Drew Lazor on German Cuisine


Remember yesterday when we wrote about Matt Rodbard and his piece about Israeli food and Michael Solomonov over at Food Republic? Well those crazy cats are continuing their tour of world cuisines and today are focusing on Germany. And guess who showed up to write about Jeremy Nolen, Brauhaus Schmitz and how Europeans think that Americans eat nothing but giant cartoon hamburgers?

It’s Drew Lazor, who has a nice piece on the often overlooked variety in German cuisine. To wit:

Of course, just like some foreigners believe Americans subsist solely on a diet of cartoon hamburgers, the typical Yankee perception of Germanic grub tends to be shortsighted and inaccurate. How it became this way is a slightly convoluted issue, but the good news is chefs like Nolen are hellbent on righting the schnitzel ship, once and for all.

You can check out the whole piece over at Food Republic. Just click on the link below.

Achtung, Foodie! German Food Is Not Just Spaetzle, Pretzels, Schnitzel, Weisswurst [Food Republic]

High Street on Market’s Broccoli Rabe Cocktail Gets Attention


Photo by Drew Lazor

It’s not a cocktail for everyone. The Inquirer’s Craig LaBan said of High Street on Market’s broccoli rabe cocktail, it could “grow chest hair on a kale martini” but food writer Drew Lazor appears to be a fan. Lazor writes up the cocktail for Serious Eats’ drink blog.

So This Exists: A Broccoli Rabe Cocktail at High Street on Market, in Philadelphia [Serious Eats]
High Street on Market [Foobooz]

Cuba Libre Hosts Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser


Old City’s Cuba Libre is putting together a special dinner this evening to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Chef Jasper Alivia, who was born in the Philippines along with food-writer Drew Lazor (also of Filipino descent) have put together the $35 four-course, prix fixe modern-Filipino meal. 100% of the proceeds are being donated to the Red Cross.

Chef Alivia says “this special evening will be a celebration of the resilient nature of our people and a powerful way to contribute to the ongoing relief efforts.”

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Filipino Food Pop-Up at American Sardine Bar

 tita-rosysPhiladelphia food writer Drew Lazor and photographer Neal Santos are both of Filipino descent and the both wish there were more opportunities to eat it in Philadelphia. So the two of teamed up with Scott Schroeder of American Sardine Bar to host Tita Rosy’s, a pop-up of Filipino food. Tita Rosy’s is going down on Thursday, September 26th and will feature a menu of Filipino classics with tweaks and twists.

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Locals Win Food Journalists Awards

Congrats are in order for Drew Lazor and Drexel’s Shelby Vittek who took home first place prizes in the Association of Food Journalists’ 2013 awards. Lazor won for his profile of Will’s Chris Kearse. Vittek actually took home two awards for food writing by a student.

Jason Wilson of TableMatters.com and Drexel took home second place in Beer, Wine and/or Spirits writing and Laurie T. Conrad of the Philadelphia Daily News received third place in writing for a newspaper with more than 200,000 in circulation.

Congrats to all the local winners.

Association of Food Journalists Names Its Contest Winners [Jim Romensko]

Drew Lazor and Drexel’s TableMatters Nominated for Association of Food Journalists Awards


Drew Lazor’s (throw down the mic and walk off the City Paper stage) profile of Will’s Chris Kearse has been rightfully nominated for a Association of Food Journalists Award in the Best Newspaper Food Feature, below 125,000 circulation category. Lazor wasn’t the only local nominated. Philadelphia Daily News food editor, Laurie T. Conrad was nominated for Best Newspaper Food Coverage, above 200,000 circulation and Drexel’s Table Matters received three nominations. Jason Wilson received a nomination for Best Writing on Beer, Wine and/or Spirits for his article,When Wine Talk Gets Weird and Shelby Vittek received two nominations for her pieces, My Endangered Dinner and Old Nordic.

Photo by Neil Santos

Welcome to Sbragadome


Michael Rouleau and Greg Garbacz competing at Cook | Photo by Yoni Nimrod

At Sbraga, chefs compete for bragging rights and to keep their minds nimble. Drew Lazor has the story.

“When we do these battles, we’re not holding back. If somebody’s at one level,” explained [Greg] Garbacz, holding his hand high above his head, “everybody should be at that level. This shows everyone where that level is – where they need to be.”

Chefs compete for Sbraga-ing rights [Philadelphia Daily News]
Sbraga [Official Site]

Drew Lazor’s Dad’s Sandwich Now on the Menu at American Sardine Bar


Hawk Krall’s Gatsby Combo was the first collaboration sandwich on American Sardine Bar’s menu. This month chef Scott Schroeder has worked with food writer and ASB neighbor, Drew Lazor to produce “Dad’s Sandwich.”

The sandwich is made of turkey and pork roll, then topped with cheddar, jalapeño, dijonaise and barbecue potato chips. It’s served on a buttery grilled Texas toast. It will be on the menu at American Sardine Bar all month.

American Sardine Bar [Official Site]

10 To Watch: Drew Lazor Picks His Ponies

Over at City Eats, Drew Lazor has assembled a list of 10 up-and-comers in the food business who bear watching–not because they’re sneaky, but because he’s betting that they’re going to be the Next Big Thing in this town.

It’s a solid list, and does include lots of names that you should know–especially if you’re one of those coup-counting food nerds always trying to score points with your friends by being the first to know about everything. Of course, now that this list is out, your friends will know about these people, too, so now is the perfect time to start practicing your whole “Yeah, but I knew about Marcos Espinoza back before his beef jerky was cool…” speech in front of the mirror. You want to impress everyone even more? Tell them that Marcos was a male stripper before he became a dried beef impressario, but that he was only doing it to scrape together the cash to buy his first Jerk-o-Tron 9000.

That’s not true, of course (Marcos was actually a professional killer and part-time water polo handicapper), but it does make for a damn fine story.

Check out Drew’s picks over at the City Eats blog right now.

The Ten: On The Rise In Philly [City Eats]

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