CB West Counselor Blames Child for Post About Eagles Die-In

Yesterday, protesters held a “die-in” after the Eagles game. Clergy leaders with Philadelphia Organized to Witness Empower & Rebuild organized the die-in to protest the decision not to issue indictments in the police killings of Michael Brown in Missouri and Eric Garner in New York. After the game, protesters laid in the street at Broad and Pattison for four minutes, 30 seconds — as die-in protesters have done in previous protests.

About 200 attended the protest. Some of the protesters were met with derision by fans leaving the Eagles’ 24-14 loss to the Seahawks.

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Jim Kenney Honors “Fly, Eagles Fly”

Yesterday in City Council, at-large councilmember Jim Kenney issued a resolution (in full below) honoring “Fly, Eagles Fly.” Perhaps this is away to endear himself to the city’s Eagles fanbase if he runs for mayor?

The resolution honors the song’s writers, Charlie Borelli and Roger Courtland. “Charlie used to tickle the ivories [at Palumbo’s] and it was there I learned he’d co-written the song. He used to play it himself at the restaurant,” Kenney said. “It’s one of those iconic songs that everybody gets regardless of race or ethnicity or age, you go to the Linc and after every score the drums start.”

Yes, the one song that truly transcends race is “Fly, Eagles Fly.” Wait, that might actually be correct in this town.

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Talk Football And Shopping With Eagles Player Brent Celek Tomorrow At Joan Shepp


Talk football, drink cocktails, go shopping. | Images via Revisit.

Remember when I told you about Brent Celek’s lifestyle brand, REVISIT? (If you don’t, here’s a refresher.) I loved the line so much, I featured the Washburn Weekender (above) in the November issue of Philly Mag. Well, Philly retail matriarch Joan Shepp caught wind of it and loved it so much, she decided to start stocking the brand. Pretty cool, huh?

Fast-forward to this week, and we’ve got a whole celebratory launch party on our hands. It’s going down tomorrow at Joan Shepp‘s Chestnut Street store. There will be Art In The Age cocktails, hors d’oeuvres—oh, and a meet-and-greet with Brent Celek.

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5 Reasons Philadelphia Should Be Thankful

And the No. 1 reason to be thankful...

And the No. 1 reason to be thankful…

It’s Thanksgiving Week! That means — it addition to some well-deserved time off for most of us — it’s time to actually contemplate what makes us thankful. Let me offer five suggestions for Philadelphia in 2014:

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The Enemy Among Us: How Are There Cowboys Fans in Philadelphia?


I’ve written about all sorts of different things over the years, but I’d never experienced people so visibly disgusted with me until I started poking around for this piece. All it took was a simple introduction of the topic: football-watching humans, born and/or raised in the Philadelphia area, who identify as fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

We’ll pause briefly here to allow you to ready your Nate Newton-branded airsickness bags.

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WATCH: Fox 29 Hired a Steamroller to Run Over Some Cheese

The 7-2 Philadelphia Eagles travel to Green Bay on Sunday to take on the 6-3 Packers, and you can get cogent analysis on Birds 24/7. And if you want rah-rah boosterism, you just need to turn to Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia.

They’ve been rooting on the Eagles all week. Yesterday, Good Day’s Mike Jerrick tossed a hunk of cheese into the street so it could be run over by a SEPTA bus. And, today? Fox 29 actually hired a steamroller to run over photos of the Packers’ players and cheese.

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The Ultimate Eagles RV Home Is For Sale

Anyone looking to watch this Sunday’s game from a snug spot that bleeds green? Someone put this Eagles-decked 1992 Ford RV on Craigslist last week and is asking for $7,500.

(I guess you really can find anything on the Internet.)

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Upon Further Review, Nick Foles Is Not the Eagles Quarterback of the Future

Mark Sanchez: Franchise savior? | Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj - USA Today

Mark Sanchez: Franchise savior? | Photo Credit: Kevin Jairaj – USA Today

Two weeks ago in this space I wrote what I thought was a very lucid and realistic portrayal of the Eagles quarterback situation. Nick Foles, I wrote, had to be the once and future quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles because they had no other choice.

What I failed to add was that circumstances can throw lucidity and realism into a pile of horse manure.

In football, more so than any other professional sport, an injury can change the fate of not only a season, but of an entire organization. And with Foles getting hurt last week in the Eagles win at the Houston Texans, the franchise now may belong to Mark Sanchez, with Foles limping out of town like the failed sheriff in a western.

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Jeremy Maclin’s Gatorade Crash Echoed Jim McMahon Play 23 Years Ago


Although the Eagles lost a frustrating game to the Cardinals on Sunday, Jeremy Maclin had his best game of the season: He caught 12 passes for 185 yards and a pair of touchdowns. And he had the best comic relief in the game as well. During a punt return, Maclin was pushed out of bounds and right over a table filled with Gatorade! He then crashed into another table, knocking that aside and splatting face-first onto the ground.

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