This 7-Year-Old Villanova Fan’s Letter to Jay Wright Is Impossibly Cute

Annie Seminick's letter; Jay Wright, (Aaron Doster, USA Today Sports)

Annie Seminick’s letter; Jay Wright, (Aaron Doster, USA Today Sports)

Kris Jenkins‘ dramatic, last-second buzzer beater to clinch the title last Monday ignited members of  ‘Nova Nation all over the country. But it wasn’t just students and alumni who went wild for the ‘Cats’ first title since 1985. A potential member of the Class of 2031 couldn’t contain her euphoria and pride, either.

Annie Seminack, a 7-year-old Nationer, wrote a letter to Naismith Coach of the Year Jay Wright with perhaps the best — or at least the cutest — words of congratulations he’s received since his team hoisted the championship trophy: Read more »

This Is Not a Dallas Cowboys Fan

Undercover Philly Fan

Photo By Dale May

Booooooo! To outsiders, that sound is a war cry, a clarion call for action, a howl of barbarism. For Philadelphia sports fans like me, the boo feels like home. On this October afternoon at Lincoln Financial Field, I’m walking into an Eagles game, as I’ve done more times than I can count. But there’s something about the boos today that feels wrong. I ascend the stairs into section 211, high above the southern end zone, and the faithful all around rise up, like a tidal wave of green and white. They cup their hands and scream like hell. There’s no action on the field right now.

Today, those jeers are for me.

Nothing inspires more sports hatred in this town than the star that is the Dallas Cowboys logo. That symbol can be seen prominently on either side of my head, thanks to the silver-and-blue Mexican wrestling mask I’m wearing for today’s contest against America’s Team. In case it wasn’t already clear from my Tony Romo t-shirt, I’m rooting for the visitors. I am not a masochist. I didn’t lose a bet. This is the final act in a theatrical—and potentially life-threatening—investigation I’ve dubbed the Ultimate Philadelphia Fan Experiment.

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If an Irate Eagles Fan Showed Up at Michael Vick’s House…

Michael Vick

The story that an irate fan showed up at the home of an Houston Texan quarterback Matt Schaub proves one thing, Houston fans must be the most ignorant football fans in the world.

Of course, that’s not true. Welcome to our world, Texan fans. In Philadelphia, we are still trying to shake an image painted by some drunk yahoos who threw snowballs at a bad Santa 45 years ago.

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A Chat With Wendy Williams

Courtesy of The Wendy Show

As talk show diva Wendy Williams gets her shoe cam, Wonder Woman mug and general fabulousness ready for Philly Pride this weekend – she’s the headliner at Penn’s Landing on Sunday – we talked to her by phone about what she has planned for Philly’s biggest LGBT party of the summer.

Not only will Williams be answering audience questions in a live “Ask Wendy” segment, but she lets us in on why the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love – and her gay fans – are so important to her.

Why do you think you have so many gay fans?

Gay people have been attracted to what I’ve been doing for years and it’s very flattering. I’ve always been a person of total acceptance of people – I guess they see that. I’m a free spirit with a bit of a flair for the dramatic. It’s flattering!

What can we expect from your live appearance in Philly this weekend?

At 2:30, the mayor is giving me a key to the city, which is a big deal. I spent some very important years in Philly. For the two-and-a-half years I was there, I gave birth to my son Kevin at Methodist Hospital. At 4, I’ll be doing Ask Wendy.

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