How I Discovered Everything Wrong With My Running Form

Running form - Drexel assessment

Two examples of issues with my running form.

I am looking at myself run, and I am mortified.

I’m in the middle of a running assessment at Drexel University’s Parkway Health and Wellness Clinic, which opened in November. Kevin Gard and Robert Maschi are leading me through videos of myself on a treadmill, telling me what’s wrong with my form. I knew I was a rearfoot striker, but I didn’t realize how bad it was. I overpronate, especially on the left side. My right knee turns inward when I strike. My right foot compensates by twisting out on the backstride. When doctors who work for Drexel’s Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences Department are telling you your running form needs work, you listen. But I could see it myself on the screen, too. Read more »

String of Robberies Near Penn, Drexel Appear to Be Connected

Police are warning that a string of robberies in West Philadelphia near the campuses of Penn and Drexel appear to be connected. Cops yesterday released surveillance footage (above) of a robbery on the 3100 block of Hamilton Street that showed three men confronting a 20-year-old Drexel student in the foyer of her apartment.

One of the robbers, armed with a gun, took her cell phone, backpack and $200.

But cops say the suspects are also responsible for three other robberies on the outskirts of the two campuses. On February 12th, a woman entering her home was held up at gunpoint on the 4400 block of Pine Street. On February 16th, a man who went to 41st and Spring Garden to buy a paintball gun was robbed. Fox 29 flagged a fourth robbery, that of a Jimmy John’s delivery driver at 32nd and Baring. Read more »

Drexel’s Academic Bistro Offers 3-Course Lunch for $10

Academic_BistroCalling all broke college kids and thrifty professionals: if you are trying to get the most food for your money, check out Academic Bistro at Drexel University’s new lunch menu. The bistro is open every Thursday and Friday at 12 noon for the winter term and a three-course lunch will only cost you $10. Yes, only $10. So ditch that bowl of cereal and check it out.

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Relive the Best of ’80s Fashion at Drexel This Weekend

Images via

Images via

Although some of us might look back on photos from the ’80s and cringe, the over-the-top fashion decade gave us some beautiful textiles, legendary designers and trends that still inform the way we dress today.

For an inside look at the brilliance of the 1980s, check out the fashion presentation and lecture happening at Drexel University this Saturday, part of the Historic Costume Collection’s ‘Style Saturday’ program.

Normally closed to the public (which is a shame, because the collection is incredible), Drexel’s Historic Costume Collection will be opening to guests to showcase gems from the big-hair-neon-everything era, including stunning pieces by designers Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix and Emanuel Ungaro. (Swoon!)

Where you can snag a ticket!

Flyer Legend Tim Kerr’s Son Helps University of the Sciences Stun Drexel


Garret Kerr | Twitter

Garret Kerr, son of former Flyers star Tim Kerr, hit a three-pointer with two seconds left last night to lead University of the Sciences over Drexel. It’s the first win for a Division II school on the road against a Division I school in 227 games this season. Okay, so the schools are like 15 blocks apart. It still counts.

USP coach Dave Pauley celebrated by giving a quote that doesn’t make any sense, per City of Basketball Love.

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus,” USciences head coach Dave Pauley quipped, referencing a famous 1897 editorial in the New York Sun. “Really, there’s two plays in basketball – Romeo and Juliet, and Give Garret the Ball.”

Wait, what’s the Romeo and Juliet play? Fake a suicide then score when your opponents are distracted? Eh, it’s better than the Hamlet play (distract your opponents with a ghost).

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IN THE WINGS: A Conversation with Blood Wedding Star Judith Lightfoot Clarke

JudithLightfootClarkeMy name is … as you might suspect, a family name, coming from Francis Lightfoot Lee, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Although when asked by a prospective landlord in NYC if I was related to Gordon, I didn’t deny it …

I am … blessed to work in the theatre, where talent, values, politics, vision and humanity all serve at the pleasure of bringing the written word off the page and into a room with people breathing the same air.  Turn off your cell phones and be present with us …

On opening night I … will be grateful that my husband, Dean Harrison, and sons, Owen and Beckett, are in the house (theatre house, that is … )

If I had to describe Blood Wedding in one sentence, I’d say … a wrenching poetic saga about forces, seen and unseen, that lead men to violence in the name of love while the women watch, written as only the genius Lorca can. (I’ve made it sound so upbeat! Truly, though, there is much music, love and laughter in the mix.)

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David Bowie Diehards Rejoice: Rare Recordings Find Home in Drexel’s Archives


Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia made its mark on music history in the 1970s when artists recorded hit after hit in its studios. Artists from all genres, like Madonna, Billy Joel, The Jackson 5, Patti LaBelle, and The Roots, recorded at this local institution. In 2005, Drexel University inherited 6,200 of the studio’s master tapes dating from 1968 to 1996, when Sigma began recording digitally.

One of these tapes, labeled “reel 4,” was a recording by none other than David Bowie.

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