Will Heath Evans Please Shut Up About Chip Kelly, Eagles Fans

As a lifelong Philadelphia sports observer, there is one thing that bothers me more than anything: when outsiders stick their big, fat nose into our business and assume they know more than the people who live and die daily with our teams.

Take Heath Evans. Please.

Evans is an analyst for the NFL Network who routinely bashes the Philadelphia fan, and in particular, new Eagles coach Chip Kelly. Now I remember Evans vaguely. He lasted 11 years in the NFL apparently as a fullback, but I remember him being in the league about a half an hour. He was a grunt. A guy who carried the football infrequently and who mostly served as a plow blocker for the really talented players. The jolts from that assignment may explain his illogical arguments when it comes to Kelly and Eagles fans. And besides that, I’m quite sure that he is bitter that his position in the league has been all but phased out. There is no more need for a fullback in the NFL, what with these sophisticated alignments that put speedy guys in slots and motion. Read more »

What Happens When Your “Nintendo 64″ Eagles Jersey Goes Viral

Jason Fanelli - Nintendo 64 Eagles jersey

Jason Fanelli in his Nintendo 64 Eagles jersey at the game against the Cowboys last year.

Jason Fanelli’s wife was just trying to give him a cute Christmas gift. She ended up making him a meme.

Fanelli, who lives in Norwood and is a lifelong Delco resident, is a freelance video game journalist. He also loves the Eagles (which you probably figured — he’s a lifelong Delaware County resident). His wife combined his two loves with her Christmas present two years ago: An Eagles jersey with the name Nintendo and the number 64.

He wore the jersey to 97.5 The Fanatic’s Fantasy Fest at Xfinity Live! last year. A stranger snapped a photo and sent it to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. He tweeted it to his hundreds of thousands of followers. Fanelli got a bit of attention.

But that paled in comparison to the amount of people who saw his photo (the same one taken in 2014) over the weekend. It was posted to the /r/gaming subreddit and became the nNumber One hot topic on the Reddit homepage. Suddenly Fanelli was deluged with comments from friends with one message: Hey, dude, you’re on Reddit!

“I don’t know who did it [post it to Reddit],” Fanelli says. “If I did, and if they happen to read this article, a message: ‘I would love to buy you a sandwich.'” Read more »

Photos: Eagles-Ravens Preseason Week 2

Philly Police Solve Mystery of Super Bowl XXXIX

You may have seen all the hullabaloo about the really awful Tom Brady courtroom sketch that emerged from the quarterback’s challenge to his suspension in the “Deflategate” case. But the weird art apparently helped Philadelphia Police solve one mystery — why the Eagles lost Super Bowl XXXIX: Read more »

Eagles Win Super Bowl (in Alternate Dystopian Future)

Homefront: The Revolution is an upcoming video game where you play a resistance fighter in Philadelphia. But this isn’t a game set in the Revolutionary War. The plot, according to Kotaku: “Set in an alternate timeline where Korea and other Asian nations form a federation before invading the U.S., Homefront places you in the shoes of a fighter in the Philadelphia resistance.”

The game’s latest trailer actually shows the city rendered pretty faithfully, especially the skyline (though the placement of houses seems to be a bit wonky). That’s okay, though, because of something I spotted in recently-released gameplay footage. Read more »

There’s a Reason Players Think Chip Kelly Might Be Racist

Photos | Jeff Fusco except for Tra Thomas | Howard Smith, USA Today Sports

LeSean McCoy, Stephen A. Smith, Tra Thomas and Brandon Boykin (outer photos, clockwise from top left) have all ascribed racial motivations to Chip Kelly’s (center) personnel decisions. Photos | Jeff Fusco except for Tra Thomas | Howard Smith, USA Today Sports

Chip Kelly is not a racist.

But he apparently is oblivious to why some black players may think he’s tinged with a little racism when they unload those charges on their former coach after he has shown them the door.

If Kelly is as smart as we all think he is, he cannot therefore be blind to the fact that his support of wide receiver Riley Cooper has provided the undercurrent of all the sniping done by the likes of LeSean McCoy, Tre Thomas, ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith, and, last but not least, recently deposed cornerback Brandon Boykin.

And his response this week to the Riley issue was an insult to every reasonably minded fan in the Delaware Valley. Read more »

Eagles Linebacker Mychal Kendricks Says Drake May Have Trouble Next Time He’s in Philly

TMZ caught up with Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks outside an airport to ask him his take on the Meek Mill / Drake feud that’s set the Internet on fire over the past week.

He basically said Drake may not be welcome next time he comes to town, because Meek Mill, well, “he definitely runs Philly,” Kendricks said. Then he implied—likely in a playful way—that things could get ugly if the “Started From the Bottom” rapper paid a visit to the 215. “I wonder how it’s gonna be if Drake tries to come and perform there … ”

Check out the full interview above.

The feud between Drake and Meek Mill began last week when Meek, who was born and raised in Philly, tweeted that Drake didn’t write his own raps. The latter followed up by releasing two tracks that dissed Meek—and even took a jab at the Phillies.

As you’ll see in the video, Kendricks muses that the whole ordeal could be orchestrated to give the two rappers more publicity. But hey, at least it’s fun to watch.


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