This Weekend: Whiskey And Waffles Brunch At Ela

Ela - Photo by Jason Varney

So Scott Schroeder and Jason Cichonski should be getting pretty used to cooking together at this point.

I mean there was that Bromance Collaboration Dinner they did together in February, and the first Whiskey and Waffles brunch the two of them did last year. Now they’re getting together again to do a second drunken brunch which will pair everyone’s favorite breakfast foods (waffles, bagels, bacon, shrimp salad) with everyone’s favorite breakfast beverage (whiskey).

This Sunday, the two chefs will come together at Ela to put out a menu of inspired breakfast foods. Starting at 10:30am and going until 2:30pm, the special brunch will run you $35 for four courses. Reservations are recommended but not required and, for an additional $20, you can even get each course paired with specially-designed breakfast cocktails (like a Laphroaig-and-rye Bloody Mary or a shot of bourbon).

And yes, of course we have a copy of the menu. Right this way…

Whiskey & Waffles Menu

This Week: Bromance Collaboration Dinner At Ela


Scott Schroeder is having a busy season. We just wrote about him throwing in with David Ansill for an upcoming collaboration dinner at Bar Ferdinand, and now we’ve also got word that, two days from now, he’s going to be in the kitchen at Ela with one of his besties, Jason Cichonski, doing a totally different collaboration dinner.

This one is actually called the Bromance Collaboration Dinner, a “bromantical evening with Scott Schroeder and Jason Cichonski.” It’s happening on Wednesday, February 12, at Ela. Seats are $50 per person (with an optional $20 drink pairing), reservations are required, and the menu is… Well, just check it out for yourselves after the jump.

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The Revisit: Ela


How do you keep the spark alive?

Restaurants face the same question that haunts many a marriage—only, with restaurants, it comes ‘round a whole lot sooner. If spouses can hope for seven years before the proverbial itch begs scratching, restaurateurs are lucky if they can make it past the first anniversary.

That thought chorused through my head during a recent meal at Ela—repeating like the 90-minute loop of down-tempo indie-rock throbbing softly in the background of Jason Cichonski’s Queen Village resto-bar.

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Thanksgiving Leftovers And Bourbon Dinner at Ela

jason-cichonski-vertSo now that the big day is over, what’s the second-best thing about Thanksgiving? Leftovers. And while you may be perfectly happy with turkey-and-stuffing sandwiches or just eating mashed potatoes out of the bowl with your fingers, the crew at Ela is doing something a little classier.

On Wednesday, December 4 at 7pm, chef Jason Cichonski and Ela are doing a one-time-only Thanksgiving Leftovers And Bourbon dinner. Four courses, $55 a head, and all the bourbon is being provided by Jim Beam. The cocktails are being designed by Ela’s bartenders. The kitchen crew is putting the menu together. And you can score your reservations by calling the restaurant at 267-687-8512.

And, of course, we have the full menu after the jump. Because we’re looking out for you, that’s why.

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Six Pack: Eat Where Top Chef Contests Nick Elmi and Jason Cichonski Cooked


Yes, we still have some time before the first episode of the new season of Top Chef, featuring Nick Elmi, Jason Cichonski and a bunch of other people who aren’t from Philly.

But for those of you out there who just can’t wait, we thought it might be nice to offer up a bit of history–a way for you to get a handle on our two hometown chefs and maybe come to understand, once the show starts, why this one is freaking out over his pork chops or why that one is doing that thing to that scallop. To that end, we’ve assembled a Six Pack of places where the two chefs trained, rose to prominence, made names for themselves or, in the case of Jason Cichonski, are still currently cooking (Elmi is unemployed at the moment, but working on opening his first restaurant–Laurel on East Passyunk).

It would make a helluva restaurant crawl. Or maybe something to do on the weekend before Top Chef premiers. But we’re not telling you how to live your life…

Check out the list

Tomorrow: Cochon Epic Re-Do At Ela


Noted pig-hugger, Jason Cichonski, is not letting the porkish glow of Cochon Epic fade so quickly. For those of you who missed the big event yesterday at the Ritz, he’ll be doing a re-do of all the dishes he and his team prepared for a one-night-only, 5-course pig dinner at Ela tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 30). The price is $45 (with an optional $25 beer and cocktail pairing), and reservations are highly recommended.

Check out the menu after the jump.

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