“Heroin Antidote” Nasal Spray Gets FDA Approval

Narcan Nasal Spray can be administered in an emergency to reverse the effects of opioid overdose until help arrives.

Narcan Nasal Spray can be administered in an emergency to reverse the effects of opioid overdose until help arrives.

Heroin usage has reached epidemic proportions in the United States — and families in Philadelphia have certainly been feeling its wrath. In fact, deaths nationally from the drug have quadrupled from 2002 to 2013, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Adapt Pharma Limited, which has its U.S. headquarters in Radnor, Pa., has a drug to help combat the heroin overdose problem — and overdoses from other opioids. On Thursday, it just won Food and Drug Administration approval. Read more »

383 Pounds of Cocaine Found in Shipment of Decorative Gourds


Today is the first day of fall. So what better time for the Department of Homeland Security to unveil a recent seizure: About 383 pounds of cocaine, found at the Port of Philadelphia. To make things even more autumn-y, the cocaine was found in a shipment of pumpkins and squash. Yes, the McSweeney’sDecorative Gourd Season” article has finally come true.

The container of pumpkins and squash came on the M/V Santa Maria, which arrived in Philadelphia from Costa Rica last Thursday. The drugs were destined for The Bronx. John Kelleghan, special agent in charge for homeland security investigations Philadelphia, began a press conference about the seizure by saying it was “not connected with the Pope’s visit.”

Not every container that comes into the Port of Philadelphia is inspected for drugs. The DEA Philadelphia Field Division got a tip, however, that drugs were located in the ship. Field agents inspected the shipment and eventually found the drugs in the shipment. No arrests were made. Read more »

Police Made 68 Drug Arrests in One Neighborhood in Two Days

From left, drug-dealing suspects Alexis Salamon, Gina Collette, Alfredo Negron, and David Nowicki were among last week's arrests. Photos via Philadelphia Police Department photos

From left, drug-dealing suspects Alexis Salamon, Gina Collette, Alfredo Negron, and David Nowicki were among last week’s arrests. Photos via Philadelphia Police Department.

Most drug users in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs know that one of the best places to score dope in the Philadelphia area is in Kensington, where open-air drug deals have long been a staple of neighborhood life. Well, the Philadelphia Police Department tried to show that it means business with two operations last week that led to 68 arrests. Read more »

Feds Bring New Charges Against Alleged “Pill Mill” Doctor


Dr. William O’Brien III didn’t just run a “pill mill” out of his office, federal prosecutors said Thursday. His prescriptions allegedly led to the death of a patient. They also allegedly got him mixed up with a notorious motorcycle gang — a group of members and their associates who the feds say sported such nicknames as “Tomato Pie,” “Nose,” “Stalker,” and “Redneck.”

Federal prosecutors on Thursday announced the new charges and allegations against O’Brien, who was originally charged in January for the alleged “pill mill” scheme. The information about the patient’s death, as well as the involvement of the Pagan motorcycle gang, were among the new bits of information in Thursday’s unveiling. Overall, the new indictment adds 95 counts to the case against O’Brien to the charges he already faced — and, for the first time, also charges his ex-wife, Elizabeth Hibbs, with participating in the scheme. (See the indictment below.) Read more »

Pennsylvania Has Some of the Most Expensive Weed in the U.S.



If you want to smoke up in Pennsylvania, it’s going to cost you.

I mean, obviously. Drugs aren’t free. But according to a recent report from Forbes, Pennsylvania has the some of the most expensive marijuana in America.

The magazine used the website Price of Weed, which has been collecting user-submitted reports since 2010, to chart the price of marijuana in every state. Pennsylvania ranked fifth on the Forbes list (tied with two other states): Read more »

Where to Send Your Kid to College If He Does Drugs

Photo | DEA

Ecstasy or MDMA/Molly. Photo | DEA

So let’s say your son is a good kid, a nice kid, smart, nailed his SATs, but he does have this troublesome … habit. He likes to get high.

Nothing serious — you don’t think — but you’ve definitely found rolling papers in the pockets of his jeans, not to mention the bong in the back of his bedroom closet, behind his old ice-hockey gear.

Hey, no big deal; you used to get high, and probably will again if — when — it gets legalized. But considering Junior’s fondness for the Disco Biscuits, you wouldn’t be surprised if he’s done some molly, and didn’t four students at Wesleyan just get arrested for that? You’d hate to see your kid’s whole future derailed over some silly party drug. And he’s going to be applying to college this fall, so … Read more »

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