Philly’s Neighborhood Facebook Groups, Annotated

Lost a dog? Found a dog? Want to gripe about a dog? Wondering who on earth keeps parking you in, or who on the block is blasting that music all night? The answers to these questions and so many more are at your fingertips, all day every day, thanks to the magic of Philly’s neighborhood Facebook groups — the latest and dishiest way to keep up with the Joneses (or find a job, freebie, restaurant or friend). Before you log in and join the fun, though, we have a few tips to keep you from becoming the center of a block flame war. Read more »

N.J. Pols Can’t Stop Sharing Offensive Jokes on Facebook

Facebook memes

What’s the biggest trend among New Jersey politicians? Offending their constituents with Facebook memes.

Okay, that’s overstating it. But there have been two incidents of New Jersey politicians sharing offensive jokes on Facebook in the past few weeks, so it bears investigation.

First was Atlantic County Freeholder John Carman, a Republican, who shared the following joke ON the day of the women’s march: “Will the Women’s March be over in time for them to cook dinner?” He added, “Just asking” to let you know he was just asking.

Predictably, belittling women into a homemaker first and a person second did not sit well with his constituents. He landed on the cover of the Daily News and had to sit and listen to a bunch of angry people berate him at a meeting.

One woman brought a box of macaroni and cheese to the freeholders’ meeting and told Carman to “cook his own damn dinner.” How did Carman respond to being berated by a bunch of people? Did he say sorry and move on? Of course not.

Carman stood up and said: “This has made me realize how blessed I am, because the women I’m surrounded by, my family, my friends, my colleagues are all strong, confident women, women who are sure of themselves. They didn’t get offended by this.” Read more »

Philly’s Biggest Losers of 2016

Background image by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia™

Background image by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia™

Now that the last shreds of wrapping paper have been vacuumed up and the good dishes are finally put away, we revisit our time-honored tradition of taking a look back at the year and the losers, miscreants, and ne’er-do-wells it spawned. (For a more optimistic view of Philadelphia, consider Holly Otterbein‘s Biggest Winners of 2016.)

Ed Rendell

The once-lovable former champion of the everyman now spends his time being largely irrelevant and making facepalm-worthy comments in places like the Washington Post. But when you’re pulling in a cool $5,000 each month to do virtually nothing for a casino in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you probably don’t care. Read more »

This Pa. Mayor’s Facebook is a Cesspool of Offensive, Racist Content

West York Mayor Charles Wasko is facing pressure from the community to resign because of his overtly racist Facebook posts.

The posts reference Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Colin Kaepernick, Islam, the Holocaust and much, much more. It’s like the man scrolls through Facebook reposting offensive memes literally all day long, because there’s no shortage of his abhorrent content all over his page.

West York Borough Council members told PennLive they’ve repeatedly asked Wasko to resign over the content, but he hasn’t. One councilman, Brian Wilson, said that he asked the mayor to “maybe remove it as it was not in good taste.” Instead, Wasko blocked him. Read more »

Restaurant School Teacher Blasted Over Sexist Facebook Post

Chef Nicolas Dandelias in his Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College photo.

Chef Nicolas Dandelias in his Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College photo.

UPDATE: The Restaurant School has announced that it has taken some action regarding chef Dandelias. Click here to read the latest news.

ORIGINAL: Nicolas Dandelias has worked as a chef in the kitchens of Distrito, Barbuzzo, and Four Seasons, and these days he’s a teacher at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, where he received his bachelor’s degree. Well, we imagine that his female students at the Restaurant School might want to know what Dandelias has to say about women in the kitchen. Read more »

Facebook Taps Curalate As An Industry Leader

Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate speaks at a conference in London. Photo via Instagram.

Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, speaks at a conference in London. | Photo via Instagram

Curalate recently announced that it has been chosen as a “Facebook Marketing Partner.” Marketing Partners are a select group of companies chosen by Facebook for being the most helpful to brands that use social media platforms as the focus of their marketing strategy.

“After sharing numerous success stories that demonstrate how Curalate can improve the marketing performance of brands working with Facebook, we were invited to become part of a very select group,” company CEO and co-founder Apu Gupta told Philadelphia magazine.

Read more »

Cocktails to Cool Off with at

a-bar-angostura-float-400Earlier today we stopped by to check in on the summer cocktails that the Rittenhouse cocktail bar has added to their menu. Bartender Paul MacDonald joined us on Facebook Live to make us an Angostura Float, a rum-based cocktail made with Angostura bitters ice cream that is just perfect for this unbearable hot days and nights.

The cocktail is definitely rum forward in the best way and as the ice cream melts, becomes a creamy cooling and refreshing way to relax. The angostura ice cream worked remarkably well, definitely better than just about any beer-flavored ice cream I’ve come across.

More summer cocktails at »

Facebook Flame Wars, Legal Action, and “Death Threats”: Dancin’ on Air’s Family Feud Boils Over

Some of the "Dancin' on Air" and "Dance Party USA" regulars from the 1980s are none too happy with producer Michael Nise, inset right, who counters that they're just bitter.

Some of the “Dancin’ on Air” and “Dance Party USA” regulars from the 1980s are none too happy with producer Michael Nise, inset right, who counters that they’re just bitter.

Next week marks the 30th anniversary of the debut of the once nationally popular, Philly-set teen dance show Dance Party USA. The show was a spinoff of Dancin’ on Air — something of a neon-and-Members-Only-wearing little cousin to American Bandstand — which itself turns 35 later this year. Read more »

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