Are the Eagles Going to Wear Kelly Green Again?

Randall Cunningham and Rich Kotite

AP Photo/Donna Bagby

Are the Eagles going to bring back kelly green as a third jersey?

The Inquirer’s Zach Berman has a report today about one NFL rule change the Eagles are proposing at the annual owners’ meetings next week. Currently, NFL teams must wear the same helmet throughout the season. The Eagles want to allow teams to have an “alternate helmet.”

Berman connects the dots and it’s obvious: The Eagles may be bringing back kelly green as a third jersey. Read more »

How the Eagles Helped Found Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House

Image via Google Street View

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a day to show off your Irish heritage (even if you don’t have any) and a day to celebrate the great contributions those of Irish heritage have made to this country. And it’s a day to celebrate the Philadelphia Eagles — and not just because they wear green.

That’s right: The Philadelphia Eagles franchise is partly responsible for the creation of the Ronald McDonald House, which launched in Philadelphia in 1974 with funds made from the sales of McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. Really!

The Eagles have a nice writeup of the story today. Here’s what happened: The daughter of then-Eagles tight end Fred Hill, Kim, had been diagnosed with leukemia. He retired, but the Eagles still contributed to fundraisers. That led to then-Eagles general manager Jim Murray talking with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia about what it needed.

Dr. Audrey Evans, a pediatric oncologist, told Murray that CHOP needed a place for parents to stay. The Eagles looked for a corporate sponsor to help out. McDonald’s agreed to donate 25 cents from a week of Shamrock Shakes sales to fund what would become known as the Ronald McDonald House. Read more »

Nick Foles Is Coming Back to the Eagles

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Nick Foles is an Eagle again.

This morning the Eagles announced they’d re-signed Foles to a two-year deal to back up Carson Wentz. The move means the Eagles are likely to trade (or even cut) last year’s backup, Chase Daniel.

Foles was a third-round draft pick by the Eagles in 2012. Originally Michael Vick’s backup, Foles started several games his rookie year once Vick got hurt. He was a backup to Vick in 2013, but became the starter again due to injury. His breakout game was in Week 9 against the Oakland Raiders: Foles threw for 406 yards and an NFL-record-tying seven touchdowns. He ended up throwing 27 touchdowns to just two interceptions in 2013, making the Pro Bowl and leading the Eagles to their only playoff berth since Donovan McNabb left. Read more »

Eagles Cut Connor Barwin

Connor Barwin. (Jeff Fusco)

Connor Barwin. (Jeff Fusco)

Looking to free up salary before the free agency signing period begins, the Eagles released Connor Barwin on Thursday morning. The fan favorite spent four years with the Eagles.

“Thank you Philadelphia from the bottom of my heart for welcoming me and for being the amazing city you are,” Barwin wrote on Instagram. “Laura and I want to thank Jeffrey Laurie, the entire Eagles organization, and all the fans for their support. It has been an honor and a privilege to play for this historic franchise.”

Yes, that’s right: He only spent four seasons in Philadelphia, but he managed to spell Jeffrey Lurie’s name “Jeffrey Laurie.” He really has achieved honorary From Here status. Read more »

Eagles Win Coin Flip, Will Pick 14th in NFL Draft

Howie Roseman, GM

Eagles GM Howie Roseman celebrates after the team won a coin flip. | Image via Philadelphia Eagles’ coin-flip livestream

The Eagles now know where they’ll be picking in this year’s NFL Draft on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

On Friday, the Eagles won the coin flip that determined the 14th and 15th selections in April’s draft.

The coin flip was between the Colts and the Vikings, but the Eagles got the Vikings’ number-one selection in the Sam Bradford trade last summer. So GM Howie Roseman stood on stage with representatives from the Colts and Vikings before the coin flip. The NFL even hyped up the pick a bit, moving the coin flip back a half hour in order to get fans to come watch it.

“It’s a great result,” Howie Roseman told the Eagles’ website after the coin flip. “We’re excited to be able to pick at 14. We’re excited for the draft in Philly. We know how excited our fans are going to be when we make this 14th pick.” Read more »

Philly-Area Man Has Chance to Take Down Patriots in Super Bowl

Matt Ryan

USA Today Sports

One Philadelphia-area man can prevent the Patriots from winning the Super Bowl with just his arm.

That man is Matt Ryan, Exton native and quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. Ryan, a 2002 graduate of Penn Charter, led the Falcons to a 44-21 win in the NFC Championship yesterday. He’ll face the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

Yes, a guy from Philly can stop the Patriots from winning their fifth Super Bowl. Since every Eagles fan knows our team will never, ever win one, this is something we can all get behind. Read more »

Chris Christie: Eagles Fans “Generally Angry, Awful People”


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie co-hosted a sports talk radio program this morning, filling in for former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason. I would say this seems odd, but I am a resident of the state in which the sitting governor routinely participated in an Eagles post-game panel show.

But I can criticize Christie’s choice of descriptors for Eagles fans. Speaking on WFAN’s Boomer And Carton Show, Christie said the Eagles have “sucked for a long time. And their fans are generally angry, awful people.” Read more »

Philly’s Biggest Losers of 2016

Background image by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia™

Background image by M. Edlow for Visit Philadelphia™

Now that the last shreds of wrapping paper have been vacuumed up and the good dishes are finally put away, we revisit our time-honored tradition of taking a look back at the year and the losers, miscreants, and ne’er-do-wells it spawned. (For a more optimistic view of Philadelphia, consider Holly Otterbein‘s Biggest Winners of 2016.)

Ed Rendell

The once-lovable former champion of the everyman now spends his time being largely irrelevant and making facepalm-worthy comments in places like the Washington Post. But when you’re pulling in a cool $5,000 each month to do virtually nothing for a casino in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you probably don’t care. Read more »

Whose Eagles Deal Is Better: ACME or Dunkin’ Donuts?

Dunkin Donuts — Acme markets

The Eagles last night finally ended a five-game losing streak that seemed much longer, beating the Giants, 24-19 at Lincoln Financial Field. (As usual, Birds 24/7 has more.)

But last night’s victory was also a win for local coffee drinkers, who for the first time since November 14th — the day after a 24-15 win over the Falcons — can enjoy a free hot or iced medium coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts. The donut-and-coffee chain holds a promotion where, if the Eagles win, you get a free drink the next day if you sign up for their “DD Perks” campaign. (Yes, I agree: “DD Perks” would be an excellent name for a stripper.)

The Eagles are 6-9 this season, and have not been doing much for fans who enjoy free coffee. But there is a business in the region that has been giving us free stuff just for liking the Eagles, no matter how they’ve done this season: ACME. Read more »

Eagles’ Brandon Brooks Opens Up About Anxiety Condition

Brandon Brooks. (Jeff Fusco)

Brandon Brooks. (Jeff Fusco)

When it happened in 2014, Brandon Brooks thought he just had an ulcer. But then it happened again in 2015, and now it’s happened twice in the last three weeks. The 27-year-old offensive lineman has missed four games in the last three seasons because of a last-minute illness that popped up on game day. Each time, he would wake up around 4 or 5 a.m., vomit uncontrollably for about 24 hours, lack the strength to even stand up and wonder what was happening to him afterward.

Now, he knows what the cause is. Read more »

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