Wake-Up Call: The McCoy Media Blitz

With 217 rushing yards LeSean McCoy broke the Eagles' all-time record set by Steve Van Buren in 1949
LeSean McCoy
blew through ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut campus Monday. By the time his media tour was done, he had predicted an Eagles Super Bowl, talked up Johnny Manziel and declared himself the best back in the game. The NFL world can thank him for a few drops of rain in a relatively dry week. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Philly Wants In On Draft


The NFL is flirting with the idea of having other cities besides New York  host the draft, and Philadelphia wants in.

“We have let them know of our interest, which is a continued interest,” said Larry Needle, executive director of the Philadelphia Sports Congress. “I think we would certainly be remiss if we weren’t at least taking  a close look at it. It’s obviously a huge event with phenomenal media coverage and I’d expect would bring a good number of people into the city.” Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Why Matthews Fits the Mold

Jordan Matthews
You may have heard the story by now about how Jordan Matthews broke down four Eagles’ game tapes before heading to Philly for his official visit. Chip Kelly said he was armed with a notebook for his interview with the coaches “and came in with questions for us.” Equally impressive to Kelly was the receiver’s recall when some of his own tape came on. 

“Jordan Matthews could tell you the play that was being run before he ran it. We’d have the tape and he’d look at the screen and say, That is the Ole Miss game. I remember this. It’s 3rd and 13, here’s the play call. I ran a dig. You hit play and that’s exactly what happened,” he said.  Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Making Sense Of the Rumors

Evans and Manziel
Peter King. Sal Paolantonio. Chris Mortensen. The Eagles are interested in trading up, up, up.

Over the last few days, some of the industry’s heavyweights have reported that the Eagles are exploring the possibility of moving up to snag a premiere wide receiver. King and Mortensen suggested Odell Beckham is the target. (King has the Eagles jumping from 22 to 15 to grab the LSU wideout in his mock draft.)

Paolantonio told Mike Missanelli Tuesday that the Eagles are considering an even larger leap. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Trades And the QB Factor

Howie Roseman
estimates that he has spoken to two-thirds of the league about possible trade scenarios to date, and will have touched base with all 31 clubs prior to Thursday at 8 o’clock when the draft kicks off.

“It’s calls about moving up, calls about moving back. I think that’s the nature of what we do right now, this time of the year. A lot of it’s going to be determined by who’s on the board, and really, who’s off the board,” he said. 

An example: Roseman and Seattle general manager John Schneider talked prior to the 2012 draft and hammered out a deal that would send the 12th overall pick to Philly in exchange for the Eagles’ first (15th overall), fourth and sixth-round selections. The trade was contingent on the Eagles’ desired target — Fletcher Cox — still being on the board. Cox was, and the deal was executed.

It’s possible the Eagles have similar arrangements set up for this Thursday. Whether a trade ever materializes depends on how the draft unfolds in front them. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Kruger ‘Hungry’ Entering Year 2

Joe Kruger
The Eagles are adding a 6-6, 290-pound defensive lineman to the mix this season. He has 34 3/8 arms, 10-inch hands, and racked up six sacks, eight tackles for a loss and an interception return for a touchdown his junior season en route to All Pac-12 honors.

Joe Kruger is like a new addition to the Eagles, even though he’s physically been with the team for a year already. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Cast Off, Kendricks Ready To Rock

 NFL: Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles
Mychal Kendricks
said the time away this offseason was good for the mind, body and soul. He spent some time catering to each.

As for the mind and soul, the third year linebacker said he spent the month of March in the Sedona, Arizona area getting zen.

“Some real meditation,” said Kendricks. “It’s old Indian land — a reservation — out there. It was cool, man. It was cool.”

Kendricks posted some photos on his Instagram recently that showed him among the red rocks. More notably for football purposes, it also showed him with a cast around his left arm. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Kiper Talks Pass Rushers


Mel Kiper —  like many of his colleagues — has the Eagles using their first-round pick on a wide receiver. The longtime draft analyst predicts that 6-5 Florida State wideout Kelvin Benjamin will be the selection at 22.

While the receiver class is loaded in the opinion of most experts, the consensus seems to be that quality pass rushers will be in short supply in this draft. Even so, there will still be some quality options at outside linebacker on Day 2, according to Kiper.

“There are a lot of second rounders that can get after the quarterback that are going to be nice picks for teams like the Eagles [if they take a receiver in the first round],” he said.

Kiper mentioned four edge rushers in particular that could be of interest to the Eagles in the second round. Read more »

Wake-Up Call: Big Corners To Consider

Chip Kelly
‘s emphasis on measurables really seems to show up at the cornerback position.

The Eagles moved quickly last March to give Kelly a pair of big, physical corners by signing Cary Williams (6-1, 190) and Bradley Fletcher (6-0, 200) in free agency. This offseason they added Nolan Carroll (6-1, 205)  to the mix. It’s hard to miss the similarities there. And even though Brandon Boykin (5-9, 185) played just over 50 percent of the snaps last season as the slot corner, the head coach doesn’t sound interested in moving the playmaker outside.

“It’s a matchup game. The bigger receivers are on the outside. The smaller receivers are on the inside. So you’ve got two longer guys in Fletch and Cary that really fit in terms of getting matched up,” said Kelly. “When most people, if they’re gonna be in ’21’ personnel, then they’re not small outside. They’re big outside. So when they’re big, we’re big. I think when you bring in the Wes Welkers and the great slot receivers in this league, you need to have someone that has the ability to cover them. And I think that’s what Brandon’s strength really is. That’s the way we’ve always looked at it.”

The Eagles’ scouting department is given specific measurables to look for when searching for players. That doesn’t mean they will ignore every talent who fails to check a box, but there are guideline that they try to follow pretty closely. And Howie Roseman indicated last year that there are “deal-breakers.” Read more »

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