Local Chefs Star in Redo of Terminal B at PHL


This is how you do an announcement. Roll in the jet, roll out the red carpet. Nick Elmi at PHL.

Yesterday afternoon, American Airlines, Philadelphia International Airport and airport hospitality firm, OTG put on an impressive show to announce a $30 million overhaul of PHL’s Terminal B. That overhaul will include eateries from eight well known local chefs and restaurateurs.

The event took place at American Airlines huge hanger at the southern end of the airport. The chefs and restaurateurs, including Top Chef winners Nick Elmi and Kevin Sbraga descended the steps of a sparkling American Airlines plane to take their places along with PHL’s CEO Rochelle Cameron, Cedric Rockamore of American Airlines and OTG’s founder Rick Blatstein. After a highly-polished video about the transformation of Terminal B, samples of each restaurant’s food, plus wine and beer were brought out.

The project has been in the pipeline for a number of years old and several of the chefs involved admitted, that they thought their involvement was dead. When complete, the overhauled terminal will have eight new eateries and thousands of iPads from which to order food right to the gate.

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About Last Night: Smoke Meets Spice at Percy Street


Last night Erin O’Shea and Michael Solomonov welcomed Lior Lev Sercarz to Percy Street for a very special dinner. Even though I quickly jumped on tickets to the event I wasn’t prepared for just how much great food would be offered.

Lior Lev Secarz is referred to as the “spice whisperer.” His blends of spice make it into the food at Zahav and onto donuts at Federal Donuts. Last night his spices magically mixed with the food coming from O’Shea’s kitchen.

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Spice Dinner Is Coming to Percy Street

SpiceMeetsSmoke1On Tuesday, January 14th at 7 p.m., Percy Street Barbecue is hosting a special dinner with chef/owner Erin O’Shea collaborating with Zahav’s Michael Solomonov and master spice blender Lior Lev Sercarz of La Boîte Epice in New York City. You’ve come across these spices at Zahav and in many of Federal Donuts’ donuts and fried chicken.

The three-course dinner will be served family-style and each course will be paired with a drink featuring beer from Brooklyn Brewery. The price is $60 per person, which includes the beverage pairing, tax and gratuity.

Among the highlights, biscuits with foie gras butter, pork and lobster  machleb sausage and a smoked lamb shank.

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Percy Street Is Out of the Comcast Center


Last Friday was the last day for the Percy Street BBQ at the Comcast Center. Steve Cook tells us that he has no further plans for the place, so don’t expect a Federal Donuts to pop up there. When asked if Percy Street might look for another storefront, Cook told us you never know, but that they’re “really excited about what Erin [O’Shea] is doing at the mother ship right now.”

Percy Street BBQ Gets a New Menu


Photo by Drew Lazor

Percy Street BBQ has been rolling out a new menu this month. The menu gets a bit away from the orthodox Texas barbecue roots of the South Street barbecue spot and gives chef Erin O’Shea a chance to show off what she can do. Don’t worry though, the brisket is still the brisket, but check out some of these new menu items.

Owner Steve Cook tells us the new menu answers the question, how’s the best way to prepare this. Take the pork belly, which has been reitroduced as an appetizer, the dish is now served with potato bread, cured egg yolk  and a touch of sweetness by way of maple syrup. And it already has picked up fans. Another new item, the lamb ribs are served with braised sauerkraut and apples.

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Artisanal American Ham Plate at Percy Street BBQ

Percy Street BBQ is offering a new plate worthy of your attention: a charcuterie board of artisanal American ham. Chef Erin O’Shea has sourced the all-domestic cured ham plate from some of the best ham producers in the country, all of which will rotate in an out of the dish to show off some of the country’s best. From Virginia to Tennessee, O’Shea picks her favorites to complete the selection.

For $12 customers can enjoy the dish with not-to-be-missed homemade drop biscuits and green tomato preserves. Sound out of your budget? Well during happy hours from 5 to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday, the plate is just $6. Better, right? Turkeytails and BBQ fries are half-price during Happy hour too.

Percy Street BBQ [Official Site]

Photo by Ryan Lavine

Percy Street Lets Erin O’Shea Loose

One of the first media dinners I ever went to was at Marigold Kitchen where Erin O’Shea wowed me with modern Southern cuisine and grits that ruined regular grits forever. The next Sunday I was back for brunch. A week after that I was back for another dinner. I was hooked. So  even as I exuberantly ordered burnt ends, brisket and turkey tails at Percy Street there has been with a slight disappointment that O’She’s Southern expertise wasn’t really on display. But with Percy Street’s newest menu (just rolled out Tuesday), O’Shea is showing off some more of that Southern cooking roots I fell for back at Marigold Kitchen.

Now on the menu is a Country Ham Plate with drop biscuits and green tomato preserves, burnt end beans and more. Still no grits, for that you would have to be attending her class tonight at Cook.

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Marc Vetri Says To Ditch The Olive Oil, Plus More Grilling Tips From Philly’s Top Chefs

Steak...on the Grill

Burnt chicken. Overcooked steaks. Singed eyebrows. Grilling can be a real pain, and it’s a lot of work. Plus, you know that if Uncle Harry’s rib eye isn’t perfect, he’s going to be kvetching about it until Labor Day. To give you a fighting chance, we checked in with some of the city’s best chefs to find out what to do — and what not to do — to make your cookout killer. Happy 4th!

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