Affogato Days at Elixr Coffee

LBIC-ELIXR-Affogato-2014And on the 8th day, there were affogatos.

On Friday August 15th and 30th the coffee lovers of Elixr Coffee and the sweet teeth at Little Baby’s Ice Cream are bringing back Affogato Days to South Sydenham Street.

What is an affogato you ask? It’s basically the divine marriage of hot, caffeinated espresso with frosty, creamy ice cream. When translated, the Italian drink literally means “drowned” referring to the dollop ice cream swimming in espresso. Yum- said every caffeine junkie and ice cream enthusiast everywhere.

The good people at Elixr Coffee want all of Philadelphia to experience this mouth-watering treat featuring Little Baby’s Ice Cream. The collaborators will choose two seasonal ice creams skillfully paired with two unique espressos for the affogato days special. Other great news? There will be both a dairy and vegan option available so everyone can bask in affogato greatness.

Elixr Coffee [Foobooz]

Honeygrow Debuts New Vegan Elixr Coffee Smoothie

Photo via Instagram

Photo via Instagram

This so beats a Frappucino. Starting today, Honeygrow is slinging its brand new seasonal concoction: a Mocha Cherry Elixr Smoothie. Warning: The following description will cause you to drool uncontrollably. The vegan smoothie is made with coffee brewed by Rittenhouse’s Elixr Coffee, blended with dark chocolate chips, dried cherries, banana and vanilla. Drooling yet? I thought so.

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Elixr Is Presenting a Coffee and Cocktail Competitions

elixr-squareOn Thursday, November 21st, Elixr Coffee is hosting coffee and cocktail competitions featuring bars and coffee shops around the city.

On this special night, a latte art throwdown featuring top baristas from sixteen coffee bars in Philadelphia will compete. That will be followed by a coffee-centric cocktail competition featuring bartenders from cocktail bars and restaurants (Vedge, The Corner, 1 Tippling Place, Farmers’ Cabinet and more) around town. It all goes down at Elixr Coffee, 207 Sydenham Street (between 15th and 16th Streets) at 6:30 p.m. As Elixr says, “Come to Taste the Magic. Come, and we All Win.”

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Affogato Day, Part III


We announced the first one, we sipped one of each at the second one, and now that we’ve heard that Little Baby’s Ice Cream and Elixr Coffee are teaming up for a third and final Affogato Day for 2013, we’re strongly temped to do it again. Despite the terrible caffeine shakes, it would be difficult for anybody to choose between the two delicious options. Foobooz got the inside scoop (see what we did there?) after the pairings were decided upon last night.

Option one will be a non-dairy Speculoos ice cream with Elixr House Espresso Blend, and the second will be Rose Pistachio ice cream with the same Single Origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Espresso that they paired with Lime and Toasted Coconut last time around.

So make your plans now for this Saturday, the 21st, 7am until 8pm, at Elixr: 207 South Sydenham Street.


Go Right Now: Affogato Day At Elixr Coffee


It’s fitting that a rainy day like this–when it’s impossible to go anywhere in Center City and not arrive feeling like a drowned rat–just happens to be the second (and final) Affogato Day at Elixr Coffee.

Elixr and Little Baby’s Ice Cream have teamed up to put forth this ideal mid-afternoon treat: a healthy scoop of ice cream affogato’d (“drowned” in Italian) in a perfectly pulled shot of espresso.

The folks at Elixr chose two espressos first, and then picked Little Baby’s ice creams to suit them, for a choice of two flavor combinations. The first is the crowd pleaser– Little Baby’s top selling Birch Beer and Vanilla Bean ice cream with Elixir’s house blended espresso. It’s big, round, and rich. Option two, Lime and Toasted Coconut ice cream (which also happens to be vegan) with a single origin Yirgacheffe coffee is a little more exotic. The espresso itself is light with pronounced citrus and floral notes further accentuated by the citrus in the ice cream, and balanced out by its richness.

The caffeinated confection will run you $4.50 and they’ll be pulling shots and drowning scoops at Elixr until 8:00 tonight.

Elixr Coffee [Official]

Little Baby’s Ice Cream [Official]

Coffee & Cheese Pairing Tonight in Old City

Picture 1


How’s about a ménage-à-quatre for your Friday evening. Just you, some coffee, some cheese, and some beer. The four of you, together at last.

It’s A Story of Philadelphia’s Coffee Revival, it’s happening tonight at 7 pm at Hylo Boutique at 242 North 3rd Street, and everyone’s participating: Di Bruno, Ultimo, Bodhi, Shot Tower, Elixrthe Madame Fromage (Tenaya Darlington), Eclectik Domestic, and Brew. All of them, joining forces for an evening of culinary passion and celebration, all of them paying their respects to a scene that turned this city upside down.

It’s like a hipster’s dream come true, and we’re all about it.

A Story of Philadelphia’s Coffee Revival [hy•lo Boutique]

New Elixr Sets Grand Opening for August 29th

Elixr Coffee is being forced to move due to rumors of more chains coming to 15th Street. The new location will be on just off of Walnut between 15th and 16th Street on Sydenham Street (next to Chipotle).

The grand opening celebration takes place on Wednesday, August 29th at 7 p.m. and like a recent event at Pub & Kitchen, will benefit the construction of an at classroom in a Southwest Philadelphia charter school.

Elixr Coffee [Official Site]

Miga Closes on 15th Street

Photos of Miga, Philadelphia

This photo of Miga is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Korean restaurant Miga has closed on 15th Street, presumably to make way for the new four story building coming to 15th and Walnut. Signs on the door only announce its closing, no hint that the restaurant might reopen elsewhere.

Next door, Elixr Coffee is preparing to move next to the Chipotle on Walnut Street (the new Elixr will be on Sydenham Street side) but tonight they’re having a staff art reception at 7 p.m. called Elixr? I hardly know her.

The new building that will replace the existing two story structure stretching from Walnut to Chancellor will reportedly have Center City’s first Cheesecake Factory and an Uniqlo on the third and fourth floors.

Good Dog’s Packed, Let’s Go to Cheesecake Factory??? [f8b8z]
New Building at 15th and Walnut Street Apparently Moving Forward [Naked Philly]

Good Dog’s Packed, Let’s Go to Cheesecake Factory???

Could the same block that houses an Applebees and Max Brenner be getting a Cheesecake Factory? That’s what NakedPhilly is reporting this morning. The real estate site says that the two story building stretching from Walnut Street to Moravian along 15th Street will be demolished to make way for a four-story commercial space.

It has previously been reported that Elixr Coffee is already planning to relocate to Walnut and Sydenham Streets (next to Chipotle) but no word about what might be in store for Miga, the Korean restaurant that also shares the 15th Street building.

NakedPhilly has the details on what else might be going into the project.

New Building at 15th and Walnut Street Apparently Moving Forward [Naked Philly]
Elixr relocating ahead of development at 15th and Walnut [Meal Ticket]

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