State Rep From Philly Wants to Drug-Test His Peers

Angel cruz / drug testing bill

Over the weekend, Congress approved a bill that would allow states to subject those on unemployment to random drug testing. President Trump has said he will sign the bill.

So far, Pennsylvania does not drug-test recipients of any public assistance, whether it’s welfare or otherwise. But there is bill, in the state House of Representatives, that would subject one group to drug testing: Pennsylvania lawmakers.

It’s the brainchild of state Rep. Angel Cruz, who represents Pennsylvania’s 180th District (mostly West Kensington and parts of neighboring areas). He’s heard for years of lawmakers in Harrisburg who want to drug-test those receiving government assistance. So, several years ago, he decided if lawmakers wanted to drug-test those on welfare, why not drug-test lawmakers too?

“If we’re going to be lawmakers and we’re going to test people getting public money,” he tells Philadelphia magazine, “I think lawmakers should be the first ones. Let’s get the legislators tested, too, to set an example.” Read more »