What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly. (Jeff Fusco)

With a 45-17 loss to an average opponent comes a certain degree of scrutiny, and that much has been felt at the NovaCare Complex in the wake of the Eagles’ biggest loss of the season.

Here’s what’s being said about the Birds, locally and nationally, including players questioning their teammates’ effort, and the fast-heating seat upon which Chip Kelly sits.

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Eagles Notes: Sam Bradford Returns To Practice

Sam Bradford

Chip Kelly didn’t provide reporters with health updates on his players, after getting Jason Peters‘ status wrong last week, so we were left to our own devices.

T-Mac brings us video of Sam Bradford warming up with his teammates, who was later seen throwing with the Eagles’ quarterbacks.

This means he has progressed through the concussion protocol at least to the point where he can wear a helmet in practice and throw a football, but does not inherently indicate that he is completely cleared for contact just yet.

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Ed Rendell Wears Plastic Bag on Head After Eagles’ Loss

Ed Rendell - plastic bag

Image via Comcast SportsNet

Former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has been a post-game Eagles analyst on Comcast SportsNet for 17 years now. (Really!) But he never seemed as embarrassed as he did yesterday, after the Eagles lost 45-17 to the Buccaneers.

Everyone was kind of angry and embarrassed. Defensive coordinator Billy Davis said “the whole thing was awful.” Mark Sanchez and Darren Sproles argued on the field after a fourth-quarter pick-six. A Birds 24/7 headlined summed it up: “The Eagles’ Humiliating Defeat.”

But while everyone was angry, no one went as far as Rendell. He wore a plastic bag on his head when Eagles Post Game Live came on after the game, and kept it on through a segment. Read more »

Billy Davis: ‘The Whole Thing Was Awful’

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Billy Davis. (Jeff Fusco)

Billy Davis’ eyes, big and glassy, told the story after the Eagles’ 45-17 thrashing at the hands of the Buccaneers today.

“Awful,” Davis said after the game, surrounded by a horde of reporters with more questions than he could answer. “All day. Starting with me. The whole thing was awful.”

Tampa Bay piled up an astounding 521 yards on Davis’ defense, the third-most yards allowed by the Eagles since Davis was hired as Chip Kelly‘s defensive coordinator in 2013.

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Mark Sanchez Explains Argument With Sproles

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Late in the fourth quarter, Mark Sanchez attempted a bubble screen pass to Darren Sproles, similar to the play that Sproles had turned into a 35-yard touchdown earlier in the game.

Instead of an Eagles touchdown, however, this time Sanchez’s pass resulted in a Tampa Bay touchdown when Lavonte David intercepted the pass and returned it for six points.

After the play, Sanchez and Sproles were spotted arguing as they walked off the field, presumedly about which of the two had made a mistake on the play.

Sanchez explained what happened in his post-game press conference.

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Open Thread: Eagles vs. Buccaneers

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

The Eagles host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and look to avoid losing back-to-back home with the NFC East still up for grabs. We’ll pop in with some updates and thoughts from time to time. Feel free to join the conversation in the comments section below.

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The Astounding Arrogance of Chip Kelly and Pat Shurmur

Photos | Jeff Fusco

Pat Shurmur and Chip Kelly. Photos | Jeff Fusco

The hold Chip Kelly had on the sports fans of Philadelphia has become weaker than the grip of a grandmother.

Part of it is Chip’s arrogance in press conferences, which he apparently doesn’t understand projects mightily to his fan base. But most of it is the coaching. Kelly’s team going into Sunday’s home game with Tampa Bay is 4-5. With a win over the Buccaneers on Sunday, the Birds would actually be leading the NFC East (tied with the Giants but ahead on the tiebreaker protocol). But the fan base here has abandoned this coach like the GOP abandoned Bobby Jindal.

Face it, his coaching hasn’t been stellar, to say nothing of his personnel management. His press conference comments are insulting to any fan with half a brain. Riley Cooper has been open? Our outside receivers haven’t been a detriment and we have enough talent there to win? Read more »

What They’re Saying About The Eagles

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Through ten weeks, the Eagles are 4-5 and in third place in one of the worst divisions in the NFL. What’s being written about Chip Kelly‘s team after its latest defeat? We compiled opinions and viewpoints from around the internet to get an idea.

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