Ed Rendell Creates Special Federal Donut


On Tuesday, July 1st all four Federal Donuts stores will debut Ed Rendell’s Ed-ible Donut, a red velvet Fancy with cream cheese frosting. The donut will be available through Saturday, July 26th. Proceeds from the donuts sale will benefit Rooster Soup Co., the Federal Donuts/Broad Street Hospitality collaborative that is currently looking to raise $150,000 via a Kickstarter campaign.

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Terry Gillen for Mayor: “I Want to Make Philadelphia a City of Opportunity for Everybody”


Terry Gillen

Terry Gillen has spent much of her adult life in public service to the city of Philadelphia — serving Mayors Rendell and Nutter in positions (including as director of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority) meant to help rebuild the city from its early 1990s bottoming-out. A chief highlight during that time: Serving on the team that revived the Navy Yard as a center of private enterprise after it was closed as a military base during Rendell’s administration.

Now she’s running for mayor, and holding a June 30th fund-raiser to collect cash for the effort.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity for this to be a fabulous wonderful city and that’s what I want to help turn into reality,” Gillen said this week.

She talked to Philly Mag about the issues facing Philadelphia, whether her status as the only female candidate matters, and the lessons she’s learned from working for two Philly mayors. Read more »

Report: Ed Rendell Put in a Good Word for Big Campaign Donor

The Chicago Tribune today reports that Ed Rendell put in a good word for a private equity firm trying to win Pennsylvania’s pension business after that firm’s owner donated to his then-nascent gubernatorial campaign back in 2001.

The firm’s owner: Bruce Rauner, the Republican nominee for Illinois governor. Rauner, the Tribune says, “has repeatedly accused Illinois politicians of creating a culture where campaign cash buys influence and skews policy.”

Rendell was questioned about the donation during a stop at the Chicago Tribune editorial board to peddle his latest pet project, increased funding for infrastructure improvements.

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Ed Rendell to Democrats: It’s Best If You Don’t Run Against Hillary Clinton

Politico on Wednesday assessed the presidential ambition of former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley. The site’s Anna Palmer writes that the 2016 presidential field is “frozen” until Hillary Clinton decides if she’ll jump into the race. It appears very likely she will, of course, and got a very interesting quote from Clinton family loyalist and professional Philadelphia Eagles analyst Ed Rendell:

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said that other possible Democratic presidential candidates, like Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota are biding their time to see what Clinton will do. Vice President Joe Biden, who is widely considered to be the front-runner if Clinton chooses not to run, has met with some fundraisers and has made several visits to key states like South Carolina.

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PHOTOS: Spiffed-Up Guests Played Blingo to Cure Duchenne

Over the weekend, Cure Duchenne hosted a fundraiser, Blingo to Cure Duchenne, the Hyatt at Penns Landing. The event generated approximately $173,000 that will go toward finding a cure for a rare muscle-wasting disease that affects 1 in 3,500 boys. Guests — including Ed Rendell — showed up in snazzy attire to enjoy hors d’Oeuvres, an open bar, music, and, of course, bingo with a blinged-out twist. Photographer Mike Hirata shares some shots of the evening below.

When Did Ed Rendell Become
Such a Wuss?

Ed Rendell

When did Ed Rendell become such a wuss?

Ed’s pretty much been sitting out the race to be the Democratic nominee for governor in 2016, but he popped up over the weekend to decry an ad — from Rob McCord’s campaign, aimed at frontrunner Tom Wolf — as just too much negativity.

“I know the feeling of desperation when you’re losing, because you believe in yourself,” Rendell told a press conference, presumably in the act of clutching his pearls. “And I believe that Rob McCord believes in himself and believes that as governor he could do good things for the people of Pennsylvania. But that desire, that knowledge, should not overcome basic decency.”

Oh my!

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McCord Loved by Inky, Bashed by Rendell

What a weekend for State Treasurer Rob McCord, eh? On the one hand, he was endorsed by the Inquirer in his bid to become the Democratic nominee for governor:

While few major policy differences separate the four rivals for the Democratic nomination, McCord’s emphasis on robust education funding and natural-gas taxation shows an understanding of what’s important and achievable in Pennsylvania. He may not get the 10 percent drilling tax he has advocated, but his history shows he has the skills to get something out of what will likely remain a Republican legislature.

More than five years as Pennsylvania’s treasurer has given McCord highly relevant experience as an elected statewide official and government executive. He leads a department of nearly 400 employees with a budget of $36 million following significant reductions during his tenure. Moreover, the department’s role in managing more than $120 billion in public funds through the recession means the treasurer has deep knowledge of state finances, which should be one of the most urgent concerns of the next governor.

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Has Philly Sold Its Soul to Comcast?

The New York Times today carries an op-ed — from City Paper writer Dan Denvir — suggesting Philly is much too dominated by Comcast, the city’s highest-profile business. “Philadelphia is a digital-age company town where the proper relationship between business and government has been turned on its head,” Denvir writes. “Welcome, indeed, to Comcast Country.”

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