the arrest of owner Matt Swartz, the mugshots. And now, in a surprise to absolutely no one, the inevitable “Temporary Closure” announcement.

I really, really thought they’d try to push it to New Year’s Eve to try and squeeze every last dollar out of the space, but it looks like the place is done a day early.

But only “temporarily,” of course.

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