13 More Bizarre Philadelphia International Airport Moments: A Timeline

plane crash phl

Photo | Dennis Fee

This past Tuesday night, the pilots of a US Airways flight heading from Philadelphia International Airport to London were forced to make good on their “don’t make me turn this plane around!” threats once Robert Coppack decided to hit for the dickhead passenger cycle.

According to NBC Philadelphia, Coppack, a dual US/UK citizen, has been accused of touching three female passengers inappropriately, verbally abusing crew and threatening a Federal Air Marshal in the air. After the plane, which was near Cape Cod at the time of the turnaround, returned to PHL, he allegedly became “physically aggressive [and] belligerent” during interviews with law enforcement. He’s currently detained in Center City awaiting a hearing early next week.

These shenanigans serve as the latest entry in the canon of bizarre/embarrassing/both incidents that have involved PHL over the years. Below, a recent timeline of PHL’s many odd and unfortunate moments (2013 was a bear of a year for these guys). We should be thankful that these are all relatively minor in the grand scheme.

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Phillies Slammed for Reportedly Ratting Out Draft Pick to NCAA

Oregon State Beavers pitcher Ben Wetzler. Photo |  Jaime Valdez, USA TODAY Sports

Oregon State Beavers pitcher Ben Wetzler. Photo | Jaime Valdez, USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies are a lot of things: A recent — okay, recent-ish — World Series champion. The baseball team with the most losses in history. And now, apparently, a bunch of narcs.

Let’s explain: When baseball players are drafted out of high school or after their junior year of college, they don’t have to sign with the team that drafted them. They can start or return to college — but if they want to preserve their eligibility, they can’t use an agent to negotiate with the team that drafted them. It’s all part of the NCAA’s framework of rules upholding the Victorian-era standard of amateurism in England.

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