House of the Week: Pristine Carriage Home with Studio Space in East Kensington

east kensington e firth street trenton avenue

We brought a fixer-upper near the creativity-brimming Trenton Avenue to your attention a few weeks ago, so it’s only fitting that we showcase a gleaming, restored home this time around. (Note: The property is listed as being on E Firth Street, but an approval to change the address to 2520 Trenton Ave. is pending from the Office of Property Assessment.)

Among the homes larger appointments are a landscaped deck with retractable awning and two separately attached garages, one of which can either hold three cars or be used as a workspace. The other garage has 1-car parking.

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The Lovely Bones: East Kensington Fixer-Upper

A 2009 Google Street View image shows skater hooligans perpetrating their monkeyshines at the corner of Trenton Avenue and Cumberland. These days they're probably building kinetic sculptures.

A 2009 Google Street View image shows skater hooligans perpetrating their monkeyshines at the corner of Trenton Avenue and Cumberland. These days they’re probably building kinetic sculptures.

If there can be said to be a ground zero for Kensington redevelopment and renaissance, it might be cobblestone Trenton Avenue, which anchors the East Kensington neighborhood and whose Trenton Ave Arts Festival gave rise to the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby, that most beloved of creativity competitions.

This home is basically at Cumberland and Trenton, and as such, is in a pretty nice spot to appreciate. It also appears to have rather good bones, as well as a large backyard and a “clean” basement. Sold as-is, of course (hence the price), but if you’re looking for a blank canvas and a project, this might be a good place to start.

Gallery of poor-quality photos below.

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Postgreen Offers Peek At Its Next Project


Trenton Avenue, which begins in the triangle where Fishtown, East Kensington and Port Richmond overlap, is a broad thoroughfare that once was a bustling industrial corridor. Now, save for one day a year, it’s mostly a quiet residential street.

Chad Luderman, CEO of Postgreen Homes, believes this transformation was a mistake. Not that he wants to bring back industry, but rather, it’s that a street this wide makes for a natural commercial corridor. (It certainly makes a great setting for an arts festival and kinetic sculpture race.)

It may be too late to add commerce to the rest of the street, but Luderman’s going to at least try to salvage a little stretch of it.

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Confessions of a Gentrifier

A few months ago, toward the end of the summer, I was walking my dog near my house in East Kensington when my neighbor Franky (not his real name) called out to me. Franky, who’s about 10, is a fixture on our block. He lives around the corner with his dad, his grandmother and his sister in a tired-looking house that doubles as a sort of informal command center for the neighborhood youth.

He spends his days with the other kids his age, doing kid things like playing football and lighting stuff on fire (it’s true, I caught him once).

Anyway, Franky loves my dog and when he sees us he usually runs up to give her a pat on the head. This time, as he scratched behind Mara’s ear, he had a question for me:

“Are yuppies rich?”

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Three Kensington Homes to Be Renovated

Google Street View of the lonely warehouse.

Google Street View of the lonely warehouse.

Good news comes to three Hagert Street homes that were caught in a fiery blaze last February. The buildings are owned by the Fishtown Redevelopment Authority, which bought them in April 2008. The purchase took an even more optimistic turn when plans were announced to renovate the properties. Since last summer, the permits have been renewed and talks of restorations have recommenced. From NakedPhilly:

The owners should have an easy time finding tenants, as the neighborhood is experiencing a consistently heavy dose of redevelopment, both along the Frankford Ave. commercial corridor and on the surrounding blocks as well.

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