In Philadelphia, It’s the Worst Winter for Potholes — Ever

Utility trench or Pothole at 18th and walnut rittenhouse

On the heels of yesterdays’ news of our snowiest half-decade ever, there’s an interesting fact in this story by PlanPhilly’s Christine Fisher: The Philadelphia Streets Department has filled more potholes this winter than any one in history. Like, probably dating back to 1682 or something.

“It’s been an unusually tough winter, and with potholes being repaired at a record pace an increased investment in paving is being made in this capital budget,” said Andrew Stober, chief of staff at the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities.

The Streets Department has already repaired more than 12,200 potholes.

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37 Lessons From the Philadelphia Winter That Won’t End

City Hall snowfall

I know, I know. There’s still a month left in one of the toughest winters ever. I don’t know about you, but this winter’s been pretty good for me so far. Why? Because I’ve learned a lot of new things and I want to share them with you. For example:

1. You can pretty much have your dog poop anywhere you want – it all turns into rock-like pellets that, within minutes, you can just kick it into your neighbor’s yard.

2. Forget about Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook — some smart kid can make a boatload of money figuring out how to solve the pothole problem.

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The Scariest Storm Prediction Images on Facebook

Storm Snow arrival times via

Storm Snow arrival times via

For many of you planning to turn President’s Day weekend into a quick get-away from this winter o’ cold ’n’ doom ’n’ horrors, the impending nor’easter has likely thrown a big clunky wrench into your travel plans. 

While on hold last night trying to swap a Thursday morning flight for a Friday departure, a scroll through my Facebook feed filled me with abject dread. We’ve all had our share of terrifying (and vaguely/not-vaguely phallic) storm front imagery this winter, but there’s something about this latest batch of storm prediction shots that’s especially terrifying (and not-vaguely phallic).

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What to Expect Tomorrow: More Snow

Bolaris says Philly should expect 1-2 inches of snow tonight, while the northwest ‘burbs should total closer to 4-6 inches. Then rain will pour down on us and dissolve it all away into the weather purgatory that is slush. A map from the National Weather Service, with slightly less worrisome totals.

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Smart, Attractive Couple Walks on (Frozen) Water

Our friend HughE Dillon sends us these pics of Oliver and Jenny from Love Story  a lovely couple walking onto the frozen Schuylkill River this week—right next to parts that, given then apparent presence of standing water instead of ice (though that might just be ice without snow on it) suggests the support might’ve been a little thin. Did they get great pics? Yes. We’re just glad neither one of them drowned.

photos (Large)

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Snow Emergency Declared, Schools Closed Tomorrow, Trash Delayed


Also, Michael Nutter gave a press conference this afternoon, announcing a snow emergency in Philadelphia. Parking-wise, what that means is that the PPA is offering a 24-hour flat rate of $5.00 in Center City garages. Also, it means cars must be removed from emergency routes, which can be viewed here. Because of MLK Day, trash collection was postponed by one day this week. So if you’re a regular Tuesday morning trash person, hold it (and your noses) until next week.

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